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Remembering Paul Sorvino

July 27, 2022

A scant, just over two weeks after James Caan, with whom he performed tremendously well in the great film, “The Gambler,” died, another great, Paul Sorvino has died at age 83. (Caan was 82).

Sorvino stood out in so many great roles, among them, as mobster Paul Cicero in “GoodFellas.”

He was a magnificent actor who did fulfill his dream and sang opera at the New York City Opera. He had a cooking book, a restaurant called Sorvinos, TV’d on Law and Order and was a great family man.

In the under rated, excellent film, “Nixon,” Mr. Sorvino gave as a good version of Henry Kissinger as any while in “That Championship Season,” so long ago on Broadway, his incredible passion poured through, leaving indelible impressions.

It was in “The Gambler,” such a meaningful, superb film that I remember Paul Sorvino best. He played the role of “Hips” so well and in reference and regarding that, we spoke one Monday night in a New York club.

My post of April past included that talk, now I post it again, time having marched on taking Sorvino, Ray Liotta (with whom Paul acted in “Goodfellas”) and Caan, within a 2 month period.

Highlighted is Sorvino and not gambling. Go sing from the heavens, Mr. Sorvino.


Paul Sorvino Shankbone 2010 NYC.jpg

The superb actor, Paul Sorvino, pictured above once told me (on a Monday night, as I complained the scores were going “wrong”) what he said as a character in “The Gambler,” namely that he did NOT gamble.

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