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Remembering Tony Dow

July 29, 2022

“Leave It To Beaver” was in first run/first “ran” from 1957-1963, making mine and so many others first view via the “re,” (rerun)– in which Tony Dow,(older brother, Wally),who died days back at age 77, will live on.

He was a man that helped so many others, among other ways, talking of the juxtaposition of his depression and the sunny aspects of “Beaver,” though remember the show “warned” us via the cunning, phony character “Eddie Haskell,” played so well by Ken Osmond.

Dow also directed, produced and was a sculptor.

As I think of he, and long time friend Jerry Mathers as “The Beaver” walking home, the show’s theme playing–I cite another “Dow,” the Dow Jones. That industrial average has gone up since Mr. Dow died.

Tony Dow surely is an “up,” and hopefully (with justice he is)headed up to a good place. That he Dow, battled the “down” and helped speaking out and performing, leaves an indelible good impression, much like the boys walking home on that famed show.


Leave It to Beaver Tony Dow 1961.jpg

Tony Dow, pictured above.

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