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“Match Game” From 1982

An incarnation of the great television show, “Match Game” aired from (1973-1982.)

Today, what turned out to be the last episode in that 10 year run.

Gene Rayburn is the host.

Charles Nelson Reilly, Skip Stephenson, Mac Lean Stevenson, Brett Somers, Melinda O. Fee and Betty White are the panelists. (click below for a note regarding the one and only, Betty White.)


A good note from Tim Glende:

“Betty White was on the pilot (test episode) for this particular incarnation in 1973. Who knew she would be on the last one almost 9 years later?”

Pictured left to right, Charles Nelson Reilly, his “friend,” and Gene Rayburn

Game 7 World Series Notes

Howie Kendrick’s World Series game seven/7th inning, go ahead to stay, home run weeks back,  was the latest (in game) such blow and only the second in game 7/World Series annals.

The other was hit by the great Wilver Stargell, 40 years earlier for the Pittsburgh Pirates, giving them a (2-1) lead, (top of the 6th inning), they did not relinquish in a victory at Baltimore, vs the Orioles.

In game 7 of the 1960 World Series, also won by the Pirates (10-9, vs the Yankees), both Yogi Berra of the Yankees (a 3 run home run T5, that put the Yankees ahead (5-4) and Hal Smith of the Pirates, (an historic, so often forgotten, 3 run homer that put Pittsburgh ahead 9-7 with 2 out in the bottom of the eighth) hit the other two game7/World Series home runs, that transformed a deficit into a lead.

A major reason Smith’s home run is often forgotten, is the fact the Yankees tied the game with two runs in the top of the 9th, only to lose the Series when Bill Mazeroski homered, on the second pitch of the bottom of the ninth inning.


Willie Stargell 1965.jpg

The great Willie Stargell, pictured above.

“Derrin Brown: Secret” Is Truly Amazing

Early on in the excellent show, “Derrin Brown’s Secret,” Mr. Brown asked that both the audience and any reviews not give details about the show’s content.

I will heed Mr. Brown’s request and add, go see this amazing show at The Cort Theater (138 West 48th Street).

Derrin Brown is a great talent and his charming personality and sense of humor enhances the already amazing feats he performs.

Click below for more information including that, regarding purchasing tickets.

Derren Brown Secret – New York – Cort Theater Tickets Available


Master illusionist and charming, witty performer, Derrin Brown, pictured above.




College Football Update

Forty five years ago, after a November 9th loss to Levi Jackson and Michigan State, Ohio State fell from the number one ranking, not to return there that season.

This year, though the Buckeyes (Ohio State) routed Maryland, this a year after a narrow escape vs them last season, they will fall from the top spot, as that will go to LSU, after their Joe Burrow led (46-41) win at Alabama.

Unlike 1974, if Ohio State wins its remaining games and perhaps even with just one loss in the three remaining regular season games and potential Big Ten title tilt, they will have a shot at the only important, even in a football sense, number one ranking and that is the one at the end of all the games.


Click below to view the end of that November 9, 1974 game.

Remembering Ron Fairly

Ron Fairly, a fine player on 3 Los Angeles Dodgers’ World Series winning teams, who died recently at the age of 81, contributed mightily to one of my best days/times ever, the team’s 1965 World Series triumph.

Obituaries for Mr. Fairly have noted his hitting prowess (.379 batting average, 6 rbis) in that excellent Fall Classic between the Dodgers and Minnesota Twins, but not the specific in game 7.

The game was scoreless until the top of the fourth inning when, somewhat incredibly, on 3 consecutive pitches, the Dodgers had the game’s only 2 runs and an eventual title, behind a Sandy Koufax shutout, pitching with just 2 days rest.

After Lou Johnson, as was the case with Howie Kendrick these 54 years later in the ’19 World Series, hit a go ahead to stay, home run in THE game (#7/World Series), that hit the foul pole, Ron Fairly doubled. Wes Parker’s single scored Fairly.

I recall a nice article about Fairly, by Maury Allen, when as a member of the 1977 expansion team, the Toronto Blue Jays, Ron made the All Star team, for the game played that year in Yankee Stadium.

Fairly was on Dodgers’ World Series winners in 1959, 1963 and 1965 and the pennant winning team, that lost 4 straight games to the Baltimore Orioles in 1966.

He was part of great baseball on “my” then team, at a very different, dare I say better time. Fond memories regarding Mr. Fairly abound!


Ron Fairly (No. 6) and Willie Davis (No. 3) of the Los Angeles Dodgers congratulated Sandy Koufax after he pitched a perfect game to beat the Chicago Cubs, 1-0, on Sept. 9, 1965. Fairly won three World Series championships with the Dodgers.

Willie Davis (#3) and Ron Fairly (#6) congratulate Sandy Koufax after his perfect game vs the Chicago Cubs, whose pitcher Bob Hendley was brilliant in defeat, on September 9, 1965. (I really would like to know the other 3 that are pictured. Anyone?)

L.S.U. At Alabama This Afternoon

Certainly today’s L.S.U. at Alabama (CBS at 3:30 P.M.) tilt is a big game.

However, one does not know that the game’s winner will be in the 4 team college football playoff, nor that the losing team will not.

8 years ago LSU won at “Bama” by a (9-6) score in a dull CBS night game. The teams were matched in the title game and Alabama claimed the crown, winning an even less exciting game, (21-0).

Today’s game with a total (perception of points that will be scored) exceeding 60, is expected to be more exciting. That is not saying much, however, I will tune in and do expect a fine, even meaningful, game.


refer to caption

Dont’a Hightower, pictured above with the New England Patriots, was on 2 title teams with Alabama, (he was injured and missed most of the ’09 season) including the aforementioned 2011 team.

He has played on 3 Super Bowl winners with the Patriots. The Patriots and Alabama, despite a plethora of recent titles, have never won titles in the same season.



“What’s My Line?”

Today a truly great episode of the iconic television show, “What’s My Line?”

The guest stars are Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, the two were married to each other, however briefly.

Panelists are Phyllis Newman, Mark Goodson, Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf.

John Charles Daly is the show’s host.