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Utah Spoils USC’s ‘Offs Hopes

Once again, a Pac 12 team has been or almost certainly will be denied a 4 team ‘offs berth, as they could not get through the conference, in particular, the Conference Title Game.

Utah, I believe once a team that had its ‘offs hopes dashed in the conference title tilt, spoiled the U.S.C. ‘offs hopes, winning (47-24) last night.

It seems the four college playoffs teams are known.

That remains to be seen, however, it is very likely that Georgia, Michigan, T.C.U. and Ohio State will be the four ‘offs teams. 

I will update the situation tomorrow.

For now, how about Georgia, say a 6 point favorite vs Ohio State in one New Year’s Eve Day semi with Michigan just over a touchdown favorite vs T.C.U. in what the great public address announcer Dave Zinkoff often said regarding free throws, “another” or the other.


Dave Zinkoff (cropped).JPEG

The legendary Philadelphia basketball public address announcer Dave Zinkoff, pictured above.

Hopefully Hal is hitting them evoking “Greeeers,” from the Zink above. 

Remembering Gaylord Perry

The one time I met the superb pitcher, Gaylord Perry, who died today at age 84, was at a signing event in White Plains, New York in 1996. 

He sat virtually alone as did the great, great Jean Beliveau, while the crowd around another great, Dennis Rodman swelled.

Gaylord, in his big hat was cool, friendly and not concerned with the paucity of people around him. A la a never forgotten by me, moment in the great film, “The Sting,” Mr. Perry was afforded a “flat rate.”

In conversation, I told Gaylord that while it is the flair of Rodman one notices first, indeed he was a great, unselfish player. Mr. Perry appreciated my information.

I suppose Perry’s eventual greatness first surfaced in a memorable second game of a S.F. Giants (Perry’s team in his first 10 seasons, ’62-’71 the first and last were first place finishes, most of the others second place) and the New York Mets, that went 23 innings.

The game featured all 3 big league Alou brothers in the same outfield as the great Willie Mays played shortstop. Gaylord hurled 10 scoreless innings in relief.

He won 20 or more games 5 times and was just the second pitcher to win 20 or more in both the National and American Leagues.

Perry was the first to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues.

I will skip that about his type of pitches and even the strong opinion Gaylord with other “Famers,” “Willies” (Mays and McCovey), Orlando Cepeda and Juan Marichal played on far more deserving of a title teams, than any of the 3 even year Giants World Series winners (2010-2014). However, they won nary a one, playing in a great National League.

My favorite moment regarding Gaylord Perry, other than meeting him and enjoying his friendly easygoing manner, was when he induced Willie Randolph to ground out  2nd to 1st, (Julio Cruz to Jim Maler), early in the 1982 season, to clinch his 300th major league win.



Gaylord Perry pictured above.


’81/2022 NFC ‘Offs Notes

The current Philly Eagles are (10-1) and have a one and a fraction game(s) lead for the NFC “1,” (Minne (Vikings) are (9-2)-and at least that much of a lead over the (8-3) Dallas Cowboys in the (32-13), so far excellent NFC East.

In this post, I will juxtapose the 1981 NFC season with this one and more “leaks” (ode to Roosevelt Leaks, a fine running back) regarding 2022 will manifest.

1981 was the 4th season in which both the NFC and AFC had 2 wild card teams, who met in the wild card round. That year the New York Giants won at Philly vs the Eagles in such a game. This season the Eagles almost certainly will be among the 7 NFC ‘offs teams, somewhat likely as the top seed. The Giants, once (7-2) now (7-4) are in ‘offs qualifying position, with 6 games remaining.

One NFC slots game in ’81 matched the Dallas Cowboys and then 6th year Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both teams currently ( (5-6) “T.B.”, with the slipping, but still an all-time great, “T.B.” there is a significant “Brady” character based on William Jennings Bryan in Stanley Kramer’s directed “Inherit The Wind,” leads (5-7) Atlanta by a half game in the woeful (18-29) NFC South) are in ‘offs qualifying position.

San Francisco (I can still “hear” Jack Buck accenting each syllable of that city’s name when a Jim Stuckey fumble recovery, NOT the key Joe Montana to Dwight Clark touchdown pass, clinched the S.F. 49ers NFC Title tilt win vs Dallas) won it all in ’81, the first of 4 crowns they won in the numerically/team name lined 9 seasons (’81-’89), and 5 overall, none since that 5th one in 1994.

This season as is the situation with the other 4 1981 NFC ‘offs participants, the 49ers are ahead in a bid for ‘offs qualification. They are (7-4), Seattle is next in that (NFC West) “div,” with a (6-5) mark.


Left to right, the unfortunately now deceased Dwight Clark, a great receiver whose TD catch was the key to SF’s ’81 title game win and Jim Stuckey, whose aforementioned fumble recovery clinched the game, are pictured above.

The Niners went on to (26-21) the Cincinnati Bengals in the Pontiac, Michigan cold weather outside/played in the Silver Dome 16th (Joe Montana’s, #(still in the conversation along with Brady and maybe others as to who is the best quarterback) Super Bowl game. 



College Football Update

Long ago, Wayne “Woody” Hayes, with his Ohio State team up (50-14) minimum in the last 2 minutes if not later,  went for 2 vs Michigan in that 1968 game.

Michigan players remembered, karma kicked in and the next year, Michigan a near 3 touchdown, home underdog, won (24-12) costing a truly excellent, but eventually underachieving, Ohio State team, a repeat crown.

Earlier this season, Ohio State, whose coach Ryan Day still sans a title, (dealt a big blow yesterday, but not quite out of ‘offs qualification possibility), said it was his punter’s decision to run for a first down ahead 39 points in the 4th quarter vs Rutgers.

That was Not good, in fact bad. It evokes a memory of someone named Paterno (Joe), throwing a spread covering late/even last play touchdown pass, well ahead of Rutgers in Greg Schiano’s first stint there and clearly saying “B.S.” when called on it by the then and current Rutgers coach.

Yesterday, Michigan an 8 plus point(s) underdog, completed a (12-0) regular season, outscoring the Buckeyes (Ohio State), (28-3) in the second half, en route to a (45-23) win.

“Mich” is about a 17 point favorite vs Purdue (on Friday 10 point underdog, Nebraska outrighted Iowa, giving Purdue a chance and after “Oak and Bucketing” Indiana, they won the Big Ten West) in next Saturday night’s Big Ten Title Tilt. If they win and maybe, even if in a chaos inducing situation, they lose, Michigan would be in the ‘offs for a second straight season.

Last season Georgia, to evoke “Orleans” “still the one,” as defending champion and as a (12-0), top ranked team this season, after a second straight “no cover” this vs Georgia Tech, ripped Michigan in a playoff semi-final game, one of many routs in such games, in the first 8 seasons of the 4 team ‘off.”

This season, Georgia, a 2 touchdown plus “fave” vs L.S.U. whose ‘offs hopes went out the window yesterday, as Texas A&M handed them a third loss, would be the top seed and if Michigan prevails, also, as stated, in a big favorite’s conference title game “role,” the teams would not meet in the semis.

A third team is (12-0), that being Texas Christian University, which ripped Iowa State, however, is less than a field goal “fave,” in what likely will be a McDonough game at noon Eastern Time and 11 A.M. “Central” Saturday, vs Kansas State.

If T.C.U. wins, they are in the ‘off, almost certainly they would be out, if they lose.

Finally, into the 4th spot will go another 3 letter abbreviation team, U.S.C.

They were (4-8) last year, but under Lincoln Riley and with now Heisman favorite, quarterback, Caleb Williams running for 3 touchdowns in a (38-27) win over Notre Dame (they went under 8 plus, Beano would have “money line hedged,” though USC was a 5 point fave) the Trojans, as is the case with TCU, 2 plus point(s) favorites in their title tilt, (their opponent is Utah, which stormed back to hand the Trojans their lone regular season loss) so likely would be “in” with a win and out should they lose a second time this season to Utah.


Adr.FBC.Maryland. (51696484189).jpg

Donovan Edwards, pictured above had 2 long touchdown runs in Michigan’s win at Ohio State.

Watched Mannix With Rosemary Forsyth

Last night, into the early morning, I watched an excellent episode of “Mannix,” titled “Picture of a Shadow.”

Guest star Rosemary Forsyth, who in a show rarity had a kissing scene with Mike Connors’ “Joe Mannix” in the 1974 show, is 79 years old now and was great to see.

Ms. Forsyth (“Ann McFadden,” on the seminal show, “Dallas”)  played a less known “Laura Spencer” (“Horton”) on “Days of Our Lives” from ’76-’80 preceding the better known portrayal of a “Laura Spencer” by Genie Francis, on another soap opera,”General Hospital.”

Ms. Forsyth exuded beauty, class and chemistry with Mr. Connors, a nice look at nearly 3 A.M.


Rosemary Forsyth and Mike Connors in “Picture of a Shadow” on “Mannix.”





Holiday Game(s) Notes

The first of three games on tomorrow’s holiday is the usual “Detroit hosts” tilt that in this alternate year brings Jim Nantz and the AFC Buffalo Bills to Detroit.

Buffalo with a (7-3) record is a 10 point “fave” vs (4-6) Detroit (Lions), which has won 3 straight games while the Bills broke a 2 game loss skein last week.

Neither team has ever won a Super Bowl. The Bills are (0-4) in such games, the Lions, who won NFL crowns in 1935 (the year of Detroit teams and hometown hero, Joe Louis, pronounced Looie on a great British version of “This is Your Life” Muhammad Ali, when Mr. Louis paid tribute), 1952, 1953 and last in 1957 have never been in a Supe and only in 1991 (one of the Super Bowl loss seasons for the Bills, they were in 4 straight seasons, (1990-1993), went as far as an NFC title game/NFL semi-final game.

In the middle game, a pair of (7-3) teams with a combined 9 Super Bowl wins, the Giants (4-1) in “such” visit the Dallas Cowboys (5-3) in Supes. The Cowboys, as is the case with the Bills, the team they beat decisively in both the ’92 and ’93 season Supes, are 10 point “faves” in the tilt tomorrow.

Only in the 1990 season Supe loss, a heartbreaking one to the Giants, were the Bills competitive in their 4 Super Bowl defeats.

Both the ’92 and ’93 season Supes were on one network (unprecedented, the first two were on CBS but NBC also telecast the first and its Charlie Jones said we will be ok/not nervous after the “first verb”), NBC.

That network “has” New England (6-4) this season and (6-5) all-time in Supes, (all 6 wins under current coach Bill Belichick) at (8-2) and the very likely/current NFC “2” but alas the “2” no longer is afforded a wild-card round bye, Minnesota (Vikings).

As is the situation with Buffalo, the Vikings are (0-4) in Supes and did not have the lead in any of those games.


refer to caption

So much slimmer than in his great playing days, Roger Brown, is pictured above.

He had a great game in the most famous of Detroit “holiday” games, now so long (60 years) ago.

Oh time and seeing Brown played high school football in Nyack, New York brings a regret that  coincidental?/serendipity brought the fact  David Goldstein, one I knew well before ’62, had died in June 2022. 



Boxing: “Estrada vs Chocolatito 3” at Hoops Cabaret and Sports Bar, December 3

Hoops Cabaret in New York City (48 West 33rd Street), featuring dozens of sexy Hoops exotic dancers, and hailed as “the world’s sexiest sports bar,” will show the much anticipated boxing match between Juan Francisco Estrada and Chocolatito Gonzalez.

The duo headline the boxing pay-per-view card broadcast by DAZN on Saturday, December 3. At Hoops Cabaret, fans can view the exciting bouts on the club’s giant X-15Mega-Tron Video Wall and numerous HD TVs and flat screens, giving every seat a clear view of all the action.

Estrada (43-3, 28 KO) and Chocolatito (51-3, 41 KO) first met way back in 2012, when both were in the 108 lb division. Gonzalez won a decision to retain his WBA title that night, and as he went up the weight classes, Estrada chased behind him, hoping for an eventual rematch.

That rematch didn’t come for over eight years, but the two met again in early 2021. In that one, Estrada got a debated split decision nod, retaining the WBA and WBC titles at 115 lbs.

Since then, Estrada has given up both belts, though he does have the WBC’s “Franchise” belt, and is also still Ring Magazine champion.

Hoops Cabaret combines the  fun of a sports bar with the excitement of a gentlemen’s club. The beautiful Hoops Girls perform on stage and up close and personal. And be sure to check out the club’s VIP Man Cave. 

HOOPS CABARET and Sports Bar

***Beautiful Entertainers

***Food and Drink Specials 

***Next door to the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC

An Excellent”Candida” Performance Plus More Regarding George Bernard Shaw =’s A “Sum” That Helps In These ? Times

On a cold New York day of bus and subway transportation, walking and the ever present loneliness, a performance of “Candida,” with its excellent cast, so well directed by David Staller gave and gives me insight if not hope in these rather trying times.

Clearly Mr. Staller, whose brilliant well written program notes were read after the production has brought the great Mr. Shaw’s work, insight and humanitarian efforts to light.

That truly inspires me and Mr. Shaw who  “asked why not,” “put his money where his mouth was,” and helped others.

The performance, the setting, humor, pathos and Shaw’s intent to help those whose rung was for no good reason considered less came across so well.

Cast members were R.J. Foster, Peter Romano, David Ryan Smith, Avanthika Srinivasan, Avery Whitted, and Amber Reauchean Williams.

Click below for more information about “Candida,” and The Gingold Theatrical Group.


gingoldgroup.orgGingold Theatrical Group – We’re still here! • Keep in touch …



None “Covered,” Two Needed Last Play FG’s, However, The 4 Unbeatens Remained So, Two— Ohio State And Michigan Clash Next

While none of the 4 unbeaten teams “covered,” or even came close to doing so and two, T.C.U. and Michigan needed last play field goals to “survive,” they all won in what was an incredible penultimate week of the college “pig” “reg.”

Ohio State trailed at the half and won (43-30) (-27) vs Maryland, while top ranked, defending champion, Georgia a huge “fave,” was never in danger, but only won by 10 points, (16-6) at Kentucky.

Meanwhile, while (10-1) USC, a 2 point favorite, won (48-45) vs U.C.L.A. to keep their now increased ‘offs qualification hopes alive, a pair of 10 to 1 payout, meaning 15 to 1 or so, legitimate odds “dogs,” Georgia Tech (next week’s Georgia opponent) and South Carolina “barked” outright, vs now 2 loss teams, North Carolina and Tennessee respectively.

More as the week progresses. I think Georgia is almost certainly in while the Mich/Ohio State winner is very likely (that winner will be a big “fave” in the Big Ten title tilt and may not even have to win that game) in, TCU is probably going to make it and will with 2 wins.

If there are three (13-0) teams, which is the maximum, as Michigan and Ohio State clash next week, would it be a 1 loss USC, a 1 loss Mich/Ohio State losing team or a 2 loss LSU team as the 4th ‘offs team if that scenario manifests?


Even if somehow the truly unlikely happens and USC “titles” the clash yesterday will not be in the same stratosphere of title implications importance as the tilt between USC and UCLA in 1967.

However, last night’s game was certainly important, entertaining and did have ‘offs qualifications implications.

In ’67 a (21-20) win by USC, with Orenthal James Simpson’s 64 yard TD run shown above and Rikki Aldridge’s subsequent extra point decisive, was the key to their mythical title. 

Last night (21-20) manifested as the UCLA lead at the half. 

On Simpson’s classic TD run, Chris Schenkel is on play by play and the great college coach Bud Wilkinson adds commentary. 





“Exactly” 56 Years Since Notre Dame “Tied One” For “The Gipper”

I will get to the headline and the sad fact Notre Dame was rewarded, not penalized, for playing to tie, late in the tilt.

It is the amazing, inexorable passage of time that I both marvel at and regret, that has accumulated 56 years since another Saturday November 19th, that in ’66. Along that “route” I recall and opine.

Then, I actually rooted for Notre Dame and though on my show in December 1991, the late, great college football expert, Beano Cook thought Alabama, denied both years by Notre Dame in a vote, (to Notre Dame’s credit, they denied ‘Bama on the field to “claim” in ’73 and as a spoiler in ’74), had a bigger claim in ’66 than ’77–I think ’77 was worse, maybe because by then, I rooted vs Notre Dame.

Alas there were so many great players on the field that day 56 years ago in East Lansing, Alan Page of Notre Dame and Charles “Bubba” Smith of “Mich” State, to name just one, from each excellent squad.

The game ended (10-10), no overtime then and it was Dan Jenkins, the only one Beano said who knew more regarding college “pig” than he, who wrote that Notre Dame “tied one for The Gipper.”

After a rout of U.S.C. (John McKay never forgot it and USC did very well vs Notre Dame after that for a good amount of time) and despite Ken Stabler and Alabama routing Nebraska in “The Sugar,” A.P. voted Notre Dame #1.

Alas, “the old man”/Beano would have kicked a certain “b.M.’s” toosh, with Notre Dame over “reg” season wins bets, since his death during the ’12 season.

Despite losses to Marshall and Stanford, Notre Dame, which will be a nice “dog” at USC, and barring an upset loss vs Boston College today (B.C. did it to them, spoiling their title hopes in ’93, the last time I “stood up” and yielding incredible Beano happy “screams,” I so wish I can find and play) can attain another “over” (’twas 8 and a half), if it upsets USC, at the L.A. Coliseum, next Saturday, likely at night.

Surely I have been hard on Notre Dame and maybe worse, inattentive to Michigan State.

Thus I cite; even the hype and certainly the atmosphere, players and even the result of that famed tilt (# of years “Abrahams,” Lincoln and Freigenberg lived) ago, will continue to resonate with me and many others, as time continues its inexorable march on.


I will always marvel at the bravery and performance of Notre Dame reserve quarterback, Coley O’Brien, who came into the famed tie/tilt and helped Notre Dame get a comeback tie and deserved or not, a “Mythical” (all back then and to a degree still were “mythical”) title.