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Chiefs, Rams and Saints Are Likely “Slots Hosts”

In gambling casinos, there are “slots hosts.”

The NFL, an entity that “owes” (an interesting word in this case) much of its great commercial success to its tie with gambling, a veritable “marriage made in (some failed) mortgage,” has division round games, I have long called “slots” games.

Three one loss teams are likely “slots hosts,” though remember 7 weeks of regular season NFL play remains.

Two of those teams, the AFC Kansas City Chiefs and the NFC Los Angeles Rams are (9-1) and meet next Monday night in Mexico City, while the other, the (8-1) New Orleans Saints are perhaps the most impressive team to date.

In consecutive weeks, they won games at Baltimore and Minnesota, vs the Rams at home and yesterday annihilated the Bengals at Cincinnati. The first three were in games that were “rated” close to even while the Saints, winners of eight straight tilts after a season opening loss vs Tampa Bay (Bucs), were 6 point road “faves” yesterday.


In Kevin Seifert’s NFL review, he contradicts himself or at least errs as the (9-1) K.C. lead over New England and for that matter (6-2-1) Pittsburgh is certainly NOT 2 games. It is one and a fraction!

Below is from Seifert’s column:

TheĀ New England Patriots‘ loss in Tennessee effectively gives the Chiefs a two-game lead for the No. 1 overall seed. The Patriots hold the head-to-head tiebreaker between the teams, but Sunday’s action means they’ll need to make up two games over their final six to wrestle away the top seed.




100 Years, No Peace For Those Of Us in the U.S. Who Fervently Seek It

Today, the exploits of the military will be front and center on NFL coverage all day long.

Please remember today the 100th anniversary of The Armistice ending the bloody, first World War, was supposed to mean the beginning of peace.

One hundred years later, despite a great general’s warning (Dwight D. Eisenhower) regarding the military, industrial complex, we still are only hoping, regarding peace!



Articles To Go, But Remember

The time has come to throw out some of the newspaper articles I have saved over the years.

One thing is an interesting column by Maury Allen in 1979 as the 10th anniversary of the New York Mets’ “miracle” title was about to be celebrated.

Joe Torre, referenced in the article as having made the last out in the Mets’ division clincher eventually managed the rival Yankees to 4 titles in 5 seasons and also managed the Mets with almost no success.


Soon, before the next spring arrived we anticipated the new cards for “Strat O.”





A Year Later, Another Bad Niners/Giants Tilt

Of course the networks, as they so often do, “guessed” wrong in thinking the Giants and 49ers would be worthy of prime time games this season.

However, it is interesting to note that this Monday night’s tilt between the Giants (at) Niners is taking place, one year to the date after last season’s Niners’ (31-21) win on Sunday November 12, 2017.

It is a footnote to a game that the network powers wish they could take back.


Notes/Coincidences From A 1994 or 1995 Tape

In reviewing a tape from 1994 or 1995, I noticed some coincidences or perhaps interesting notes.

A CNN reporter covering the famed Orenthal James (better known as O.J.) Simpson trial, had the surname Vito. (Robert?)

The judge in the case was named Ito (Lance).

Also just before the trial commenced, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy died at age 104.

The CNN reporter imparting that news was named Kennedy (Kathleen, also the name of Rose’s granddaughter, a current elected official.


Good Thursday Night Game Tomorrow

Tomorrow night there is a good tilt as the (6-2) Carolina Panthers visit the (5-2-1) Pittsburgh Steelers.

Each team is a viable threat to make the Supe, however at the moment “Pitts” is only third in the AFC and Carolina, behind (7-1) New Orleans in the NFC South is only fifth.

The Steelers are 4 point favorites at home tomorrow night, in a rare night game I will consider watching. Sound off of course!


After tragic events in each area, one caused by nature, the other not–we can do more than hope, certainly not hate.

Stram/Vermeil Once Coached Teams Supe? A long Way To Go!!

Of course this scenario discounts the (7-2) and great New England team (among others), but what if the eventual Super Bowl entrants are current 1 loss teams.

Those teams are (8-1) Kansas City from the AFC and the (8-1) Rams and (7-1) Saints, the latter having 45-35’d the former last week.

If it is K.C. vs the Rams then it will be two teams once coached by Dick Vermeil.

If it is K.C. vs the Saints, then the Supe would match two teams, once coached by Henry “Hank” Stram.