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Pauly Howard Returned, Details Please

Today is a good day for ViSN, as after a pretty long absence Pauly Howard returned and after a two week vacation, Gill Alexander comes back.

Thus far, there has been no discussion of why Howard missed so much time.

Concerning both talented individuals, Alexander and Howard, I would like to hear a “review” of the playoffs from each one.

Milt Pappas/Nolan Ryan May 4, 1971 And Other Notes And Toned Down Comments

Let’s sway away from the Cubs’ “fire sale,” save the link at the end and the fact that both Bryant and Rizzo, 108 years after catcher, Germany Schaeffer caught a pop up, involved in the title clinching play, are GONE. (Cue Hall and Oates and my cryptic link to Eddie Brown of “Wash” scoring a Monday night return touchdown as “She’s Gone played, probably via rewind/play).

It is May 4, 1971 and while the Cubs with Milt Pappas (born on a May 11th, and sadly his wife disappeared on a 9-11) are visiting the Mets, whose starter is Nolan Ryan (Ryan debuted on a 9-11)–the Chi Blackhawks are hosting the Montreal Canadiens in game 1 of the NHL final. (This year, 50 years later and later is operative due to the still around pandemic, as “ignorants/stupids” refuse vaccination, while “Chi” did not qualify for the ‘offs, Montreal as an even bigger upstart than in ’71, when they won the final, went to the final, however, the Lightning for the “barring Bellman,” struck the Habs and me in 5).

Pappas was 18, Ryan 19 when they made their big league debuts in ’57 and ’66 respectively. One or the other hurled in the “bigs” for 36 seasons as one adds, Pappas sans Ryan (9) to Ryan’s modern record 27 year career.

Ryan got the Cubs in a top of the first, which did not have a fair ball. Typical of his career, Nollie, as the great broadcaster Bob Murphy called him once during that frame, struck out Glenn Beckert, a man truly tough to do so “vs,” Ron Santo and John Callison, while walking Don Kessinger and the great player, Billy Williams.

Mr. Ryan hurled 7 no hit games while Pappas pitched one. I doubt Ryan was ever close to a perfect game (I would have to check), while Pappas came, oh so close, on September 2, 1972 (I know it was a Saturday, which nets me nada) when after retiring the first 26 “P-Pad” (Padres) batters, he had a (2-2) count facing Larry Stahl.

Each of the next 2 pitches were close, but called balls. No perfect game, but a no hit game for Pappas.


The Chicago Cubs Are a Baseball Travesty –


You Root For Laundry

You, still loyal to teams, ought to be aware by now, that you root for “laundry.”

The Cubs ended a 108 year title drought in ’16, soon followed by their owner’s backed candidate, D.J. Trump gaining the presidency. I wanted Hillary Clinton and the In”dians,” soon to be the Guar”dians,” which I think, unlike the change of the truly offensive Washington NFL team nickname, was/is not necessary, which it would seem “flies in the face” of my liberal views. More on such another time, but I add that though I suffer for my idealism, logic and lack of greed–I have always “Bill Klem’d” it and as with the legendary umpire, been right much of the time.

Now less than 5 years later, they are breaking up that ’16 Cubs’ title team. Those spoiled North Side fans got their title as did the Dodgers in 60 game 2020, though Cubs fans (far too many) abused a fan while a few Dodgers’ fans beat a Giants’ fan. I still have nightmares that a young man, so long ago was beaten that way, for no reason, in my home time.

Unlike Henry Fonda, who did positive regarding the horror of seeing a man lynched, I have suffered regarding it and other things in virtual and often cowardly, maybe practical silence.

So much less important, but I will not retract it:

Cashman, whose special place of greed, might eventually get him a seat next to Steinbrenner and not in the better place, is NOT going to win this one.

He and his kind know about the “wood,” the edge and live easy lives, while quixotic types such as me suffer the slings, arrows and overall time consumption of not having enough (Mr. Roosevelt (called Frank, in the excellent film, “Paper Moon,” by then 9 year old, Tatum O’Neal and his lousy treatment of her, is another reason I dislike McEnroe so intensely. His (McEnroe’s) picture is prominently displayed next to “spoiled brat.”) the latter, “poverty being so time consuming” which Franklin Roosevelt cited.

See Mr. Cashman, as you shop, in rich lilly WHITE, Izod, Polo Shirt, on your cell phones Connecticut, in your spoiled rich hedge fund, aided life, the A’s have the “wood,” in the form of a 3 plus game(s) lead and I say and unfortunately will PAY, so that you do not catch them and qualify for the prostituted post-season tournament.

It speaks to the utter ineptitude of Michael Kay (I am perhaps out of line “attacking” Cashman as I do not know him and also he did “architect” along with the far classier, now deceased Bob Watson and Gene Michael, multiple Yankees’ title teams adding the likes of O’Neill, Brosius, Polonia, Chili Davis and a sure thing, great named Knoblach, among others. Steinbrenner, as with a broken clock, was right at least twice, concerning Reggie and “Bet on” Wade Boggs), a person I know to be bankrupt of morality, but of course rich with money, that he failed to note the (5-4)/last out on a pop out to third, symmetry, when Boston virtually assured the Yankees would not win the one eighth division last Sunday. Of course that October 2, 1978 was the end with no wild card. That referenced July 25 tilt was then and with the horrible wild card presence, thus let’s face it, Cashman and the Yankees, though so greedy, did what they had to do.

However, and believe me I no longer really care that much, though you would not know that by this rant, they loom, to at least make the wild card.

Once in sick, sick, “ruin my life” fashion I battled the Yankees’ “windmills,” suffering unfairly, not so much when they won, but when they annexed so many players, in the cases of Reggie and Boggs, two I had liked so much, with their previous teams.

Again it is laundry. I am too tired and ADD’d to expand on it, but you get it.

My once loved Lakers are pigs also, the latest “ejemplo Sp? and of course in Spanish) getting Westbrook. Ditto the Dodgers with Scherzer and many other teams. What chance do the Pirates have?!!

Anyway I say A’s, Astros, Rays, Red Sox and White Sox. Try Giants, Dodgers, Padres, Brewers and Mets, as I chalk it, perhaps with the exception of the Yankees.

They ruined baseball, it is laundry, bogus wild card, too many ‘offs teams, ridiculous rules this season that I will not dignify with comment.


Some Notes From Cards/Mets May 11, 1965

May 11, 1965 a Tuesday then and this year, a Cards at Mets (I almost yielded to the overwhelming technology and typed “@”) game, matched two of the great pitchers of all-time, albeit neither in their prime.

Certainly Warren Spahn, 42 years old and with the fourth year Mets was not, as he and his 358 career victories (62, more than vs any other team, (29 losses) against the Cardinals), with defending World Champion St. Louis, starting Bob Gibson.

Now Gibson, an alumnus of Creighton University (it was around talk by others, regarding Bob’s basketball exploits there, that I finally achieved a picture/”nice Bob Gibson,” however, it and his great pitching/determination is treasured, even if he was not close to always being nice about it) as Lindsey Nelson intoned, was nearing his prime and that night received the Babe Ruth Award from the Baseball Writer’s Of America, from N.Y. chapter president, Leonard Koppett, for his outstanding (2-1) including the #5 and 7 wins pitching, in the most recent World Series, as Nelson eloquently stated, “in competition with the New York Yankees.”

Gibson entered the 5-11-1965 tilt with a (5-0) record and 3 shutouts, for a Cards’ team, that was off to a disappointing start, in what would be a disappointing season. Their “MacArthur vow,” if they took one, manifested, as they “returned” to pennant winning glory in both ’67 and ’68 and title winning such in 1967.

At that point, Gibson had a (7-2) lifetime record vs the Mets, the same as his eventual career World Series mark. (Bob lost his first and last World Series starts with Mel Stottlemyre and Mickey Lolich, the latter in #7/’68 W.S. gaining victories) but in between, won 7 straight World Series starts/decisions, as one of the Fall Classic’s all-time great performers.

Both his losses to the Mets, at that May 11, 1965 “point in time,” were by (1-0) scores, each to Al Jackson.


Warren Spahn 1953.jpg

The great, great pitcher Warren Spahn, pictured above, and I once discussed the relative greatness of he and Sandy Koufax.

He was standing near a wall at an event and first I remarked that it was a disgrace that people did not know him. 

Less diplomatic but politely and clearly extolling Mr. Spahn’s greatness, I told him that my favorite Sandy Koufax was better. 

I knew what he would say and I said it first. Spahn won 363 games, sadly for all of us as Sandy’s career was cut short, 198 more than Sandy won. 

Next a “reporter,” (likely no worse than those who succeed today) “Sam” Marciano, approached Mr. Spahn and clearly knew “nada” about him.

Both Mr. Spahn and I knew it was so typically sad of current media and society, so far removed and opposite (virtually polar) of the greatness demonstrated by the likes of Warren Spahn, Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax, among a select group of others. 

Milwaukee Post-Season Notes

The Bucks’ title is the 13th won after a game by a Milwaukee area team in a current major North American sports league. It was only the fourth such title clinched in a home game.

Green Bay (Packers), which for a long time played home games in Milwaukee, has won 10 NFL titles after a championship game. (They also won 3 via the league standings, on teams that included the great Don Hutson).

Three of those Packers’ wins were in home games, the first at Wisconsin State Fair Park (27-0) vs the New York Giants in 1939. In that tilt, certainly unusual is the fact both Tiny Engebrutsen and Ernie Smith not only scored “title game points” via a field goal but also did so with at least one extra point.

The next home title tilt win manifested with 10 more “Pack points” (37) in another shutout win vs the Giants, that at City Stadium in Green Bay in 1961. President John F. Kennedy granted Army? reserve, but a great Green Bay starter, Paul Hornung a weekend pass and he led the Packers to that title.

4 years later in the mud of renamed Lambeau Field vs the Cleveland Browns in the great Jim Brown’s last game with the Browns, Hornung and Jim Taylor led the Packers (23-12) vs Cleveland.

The Packers have won 4 Supe titles, at the neutral Supe site venue (leave it to Brady and the Bucs to win a home one, the 7th for Brady enabling him to pass ex Packers Forrest Gregg and Herb Adderley with a 7th NFL crown), those occurring under Vince Lombardi in ’66 and ’67 and also in ’96 and 2010.

Additionally “G.B.” won road title games at the Boston “Inappropriate nicknames” (Indians to Guardians is no big deal to me, either way, by the way) in ’36 and at the Giants in ’44 and ’62. They also lost at the Giants in the ’38 title game and in an NFC/NFL semi-final game in ’07 and a “div” game in ’11, in years the Giants won it all.

The Bucks’ previous title was clinched in a (118-106) road win to complete a sweep of the Baltimore Bullets, well over 50 years ago, on April 30, 1971. (this season, a second title season for the Bucks, they clinched a final spot scoring 118 points in #6 at Atlanta and lost the first two final round games to the Suns, with “Phoe” scoring 118 points in each).

Milwaukee’s other title was won at Yankee Stadium in #7 of the ’57 World Series, as Lew Burdette won his third game of that series (5-0) in #7. Only Sandy Koufax, who did so 8 years later, in addition to Lew, pitched shutouts in games 5 and 7 of a World Series.

Randy Johnson, otherwise a post-season bust, won 3 games (#7, in a not so hot inning (Moss said innings as I typed) relief stint) in the ’01 W.S. the only time a “Zona” team copped a pro title. The Suns are (0-3), the Cardinals (they have gone longer than any other NFL team sans a title, but at least unlike a # of NFL teams, have a title (’47 as Chicago) (0-1) in final round play.

‘Offs Notes

The dust, however, not the disappointment of the recently completed, “hot, same calendar shoe but not you/Andy,” NHL and NBA ‘offs, has cleared. Some predominantly “nowhere else’ notes will follow.

I forgot the great “Roy’s” birthday and also I believe late, is the Taco Bell prize (a free taco) afforded by “Suns led at half/Bucks win,” which also paid 5 to1, in the Milwaukee title clincher, on “Human on the Moon” Day.

This is the first time in 74 possibilities (1947-2021 with no NHL season in ’05 that the NHL final ended in 5 games, the NBA such entity in 6 games, with both titles being clinched by the home team.

Five previous times, the NHL final ended in 5 and the NBA in 6, however, not with both titles being clinched by home teams.

For the record it last happened in “same calendar/Suns also lose the final in 6 ’93” (sadly, a difference from that year is that the Canadiens won the final then and of course were 5’d by repeat champion Tampa Bay (Lightning) this time) when the Habs won at home in 5 but it was the road Bulls, riding Mr. Jordan’s “push off?/certainly ought to have been “sign off and out” shot, prevailing in 6 at Phoenix.

Before that it was in ’86 when the still glory teams, the Canadiens in a road 5th and a great, 1 loss at home all year “reg” and none in the ‘offs, Celtics teams won, to this point, their penultimate titles. Boston did so in a home 6th game.

The year before and also in ’81 and ’63, respectively, while the Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders and yes the Toronto Maple Leafs (thinking 54 years would be, as it was for the New York Rangers in ’94, their magic and also that their last Cup winning team captain, George Armstrong had died. Also Alex Trebek, better known by an exponential margin, for something else, the Cup film narrator in that ’67 season also had died, all led to “too much” on Toronto and no Habs as a playoffs winning “appetizer” and eventually a “bitter meal’) each won their second straight NHL crown in a home 5th, however the ’85 Lakers, and ’81 and ’63 Celtics won their titles in road 6th games.

Finally, at least for now, this was the first time since 2013 when both the Chicago Blackhawks and Miami Heat also went (16-7) to title, that both the NHL and NBA champion had the same ‘offs records. (Both the Lightning and Bucks went (16-7).


“Judgment Day,” With Jason Alexander Leading A Great Cast, Evokes “Related Must See”

Recently I had a thoroughly enjoyable “streaming” experience, viewing the “over the top,” humorous and also poignant reminders of redemption, expressed in “Judgment Day,” written by Rob Ulin.

Jason Alexander as “Sammy Campo,” an exponential George Costanza, (Jason makes it happen with range that reveals “Sammy,”) heads a great cast, which includes Patti LuPone, Santino Fontana and Michael McKean.

This presentation, again another superb one, my “night before” foray into Ayn Rand with “The Disciple” and my own “sentimentality,” has made my head spin, but also expanded my horizons.

“Judgment Day” (see link below) gave me humorous pleasure and some life lessons, in a most entertaining fashion.

The entire cast was excellent. Matthew Penn is the director. 



I should not have to remind you as one ought to always “stay” for the credits (in streaming, there really is no excuse, not to) but here’s one, as this presentation “rewards” you for doing so!


Clockwise, starting in the upper left Jason Alexander, Patti LuPone, Michael McKean (lower right) and Santino Fontana are pictured.

I highly recommend seeing “Judgment Day.” Click below to purchase tickets.




“The Disciple” is Superb

“The Disciple,” brilliantly written and directed by Rachel Carey (Ayn Rand’s guide to love and relationships) and playing at “The Wild Project,” (195 East Third Street), is a thoroughly entertaining, humorous and also eye opening look, at Rand’s thoughts.

Maja Wampuszyc as Ayn Rand and Cameron Darwin Bossert as Nathaniel Brandon, “light it up,” as they so effectively portray the complicated intellectual, emotional and sexual relationship between the two.

A seduction scene, thought out and written so well by Rachel Carey, includes a classic retort, as the two are in the midst of passion.

Both the scene and play are unforgettable and as I told Mr. Bossert, who I saw both before and after, well worth the wait, with on and off air conditioning, in my car, on the dangerously hot, humid yesterday.


Maja Wampuszyc

Maja Wampuszyc, pictured above.

For more information on The Wild Project, please click below. “The Disciple” will be staged through Sunday July 25th and I strongly recommend purchasing tickets to this wonderful performance. 

The wild project – thewildproject



More “B’s,” As “B”ucks Title, Giannis Antetokounmpo Ties “B”ob Pettit With 50 In A Title Clincher.

Giannis Antetokounmpo tied Bob Pettit’s record, hitting for 50 points in a title clinching, (105-98) Bucks’ game 6 home win, “undering,” covering and all spread teasing, the Phoenix Suns, now (0-3 in final round play, all 6 game series losses), lifting the Bucks to their second NBA crown, 50 years after their first.

The B’s include the two time NHL champion “B”ay Lightning, (Tom) “B”rady and the “B”ay “B”uccaneers, “B”ama in college pig, “B”aylor in college hoop, 16 to 1 just to be nominated Joe “B”iden and now the “B”ucks.

Add “B”AD “B”reen research yet that Mike gets the mike. He read off the 50 point final scorers but did not know/research and yet gets away with not knowing Bob Pettit had 50 in the Hawks of St. Louis’ #6 series clincher vs the great Boston Celtics 63 years ago.

Milwaukee had never won a title series with a home clinching win as the two previous titles, the Braves, now in Atlanta and there since ’66, winning at the Yankees in ’57 and the Bucks completing their title round sweep at the Baltimore Bullets in ’71. That series ended on April 30th, this 10 days shy of 3 months later on July 20th.

Milwaukee teams are now (3-7) with a chance to clinch a title series while Arizona teams slip to (1-3) in final series and were down (3-2) in all four, winning the Diamondbacks did in the ’01 W.S. but losing a road 6th for the first time in as many possibilities.


Giannis Antetokounmpo (24845003687) (cropped) (cropped).jpg

Giannis Antetokounmpo, pictured above.


NBA Final Round Notes

Tonight in game 6 at Milwaukee, the home team Bucks will attempt to win their second crown and first in 50 years.

This is the NBA’s 75th season and its 75th best of 7 final round entity.

In 47 previous game 6’s, the team leading (3-2) won the title in game 6, 28 times, doing so 14 times vs just 4 losses at home. The (3-2) leader also claimed a 6 game series title 13 times on the road and once, last year in an Orlando, Florida, “bubble.”

The NBA final has gone to a 7th game 19 times, 15 after a home team win. In ’69, ’78, and ’16 the Celts, Bullets and Cavs followed a #6 home win with a game 7 road win.

Five times in the 30 or so seasons of a 2-3-2 final round format, (clearly ’85-2013 and ’55, maybe a # of others?) a team trailing the series (3-2) won both games 6 and 7 at home to win the crown (’55 Syracuse Nationals, in the lone all home 7 game NBA final, ’88 and ’10 Lakers, ’94 Rockets and ’13 Heat doing so).

No road team ever won in the 7 game 7’s, in the 2-3-2 format, two 5 time champion franchise and location champions prevailing in #7 after a home #6 loss, the ’54 Minneapolis Lakers to win a third straight and 5th title in 6 seasons and the ’05 Spurs (their 3rd crown in 7seasons in what would be 4 in 9 and 5 in 15 seasons).

Only the ’62 Celtics accomplished what the (3-2) trailing Phoenix Suns hope to, namely win #6 on the road and #7 of the final at home. The ’74 Celtics won #7 vs the Bucks, who had won a road 6th game.