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When will we “Get Smart?!”

I truly enjoyed watching some episodes, at least partially of the Mel Brooks/Buck Henry conceived 1960’s spy spoof show, “Get Smart” on Decades over the past weekend.

In addition, to the splendid comedic talents of Don Adams aided by Barb Feldon and Ed Platt, there was the “ahead of its time” shoe phone.

Alas at the show’s beginning Adams’ “Smart,” (maybe that is where they got the name for modern “shoe phones,” ducks into one of  the now obsolete telephone booths.

One comment recalling a “Smart ism” “Would you believe” sports “reporter,” Kim Jones needed and had shown, her notes for a simple interview with Joe Girardi?

Would you believe today this “who is she,/ who does she know” “reporter” stumbled through a commercial on WFAN. Bad enough, but instead of continuing and just being bad, a la most of the WFAN commercial reads, Ms. Jones made excuses, as to it being a new read.

Try preparation Ms. Jones! Then again enabled as you are, why be prepared, why get better, why improve your craft?!


Twins Still In It.

A week after the top heavy A.L. Central “faves,” the Cleveland Indians swept 4 tilts at Minnesota, the long shot Twins “returned the favor” winning all 3 games in Cleveland.

The Twins are back on top in the A.L. Central led by their manager, the former great player, Paul Molitor.

Few thought they would contend, even fewer after last weekend.

We shall see next weekend and beyond.




Many Losses But Titles Notes

En route to winning four best of seven series and their second straight NHL title, the Pittsburgh Penguins had to win 16 games.

They also lost nine, which has to be at least close to the most ‘offs losses by a league champion in either the NHL or NBA.

On a Carson Show aired on Antenna T.V. some 29 years later, I knew Johnny would talk about the ’88 Lakers’ repeat title clinched the night, or 29 years and a night before.

That L.A. team had to win four series, one a best of five prelim and did so while also losing nine games.

Perhaps more research will follow. Some editing help in Bill Pennington’s otherwise fine book about Billy Martin (Billy Martin Baseball’s Flawed Genius) would have yielded Phil Rizzuto was A.L. MVP in 1950, NOT 1948, by the way one of just to seasons the Yankess did not win the A.L. pennant from (’47-’64) so that alone should have demanded better editing/research.

More notes tomorrow.


Ibu And All It Entails Is Great!

At a recent event showcasing the work of women artisans featuring legendary actress,  Ali MacGraw, the incredible manifestations of Ibu (in Indonesia, an Ibu is a woman of respect)  were brought into focus, and my eyes have seen, if not “glory,” the beauty of artisan’s work that is empowering women in lands where they are not privileged and such efforts produce so much good.

There were so many beautiful items on display and the shopping netted the guests beautiful items,  designed and donated by Ms. MacGraw, whose fashion acumen, continues to dazzle. (Ali truly contributed to her character Jenny’s style in the great film, “Love Story”).

The event with so much beauty and amazing, vibrant people most with two x chromosomes was a conduit into a realization of what Ibu is doing and the possibilities of its concept as strong, protective armor in these troubled times.

Susan Walker, the founder of Ibu, moves mountains and does so with her beauty (outward and inward), charm and extraordinary concept of reciprocity.

She said “Ibu is a business and I really want to set it up with this model, so that woman in other countries learn business, pricing and quality control.”

Ms. Walker went on to explain that “yes it is doing an amazing amount of good” (in the countries, helping to get essentials and so important building confidence in these women in 34 countries) they are doing good for us also” citing “the textile skills, we/U.S. have lost and so it is a beautiful reciprocity.”

In summation, the overwhelming atmosphere which included beautiful items and my realization of the great good Ibu does, made it an unforgettable evening.

There will be future posts with Ibu updates.


Left to right Ali MacGraw and Susan Walker pictured above.

If all the good, class, charm, beauty and conceptual brilliance of these two amazing people could be “bottled,” great things would occur.

With Ibu, this is happening!

Click below for more information.

Ibu Movement

ALI MACGRAW — Ibu Movement




Astros’ Great Start/Play Sadly, In Baseball Today, Means Little

The Houston Astros, in their 56th season, still seeking their first title and with nary a World Series game win, (The White Sox swept “Hous” in the ’05 W.S.) are (50-24) well ahead in their division, and almost certainly will be in the 2017 baseball tournament.

I cited this up and coming club in 2015, when they were a bit ahead of the curve, at that  point well ahead in their division race, before settling for a wild card berth.

They won at Yankee Stadium in a one game “deal,” before losing a heartbreaking game 4, up 2 games to 1, vs the eventual World Series winning K.C. Royals in the best of five division series.

Needless to say, similar to last year’s Cubs, or teams less fortunate that have great regular seasons, the stellar Houston play, at best gets them the A.L. one seed and no matter what, still leaves them where they must win three rounds of playoffs, to win their first title.


A long way to go, but if the Astros win the ALCS, they would become the first team to make the World Series from each league. Only the Milwaukee Brewers, who are playing fairly well and are in a slow pace division at the moment, but so much less likely to do so, also have that opportunity.

Dray, Dick, for that matter A.C. Green and titles.

It is quite possible, maybe even probable that there are other examples, but in my continuing process of gathering notes on title teams, I give you Oakland and the Green(es?), as cities with two different teams, that won at least two titles in three seasons and had players with the same last name and in fact, initials.

Upon reflection, maybe that had not been “accomplished” until the Warriors (titles in ’15 and now ’17) with Draymond GREEN, joined the Oakland A’s (titles from 1972 -1974) with Dick GREEN.

Add A.C. Green of the Lakers and that is 7 titles for “Greens” in the state of California.

Dray Green is at the very least, flamboyant, not so Dick Green, nor for that matter A.C. Green.

A.C. helped the Lakers win back to back titles in ’87 and ’88 with selfless play and great rebounding. He added key points at subtle moments, in big games.

Dick Green was brilliant in the ’74 World Series vs L.A. (Dodgers), most memorably making a great relay throw in the tied 5th game as late as the 8th inning.

Joe Rudi homered in the bottom of the frame, on came the great Rollie Fingers, so long denied “Hall” status (Pete may never get into what is becoming the Hall of Sham, with Biggio, Bagwell others and NOT the all-time hits leader Pete (Rose) nor homer king Barry Bonds) and the A’s had 3 straight titles.



Dray Green, pictured above. The “42” apparent with G.S. players in #5, had to be for Nate (Thurmond).



“Cost of Living” Is Extraordinary!

Sunday past, I was so fortunate to have seen the wonderful play, “Cost Of Living” at Manhattan Theater Club Stage 1 at City Center (131 West 55th Street).

It was a truly magnificent story with great mystery and surprise.

There was truly great humor and certainly pathos as writer Martyna Majok dug deep into all that relationships entail, especially in extraordinary circumstances.

Jo Bonney directed and the production left me emotionally spent, but truly uplifted.

Each of the four cast members performed in great fashion.

They are Jolly Abraham, Katy Sullivan, Gregg Mozgala and Victor Williams.

Performances through July 16th. Definitely do not miss this extraordinary collaboration.


Click below for more information and to purchase tickets.


Cost Of Living Play – (Tickets On Sale Now).