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Georgia, Not Only The Lone Certain Playoffs Entrant, But (-220) To Join The Fellow State Braves AS Title Winners

Only the top ranked, (12-0) Georgia Bulldogs, who are looking to join their fellow state, Braves, in winning a second Georgia based crown (they won led by then freshman and now Trump backing, Herschel Walker in ’80, the year “another bargain,” Ronald Wilson Reagan, ascended to the U.S. presidency), are assured a spot, in the upcoming 4 team college football ‘offs.

Unlike the Braves, who struggled and had at best a slightly better than average regular season as the low wins total of 88 will attest, Georgia has been dominant going (12-0) and I would say, at least (9-3), maybe (10-2) vs the spread. They are (-220)/11 to 5 favorites to title.

Yesterday, in the roughly 15 minutes past noon start in snowy Ann Arbor (the pro wrestler Bobo Brazil was from Benton Harbor, Michigan), Hassan Haskins scored 5 touchdowns, the first player to achieve that in the long great Mich/Ohio State rivalry, as (bet from 8) the touchdown underdog, (11-1) Michigan team won (42-27) vs Ohio State, the team at least on paper, that had the best chance at topping Georgia, which I state early on, is far from unbeatable.

Thus it is almost certain that Ohio State is out of title contention, while Michigan, in a “be careful” game vs Iowa for the Big Ten crown, would secure a playoff spot, likely the second highest, if near touchdown “fave” Georgia beats Alabama, probably the second if ‘Bama, a truly fortunate survivor at Auburn yesterday, upsets the “Dawgs,” in the CBS SEC title tilt next Saturday around 4 Eastern Time (How’s that for a promo?), if it prevails vs the Hawkeyes. I will project “Mich” to be a TD favorite. They are 10 plus points favorites, as it turns out.

Next, I cite (12-0) Cincinnati, seeking to be the first non Power 5 Conference team to make the ‘offs, seemingly would do so with a win vs a good Houston team. They opened as 10 point favorites in the tilt.

Aforementioned Alabama, once a “cover machine,” but this year a tightrope walking, no cover team, almost certainly needs to beat Georgia, to get in the ‘offs, in a bid to defend their title.

Oklahoma State, one would think and I guess hope (it is the usual some dinero, if it is Notre Dame and one day I will “grow up” and root for it, in the meantime take Cincy and Mich for a very small profit) is next in line, if it wins the Big 12 title tilt as roughly 6 point “faves” vs Baylor, and say Alabama, if not Cincy or Michigan loses.

Notre Dame, it would seem, but remember they are Notre Dame (one reason the late Beano, who could afford it and I, who really can not, do what we did/do), need losses by 2 of the following four teams, Michigan, Cincinnati, Alabama and Oklahoma State to again make the ‘offs, where I believe they would be a dangerous opponent for any team, including currently top ranked Georgia. Am I just paranoid? Surely credit Brian Kelly (a transaction this week involved a namesake and remember he coached Cincinnati to an undefeated “reg,” I believe) with a good job coaching Notre Dame.

Who knows? Sadly, without cashing big dogs, Michigan and spread covering Auburn, I still care.

What Happened Sean Payton?

Sean Payton, with his team down 14 points and roughly 7 minutes to play in last week’s tilt at Philadelphia elected to kick a field goal.

He won the Supe in ’09 with the Saints, boldly starting the second half with an onside kick. Since then not only no titles but home playoff losses in 3 straight seasons.

I “knew” about him when vs Seattle in a 2010 season wild card round game, Payton went field goal, down 7 with about 5 minutes, at most to play.

All 6 “Thurs Holiday” NFL Participants Lost Sunday Past

In all likelihood tomorrow is the first time all 6 Thursday holiday NFL game participants enter such a tilt having lost in the previous week (all last Sunday).

The day starts with a not so hot Bears at Lions tilt.

Next Dallas is a touchdown plus “fave” at home vs the Las Vegas Raiders.

At night, a meaningful Bills at Saints game.

Remember all six teams lost, with only the Lions, a 13 point underdog in a (13-10) loss at Cleveland, covering the spread in defeat.

On a lighter note, what a year for Giannis, a title and all that goes with it, including final round MVP and now, better late than never, learns a different type of “dunk.” See below.

Giannis Antetokounmpo
You won’t believe me but a kid just told me to try dunking my Oreos in milk… mannnnn game changer 🔥🥛#MadMyGirlDidntTellMeSooner #NewBedtimeSnack

58 Years, How? Why?!!

No vitriol, no put downs.

Maybe Mr. Kennedy is greeting a great admirer, and class gentleman, Sherman Drusin, beloved husband of June, father of Dawn and Cammy, whom we lost between years 57 and 58.

June guided us/her third grade class through that day, 58 years ago. Now she and all of us must summon the strength to go on.

It would be easier, if in the words of Bernie Taupin, as sung by Elton John, about another John (Lennon), also senselessly killed by bullets (this is not vitriol, to say it rages on!), if President John “could come out” and HELP!

The Beatles did then, who/what might now, in these “hold grudges” “no reach across the aisle times?!”








Lee J. Cobb Characters “Giving Odds”

Even the superb TCM host, Eddie Muller missed this one.

In both the seminal “On The Waterfront,” and the excellent film “Johnny O’Clock,” characters played by the superb actor Lee J. Cobb are involved in “giving odds.”

I will not “spoil” either film, however, some will know what I mean, others check it out.

NFL Rematches And Notes

Last week, in the four title game rematches, (there were no Supe reduxes), the title tilt winners went (3-1).

(5-5) Carolina, this time at (8-2) Arizona and (4-5) S.F. (49ers), again at home vs the (7-3) Rams repeated respective 2015 and 1999 NFC Title Game victories. Each was a nice underdog. Meanwhile the (6-4) Chiefs won as slight “faves” again at the (5-4) Raiders (then in the ’69, last AFL Title game, located in Oakland and now in Las Vegas).

The (8-2) Packers, won an incredible ninth straight tilt vs the spread (8 of 9, straight up) covering as 3 plus point(s) favorites at home in a “Pooh” game (check the excellent G.B. record in such games when the “hedge fund man”/Nantz arrives at venerable Lambeau Field), reversing the outcome of a heartbreaking 2013 NFC Title tilt loss at Seattle (Seahawks).

This, the 11th week yields one Supe redux, (already played as the (7-4) Pats won their 5th straight game (25-0) vs the (4-6) Atlanta Falcons), one NFL Title Game rematch at least between the cities as the Detroit Lions face the Cleveland Browns, and two AFC title tilt rematches (Yes Naj Harris, Santa Claus? but there are ties in the NFL) (5-3 and ONE TIE Pittsburgh at the (5-4) Chargers and the (3-7) Miami Dolphins at the (2-7)New York Jets.

In the aforementioned Supe, the Pats were down by 25 points to the Falcons and won by 6 points, covering the spread that moved many millions of dollars on James White’s overtime touchdown. Last night N.E. won by 25 points at Atlanta.

The cited AFC title tilts were played in the other city than the one, the rematch will be played in on Sunday. Then San Diego, now L.A. the Chargers won the ’94 AFC title game at Pittsburgh before losing in a rout to a great 49ers team in the subsequent Supe.

Worse than soup, on a perhaps ordered muddy Miami field, the Dolphins won (14-0) vs the Jets in the strike affected 1982 season’s AFC title tilt. This week the not so attractive game is at the Jets.

Detroit (Lions) won three of the four NFL title games vs the Browns in the 1950’s. In the two “at Detroit,” such games, the Lions went (2-0). In 1953, Detroit won (17-16) as Bobby Layne hit Jim Doran with the tying touchdown, calling it tying as I cite it was the great Doak Walker, who booted the go ahead to stay extra point. It was Dick Enberg’s favorite game. I complained about Enberg and Olson as a broadcasting combo with some justification but they were great compared to today’s combinations. Also Enberg, other than when he said Philly and Boston had met in memorable NBA “FINALS,” (they were in the same division/conference thus never met or have met in an NBA final round) was a well prepared, good play by play broadcaster.

Detroit won in a home rout ending Cleveland great Jim Brown’s first season on a sour note, (59-14) in 1957 and also won (17-7) at Cleveland in 1952.

The Browns led by the great Otto Graham routed “Det” (56-10) in the ’54 title game, to win their second NFL crown in their first 5 NFL seasons, ending the two year Lions title “reign.”

Detroit’s title in ’57 was the franchise’s fourth but there has been nary a Lions game played since, in which they could have won a 5th crown.

Cleveland football got a third NFL title in Otto’s last game in ’55 and one more in ’64 led by Jim Brown, Frank Ryan, Jim Brown and the Jim Kanicki/Bernie Parrish led defense. However, in the many (52) seasons (’66-2020, no Cleveland pro pig from ’96-’98, G.B. “title gamed” the then still “my” Browns in Jim’s last Browns’ game/’65 NFL title game) since,  similar to the above stated Detroit situation, have the Browns either the glory original one who left to Baltimore after ’95 or this “phony” (yes I miss and need “Stone” but even that is denied me, as winter with its unbelievable emptiness and loneliness approaches–yet I feel strong to carry on) entity, has been in a game, with a chance to claim a title.

It All Changed, 50 Years Ago, When Jan Stenerud Missed

This week on Fox, (late afternoon Sunday) with “The Emperor,” Joe Buck (Jack Buck was on the NFC Network, then CBS telecast of the Chiefs’ first Supe win while “El Emperor” was on the NFC network, Fox telecast of the second such, 50 years later. Jack Buck was long associated with the Dallas Cowboys), it is (7-2) Dallas (Cowboys) at (6-4) Kansas City (Chiefs).

Fifty years ago, the NFC had the audacity to schedule 2 ‘offs games on Christmas Day (that and playing two days after the assassination of J.F.K. –day/J.F.K. it rhymes, but is there good or fair reason why the NFL flourishes despite those two among so many, horrible, offensive decisions?!!) the Cowboys, still looking for their first crown, having suffered heartbreaking ‘offs defeats thrice (twice vs Green Bay and once vs the Colts and a great broadcaster, Ted Moore “voiced” for both of those teams in those seasons), had secured a home title tilt, having won at Minnesota in the early Saturday, again it was Christmas Day, slot 1/div round game.

When the great kicker, Jan Stenerud was set to attempt a relatively short range field goal that, if good (ode to announcer broadcasting great, Lindsey Nelson) would have yielded a K.C. win and I believe a home title tilt (certainly with the next day’s “Balti” win at Cleveland, it would have manifested), it was certainly very possible, a Cowboys/Chiefs Supe would manifest.

However, Stenerud missed, the great Larry Csonka (on his 25th birthday, I just looked it up and I recall “Csonk” riding around Pace U. Pleasantville in a Rolls Royce? years later as a faded Giants’ player) made a big run setting up another superb kicker, Garo Yepremian, who nailed a second overtime field goal, that ended the Chiefs’ season and essentially their “team of the 70’s” false, as in most cases, HYPE.

Remembering Sam Huff

One of the greats, part of an unbelievable, mutual respect rivalry and other legendary comparisons, Sam Huff, who was diagnosed with dementia years back, passed away at age 87.

Memories flow, the aforementioned mutual respect rivalry with the great Jim Brown and Mr. Kermit “Kenny” Weiner often reminding me of “his” Huff stopping “my” Brown.

Jim and Sam had great respect for each other and their rivalry within the great Giants/Browns such, moved the NFL to great heights.

Mr. Huff played in 6 title games in 8 seasons, his Giants winning the first (47-7) in 1956, but losing in the next 5, most notably in the consensus “greatest game/most important game” vs the Baltimore Colts and Mr. Unitas in 1958.

Sam was perhaps a bit over rated, clearly fellow middle linebacker, (Detroit’s) Joe Schmidt was just as good, if not better, some/most, even Giants’ fans say.

However, the Sam led New York Giants’ defense, again was so important to both the Giants’ and the league’s success (too successful and powerful now, but that is a different story).

The great Walter Cronkite narrated “The Violent World of Sam Huff” a prime time CBS Special, before Mr. Cronkite was either the network’s news anchor or “the most trusted man in America.”

Jim Brown praised the intelligence of the Giants’ defensive unit, masterminded by Tom Landry, its coordinator, citing “every man knew his place and assignment.”

Specifically regarding Sam, Jim and it moves me so, said Sam “attached himself to me quite often,” and I add in doing so football and my liking it grew. The garbage/greed it has largely become, does not take away my memories of greats such as Sam Huff.


refer to caption

The great Sam Huff pictured above and long ago.

Sam was not happy, to say the least when he was dealt to Washington after the 1963 season. He did go on to play there and along with fellow football great Sonny Jurgensen and good announcer Frank Herzog, form a fine broadcasting trio, that chronicled “Wash” games for many years, during which they went (3-1) in games for the NFL crown. Thus in 10 such, “Huff’s teams” were (4-6).

Earlier this year, we lost the great Henry Aaron, who had campaigned for John F. Kennedy, in Aaron’s playing state of Wisconsin. The Braves titled, albeit with only 88 “reg” season wins.

Mr. Huff campaigned for Mr. Kennedy in the key home state of Sam, West Virginia and yesterday, while Huff’s first team, the Giants, had a bye, his second, the “Wash” team, “barked” outright plus 10, vs (Tom) Brady (he is seeking to play for the NFL crown for a 6th time in 8 seasons, (Sam did it in ’56, ’58,’59 and ’61-’63), having won it in ’14,’16, ’18 and ’20 and lost in such a game in ’17) and the now (6-3) defending champion, “Champa”/Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Otherwise Decent Dinich, Reg Season Wins, Of Beano And More College Pig

I start with this from the decent Dinich, (first name Heather), though she is a bit too favorable toward her school, Notre Dame, not anywhere near as bad in that way or in terms of competence as Hannah Storm, for sure. (Cue the Valley Girls and most of them are no better, the men for the most part are also awful!!).

  • Heather DinichESPN Senior Writer

The ACC was a longshot to begin with this season, but dropped out of the playoff conversation after Wake Forest lost at North Carolina on Nov. 6. That from Dinich.

Clemson was at worst rated #3, their regular season wins total was 11 and a half (the over doing of religious/God made us win Dabo Swinney rhetoric caught up to him this year as the Clemson Tigers are (7-3) and certainly bad for their bettors at (2-8) ATS, one cover win coming on one of those B.S. lateral plays) thus they/The ACC was NOT a longshot, far from it to have a team in the 4 participants college football ‘offs.

Next regarding Notre Dame, again winning the games they are supposed to win, under “hard ass,” good, but far from great coach, Brian Kelly, why is Oklahoma, likely out of it, after only 4 point dog, Baylor “got them” in Waco, deemed an ‘offs undesirable,” because of them getting blown out in previous while Notre Dame, beaten decisively in the ’12 title tilt and in both the ’18 and ’20 semis, often gets a pass?

Also regarding Notre Dame, Beano Cook’s intense dislike for them, fueled his anti betting, something I do also (“as well” would not be appropriate, for myriad reasons, one being Beano knew how to cash it, while I am stuck in perpetual (worse than) neutral), give Kelly and Notre Dame credit for an easy over 8 and a half wins, that cashes early and easily. (nada is official in any of them, unless the teams play all the tilts and yesterday COVID issues caused the cancellation of Cal/USC with reg season wins bets also cancelled, I believe).

Likely, they will not make the 4 team ‘off (please Dinich, do not, a la Storm, start clamoring for them to make it. Simply, Georgia, even a 2 loss, if one is to Georgia, Alabama team, Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon and others are more deserving, Georgia, ‘Bama and Ohio State would be double digit plus favorites vs them. Cincinnati, still and likely/hopefully to go unbeaten, beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame, the only loss for Notre Dame in a “Tirico” game. The Tirico/Notre Dame association qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment for me, hearing him (I shut the sound and usually do not watch) “doing” Notre Dame.

It also tells me all about how big a whore Tirico is, given he is half Black and Notre Dame’s “we will take it, but did it have to be with a Black Q.B. (Tony Rice) when they claimed their most recent title in ’88 (hopefully last, however, this is insane on my part and even the wealthy Beano’s, as they are always around. Alas Beano talked of them and his other anti, Penn State, especially under Paterno, not winning, while he was alive. It is NOT healthy on my part, however scars from ’73,’77 and ’88 remain. I know they did not deserve ’66 either, but I once tolerated, even liked them. Ebersol, NBC, Storm and others, even the great Joe Montana made me dislike them so much more, which again is not good)

A certain “bookie” is lucky the “old man” died as he/Beano would have “cleaned the bookie’s clock” (the bookie still easily could have afforded it) as Notre Dame has been a good to excellent betting proposition in at least 7, maybe 8 or 9 of the ten seasons since Beano died with big bets on them in October of the 2012 season.

More NFL Schedule/Redux Notes

Last week, I cited that there were 5 Super Bowl rematches. In those 5 tilts last week, the team that lost the Supe won in 4 of the 5 games as the (4-5) Colts covered and all teased the (2-6) Jets, the (7-2) Titans (the Jets were once the Titans) upset the (7-2) Rams, the (5-4) Broncos plus 10’d the (6-2) Cowboys in a “piped in Burkhardt tilt, we probably have to endure him and yet another Cowboys’ game this week as well (no BAD!!), while the (5-4) Chiefs no covered the (7-2) Rodgersless, he of no “vac,” Pack, (it rhymes and tells much about supposedly intelligent Rodgers and I add the never shuts up Smoltz, two no “vac-ers,” in these hype gambling (the latest are the Mannings, the glorified WHORES that they are!) times.

(5-4) New England covered, something they did not do in winning the 2003 Supe, vs the Panthers. This year “Car” which started (3-0) is (4-5). None of the 4 teams that had covered in the teams’ Supe clash, covered last week. The Supe between the Rams and Titans was on the #, the 7 point “fave” Rams winning by 7.

This week no Supe rematches, but 4 conference title tilts/semis are on tap.

One and it moves the needle toward positive memories, in this perhaps bitter soul, yet I applaud my stance vs hypocrisy, matches the (5-3) Raiders hosting the (5-4) Chiefs. The teams met in Oakland in the last AFL Title tilt, with the Chiefs winning in route to a Super Bowl crown.

Before that Supe, Len Dawson was highly criticized and worse for supposed gambling ties, now the NFL promotes it shamelessly, has a Las Vegas team and none of it sticks me as hard as the Mannings, especially that big game fraud, “PAY” Peyton promoting it.

Elsewhere 10 point dog, Carolina seeks to repeat its 2015 NFC title tilt win vs (8-1) Arizona. Let me continue vs “Pay” as he did win the subsequent Supe vs “Car,” but did he do much? NO! He did little in his other Supe win and failed beyond words, playing poorly in so many big games. Trust me, he is an “aw shucks” phony, who would step over or even on you to suit himself. It is not as bad as Trump or even Steven A. Smith, as of course Manning, despite what I cite, was a great quarterback (just not that great and highly over rated), but why is this guy and Eli (no choir boy) and Archie (certainly not one) given everything?!!

Two more and no more vitriol, I apologize for the excess, the (3-5) 49ers are a field goal plus u/dogs vs the Rams in a 1989 NFC title game redux. “S.F.” won that game in route to a repeat Supe crown.

Of course Nantz has to get any CBS game at venerable Lambeau Field and he will preside, as Seattle is the third of the four (K.C. is about a FG/fave to repeat its semi win vs the Raiders so many years ago) to be a dog (3 plus point(s), in a bid to repeat a “semi”/Conference title tilt victory.

In a game I recall for current Dallas coach Mike McCarthy’s unbelievable, cowardly decision not to go for a TD at the Sea 1, early on, the Seahawks, whose current version is (3-5), OT’d the Packers, only to lose to Mr. Brady (love him or intensely dislike him, he is best with 7 crowns. He even won last year despite an association with Jim Gray, which eventually will stain him as though a “shop” project) and New England in the Supe.