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Novak Djokovic Wins At Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic won a truly great, 5 set match vs another great player, Roger Federer, to capture the Wimbledon Men’s tennis crown.

It is the second straight Wimbledon title for Djokovic, and fifth overall.

Djokovic  won all three odd numbered sets, the fifth and final one in an unprecedented, fifth set tiebreaker.

Roger Federer (20), and Rafael Nadal, who lost in a very exciting semi-final match to Federer on Friday past, with 18, are the only two players in tennis history with more major titles than Djokovic, who now has 16.


Novak Djokovic, pictured above.




Simona Halep Wins Her First Wimbledon Tennis Title

Simona Halep eased past Serena Williams in straight sets (2) to win her first Wimbledon women’s tennis crown.

It is Ms. Halep’s second major title. She won the French Open title last year.

If Williams, certainly among the greats in women’s tennis history, who had the road “paved” for her in this tournament, (so many top players were ousted and though an 11th seed, Williams was a huge favorite in all her matches until the final and even then, was a 2 to 1 favorite) had prevailed, the hype would have been overwhelming.

I will not go the other way and highly criticize this failure, as I try to keep some perspective, even in the face of the “out of whack,” publicity afforded Williams, Tiger Woods, LeBron James and others.


A nice big picture of Simona Halep, as I concentrate on Halep won and NOT Williams lost.

Rare Pitching Match Up Last Night “informed,” that last night’s starting pitching match up between the Cincinnati Reds’ Sonny Gray and the Colorado Rockies’ Jon Gray was the first between non related, same spelling/last names that also were colors, since 1933.

Neither pitcher was involved in the decision. Each pitched very well in a game won by the Rockies (3-2), which had a projected total runs total of 12, in hitting friendly Coors Field in Colorado.


A nice photo image of the two Grays pitching.


Below more on the rare pitching match up from Stats by Stats

This is the first match up of starting pitchers with the last name “Gray” in MLB history.

The last time two pitchers squared off with the same color as a last name was Jumbo Brown (New York Yankees) vs. Lloyd Brown (Boston Red Sox) on July 26, 1933 (based on same spelling of last name).













Nostalgia: Judy Garland on “What’s My Line”

Fifty years after her death, Judy Garland is still remembered as a legendary performer. It is so much fun to see her on television!

I loved her as a youngster in ” The Wizard of Oz,” and as an emerging adult in “Meet Me in St. Louis.”

Among other great feats, she also shined in a heavy dramatic role in “Judgment at Nuremberg.” Of course, many remember her as the ultimate torch singer.

Such a talented person!
Enjoy this appearance, by Judy on “What’s My Line.” Click below to view it.

Baseball Update

At the All-Star break, five teams have nice divisional race leads while one race is mathematically wide open.

The L.A. Dodgers are up by 13 and a half games and almost certainly will win a seventh consecutive N.L. West “one eighth” crown.

In the American League, the Houston Astros, New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins have respective 7 and a half, six and a half and five and a half game division leads.

Atlanta (Braves) lead the N.L. east by 6 games while the Central in that league is wide open.

After the meaningless, deflated All-Star Game, baseball resumes, in need of a spark, which I believe it will get in its tournament and perhaps sooner in some playoff races.


The Braves are bidding for a second consecutive N.L. East “one eighth” crown.



Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Great Performance At City Winery In New York Last Night

Gilbert O’Sullivan delivered a terrific show, at a great venue (City Winery 155 Varick Street in New York City) last night.

Time moved in beautiful pace, as Gilbert O’Sullivan’s music and storytelling brought me a great gift. It was one of travelling back, forward, accepting loss and looking onward and upward, all in one show. The performance was Mr. O’Sullivan’s first in New York since the 1970’s.

He both looked and sounded great, citing the life and passing of such greats as Jim Croce, Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew. O’Sullivan  talking of songs other than big hits and how he performs them, and most of all, clicked with the enthusiastic audience, performing his great music.

Tonight at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, there is the second and final United States based Gilbert O’ Sullivan show this year. Let’s hope and after last night’s great show, I think, he will be back.

We associate with the music, time marches inexorably on, I knew I would be moved.

The extent, however, was astoundingly positive. Mr. O’Sullivan’s timing, song sequence, dedications, and heartfelt words all combined to have me “back in that car,” checking on colleges and less “alone.” Gilbert’s seminal song “Alone Again” (Naturally) played on.

Not only did Gilbert O’Sullivan lead that not so easy “trip,” with his composure and beautiful songs (big hits such as “Clair,” “Get Down” others included “What’s in a Kiss?” a beauty, for example), he did so “Naturally!”

It was a fantastic show!

Gilbert O’Sullivan | Official Website

City Winery | New York City | Live Shows, Dining & Winemaking





Gilbert O’Sullivan, pictured above.






“We’re Only Alive For A Short Amount Of Time” Is A Fantastic Show!

“We’re Only Alive For A Short Amount Of Time,” at The Public Theatre (425 Lafayette Street) through July 14th, written and performed by David Cale, is a tremendous show, evoking many emotions and yielding a great appreciation for Mr. Cale and his strength in continuing on the proverbial “path.”

Add the music on which Cale and Matthew Dean Marsh collaborated, to produce a performance, you will not soon forget.

It is an autobiographical account of Mr. Cale’s time in Luton, England and time/voice is given to some people in his life, no longer living.

Mr. Cale has remarked that more than anything, the show gives his mother, who was denied so much while on earth, a voice as to what she was and certainly as to what she could have been.

Moreover, Cale, by overcoming and in getting this emotional, gripping, humorous and heart pulling true story out and on, has given us a truly great show.

Click below for more information, including that, regarding tickets purchase.

We’re Only Alive New York | Public Theater Event Tickets

Click below to view David Cale perform “The Feral Child” from “We’re Only Alive For A Short Amount Of Time.”