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The Kansas City Chiefs Lead In The AFC

The (11-2) Kansas City Chiefs have more than a game lead over any other AFC team, with just three games remaining in the regular season.

Yesterday, while K.C. won by a field in overtime vs the (7-6) Baltimore Ravens, two teams now both (9-4), New England and Houston lost.

A pair of now (7-6) teams, the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins, the latter on a last play lateral filled miracle, defeated Houston and New England respectively.

Meanwhile (3-10) Oakland (Raiders) upset the (7-5-1) Pittsburgh Steelers, keeping the Steelers’ AFC North lead over the Ravens at a fraction of a game.

Next for K.C. is a Thursday night home tilt vs the (10-3) Chargers, who survived to win yesterday, vs the (5-8) Cincinnati Bengals. At this point and even if they lose the next game, the Chiefs have the tiebreaker and no matter will lead the AFC West after the game.

If the Chiefs win vs the Chargers, as they are favored to do, they will be in all likelihood, as is the case now, the AFC “1” seed.


The Chiefs have 2 home games and but one road game left in the regular season. They likely will avoid the road in any AFC playoff game in a bid to make their first Supe in 49 years.

Actress Farah Alvin Is In “Ruben And Clay’s First Annual Christmas Show” On Broadway

I have seen and admired the work of actress Farah Alvin.

Within the last year, I saw her in a wonderful reading at 92Y, titled, “It Shoulda  Been You.”

Ms. Alvin is a talented, beautiful and most important, a gracious individual.

Below is an update from Farah Alvin, regarding where she will be performing.

Happy Holidays! I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m performing in Ruben & Clay’s First Annual Christmas Show on Broadway! If you follow along with me on social media I’ll be posting more behind the scenes videos of my daily life and at performances. Here’s what’s ahead.

Click below for more information about Ruben and Clay’s Christmas Show on Broadway.



Actress, Farah Alvin pictured above.


AFC North Update

Though the Pittsburgh Steelers’ lead in the AFC North Division has been sliced by 2 games in 2 weeks of play, they still are nice favorites to win the division crown.

They have a favorable schedule this week, if not for the remaining 4 weeks compared to the second place Baltimore Ravens.

This week (7-4-1) Pittsburgh is a nice big favorite at Oakland (Raiders) while the Ravens are pretty big underdogs at Kansas City vs the (10-2) Chiefs.


Both AFC North contenders are on the road this week.

Rams at Bears Notes

The Los Angeles Rams sojourn to Chicago for a Sunday night game, in this the 14th week of the 17 week NFL regular season.

Every NFL team gets one week off, hence this will be the 13th game for each team.

The (11-1) Rams have already clinched the NFC West and as noted earlier this week are very likely to host a division round playoff game in Los Angeles for the first time since defeating the Dallas Cowboys in the later Saturday game of that round in 1985.

That season, 1985, a dominant Chicago Bears team won it all going (18-1).

This season the Bears are (8-4) and have a one and a fraction game(s) lead in the NFC North.


I Was Impressed By The HBO Documentary About Wrestler, Andre The Giant

The HBO documentary, “Andre The Giant,” was well done, compelling and most entertaining.

It provided a look inside a man, who transcended professional wrestling and was larger than life.

Difficulties arose, hotel showers and beds, being on planes as Andre born Andre Roussimoff faced hardship in every day activities, so many of us take for granted.

In watching the documentary, the fact Andre got off the family farm in France, to do all he did in a like all of us, sometimes flawed life, is something that provides inspiration.


See the source image

Remembering Ken Berry

I really liked the easy going manner and the great talent of performer, Ken Berry, who died days back at the age of 85.

While losing Andy Griffith from the show bearing his name can never be understated, I was able to enjoy Ken Berry as “Sam” on “Mayberry RFD,” which “spun off” from the Andy show. (Admiring Arlene Golanka, Mr. Berry’s character’s  love interest on the show, did not hurt, that is for sure).

Mr. Berry was a tremendous “song and dance man.” On both “F-Troop” and “Mama’s Family,” his comedic acting talent manifested.

I have great memories of Mr. Berry performing with grace on so many variety shows, most notably to me, on the great Carol Burnett’s show.

My greater knowledge is in sports and I honor two Ken Berrys, this way.

Both performer and center fielder (defensive great Ken Berry is 77 and has written books designed for children), did their work smoothly and with grace.

I truly enjoyed both.

Perhaps now Ken Berry/performer/actor, and low key, good guy runs that infinite distance, the one exponentially more distant than those run by namesake outfielder.

In the beauty of that “distance,” the one on a beautiful grass field, Comiskey Park for outfielder Ken Berry and the one performer Ken Berry often inspired, there are answers.

Good ones, I hope.


Ken Berry, performer and actor, pictured above.

















The Rams Are Very Likely To Host A Division Round Game

The (11-1) Los Angeles Rams have a fraction of a game lead over the New Orleans Saints for the NFC “1” seed at the “three quarter pole”/after 12 games of the 16 game NFL season.

L.A. can clinch a first round bye and a home division round game with a win at (8-4) Chicago (Bears), in a Sunday night game, that was moved to night to accommodate television, never mind that the home fans likely will or even might face frigid conditions.

Even if “Chi” prevails on Sunday, the Rams will still most likely host a home “div” round game for the first time in 15 years.

They have not hosted one in L.A. since 1985. (The Rams, who started in Cleveland, played as the St. Louis Rams from 1995-2015).