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Better Change The Attitude And Rules/Laws That Allow The Cops to Often Get Away With Murder

On their side, which clearly is not my side, as in addition to the rage I feel vs them killing Black people, I have been victimized by their “ball breaking” attitude over the years and cringe in fear and strong dislike every time I see them, they do face danger and once long ago, before I knew better based on bitter experience, I admired them.

This is not right on my part, to paint with such a broad brush, and oh have I tried, with limited success, to curtail my anti-cops feelings.

Leaving my woes and tough luck involving them and other matters, I am pretty sure I have a couple or three suggestions in attitude and law change, that just might help. Maybe some good can come out of all this unnecessary tragedy.

This was so wrong, regarding Mr. Wright’s death. Registration?!! That yielded death!! When they “ball broke” me, I got a traffic ticket or a parking ticket or “just” their stinking, superior, attitude!!

You out there on the fence with your some to mucho degree of bigotry, imagine having a son who could easily LOSE HIS LIFE any time he has an encounter, with these supposed trusted officials.

Next is their “shoot first, take your chances in court attitude.” Backed up by a sickening grand jury system, so stacked vs the petty offender and in violence protection, step with them, they get away with it.

Finally check their attitudes. I know how so many feel and the abuse goes way back. This is awful and ongoing!

So I say to you-stop “ball breaking,” Stop thinking you are so great, (anyone can wear sunglasses), change the shoot first thing and change the laws that favor it.

A la the great Robert F. Kennedy, a man like you, me and them, with flaws, urged the night Martin Luther King was killed, I urge my side, the largely Black protesters to protest yes, but sans violence and destruction.

You may say 2 months after Kennedy helped peace, at least in the Indiana city in which he was that night, 2 months later he was killed and truthfully right then, it (all hope) was gone.

Yet even I must persevere and even keep quiet. You do not have to, however, do so peacefully. We will get there but I understand your/my pain today, as it has happened again!!

Joe Musgrove No-Hit Notes

Some notes, not likely seen elsewhere, after Joe Musgrove of the San Diego Padres, pitched that franchise’s first no-hit game, in this, their 53rd season (1969-2021).

With that no-hitter, in which only a hit by pitch vs Joey Gallo, kept Musgrove from “perfection,” all 30 big league teams have at least one no hit game.

The next to last team to do so, the Mets, also got their first and still only such game, also on a Friday night, when Johan Santana, did so vs the St. Louis Cardinals.

Musgrove’s no-hitter came on the same day the Padres’ biggest rival, the current champion Dodgers, received their title winning rings.

The Musgrove no-hitter, the Dodgers’ title clincher both to win the W.S. and to “quarter” out the Pads, occurred in Arlington, Texas, at the home of the Texas Rangers, the team Musgrove no hit.

A 32 year title drought for the Dodgers and a 56 year one for the Giants, ended with victories in the Rangers’ ballpark.

Another Rangers’ franchise had a notable title drought, that 54 years in duration, which ended in the Rangers “ballpark”/home arena, when the NHL New York Rangers won it all in #7, vs the Vancouver Canucks in 1994.

A strong contender for this year’s NHL crown, the Toronto Maple Leafs, have gone 54 years sans a final round appearance.

When “Tor” last won the Cup, captain George Armstrong carried the Cup for them and Alex Trebek narrated that year’s Stanley Cup playoffs film.

In the past year, both Armstrong and Trebek passed on.

Click below for a very informative article for the fine organization, SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) written by Rory Costello, concerning Pads’ pitcher Clay Kirby, being pinch hit for, B8, vs the Mets and Jim MacAndrew in 1970. Kirby had a no hit game going through 8 innings.

July 21, 1970: Padres’ Clay Kirby lifted in eighth inning during no-hit bid


Maybe Nobody Is The Greatest, Certainly NOT By Proclamation

Hearing Abraham Foxman speak about the before and after of the Holocaust and the “to this day,”  beyond exponentially shameful, tragic and stupid attacks on PEOPLE because of their skin color or ethnicity, puts the rest of this post in perspective.

I confess to the completely ridiculous and horrible fact I cared far too much about sports results in general and comparisons in particular.

Young and just starting a “chore” we all have to do and do (pun intended with apologies, but there is a poignant point to this), someone opened the bathroom door highly embarrassing me and causing this, in some ways, still baby to act out.

My grandmother, the biological mother of an uncle who resembles another David (Greenglass) in that he helped kill his sister (my mother) yet flourishes well past the age of 90, calmed me down saying–“if you knew what that woman went through in her life ….

This was  before ‘they’ killed Kennedy(s), Dr. and Reverend King (sorry about the order) and my parents and grandmother, luckily, not directly victimized by the horrible events in Europe, kept them from me.

Think “Chicago’s” “Old Days,” especially about baseball cards.

Anyway, without details, a) who cares who is the best/greatest and b) as Marty Glickman told a man, who despite the fact I dug him out of mental institutions–doing much to get him beyond monosyllabic despair–has hurt me yet again, doing what so many have done to me and what so many of you also do to others, which is cut them off (a truly cruel thing to do!!), there is no greatest.

Why Jordan and not Kareem and certainly why Vin Scully?!

Mr. Scully is enjoyable, detailed and they say well prepared. Yes, but….

Below I will play his recollection of the ’65 World Series and note his mistake.

On April 12, 1971 he is promo-ing the Cards visit to L.A. two days later and says the “St. Loo” team is being led in by Orlando Cepeda.

That is more than a brain freeze. Later in the game, Jerry Doggett, an excellent broadcaster, long overshadowed by Scully, informs that Cepeda homered for Atlanta, in what I believe to have been a Braves’ loss that night. I will check. It was, John Bench hitting 2 home runs for victorious Cincy, their first win in what was to be their one “off year” in the entire ’70’s (’70-’79). 

Yet Verducci, who fits the image and Costas, an immense talent who as we were, was denied more and better quality baseball, will wax poetic, not about the infield fly rule, but about Scully.

Again Mr. Scully is great but he does not walk on water. Not even close. He can not even “Cha-Cha” correctly.


First of all, I cry watching this eloquent recollection of an event that was so great for me. Mr. Scully interviewing Sandy and then Lou Johnson is forever (hopefully) etched in my memory bank. 

The factual error is that Ken McMullen was not even with the Dodgers. John Kennedy was the defensive replacement for Jim Gilliam, fielding Tony Oliva’s (I had typed Joe Nossek as I certainly do not walk on water, but I checked.) routine grounder and throwing to Wes Parker, for the first out of the Twins’ 9th. 

Maybe it is that Zero year and that zero next to my # of broadcasts. Maybe it is Scully saying “try the minor leagues.” 

Believe me, he can stand the criticism as he has endured, living a great life, being a superb broadcaster, enduring heartache and embracing triumph. 

A religious man, Vin will easily get there and if he reads this, will not be surprised when Saint Peter and I do not mean Mr. O’Malley, will tell him Orlando “Cha Cha” Cepeda had been traded by the Cardinals, to the Braves, in exchange for Joe Torre after the 1968 season. 

Same calendar and masks

I have received both vaccines, how about you? (Maybe a tune there.) Of course I still need to wear a mask.

Speaking of masks, in same calendar 1971, the NHL ‘offs (the NBA also) were already underway and on this night exactly 50 years ago, the eventual great, and 2 time Cup winning netminder, then with Toronto, Bernie Parent lost his mask during a big brawl in #2 of the Rangers/Leafs “quarter.”

In another game 2 that night, the eventual champion and third place in the “reg,” Montreal Canadiens rallied from a (5-1) deficit to (7-5) the defending champion and record breaking Boston Bruins squaring a series the Canadiens eventually won in 7 games.

47 Years, This The First Sans Henry On Earth

Today marks the 47th anniversary of Henry Aaron’s record breaking 715th career home run, one more than George Herman “Babe” Ruth, and for the first time since, Mr. Aaron is not here with us, on the angst ridden earth.

It comes one day after Mr. Aaron’s grandson answered the neanderthal thinking Kelly Loeffler, regarding the All-Star tilt being moved from Atlanta in response to the exponentially regressive anti voting rights legislation passed in Georgia.

Less important, but Henry’s team for almost all of his career, the Braves, won both ends of a 7 inning doubleheader to raise their record to (2-4).

Again, the legislation passed is an exponential number of steps back, after some forward. Loeffler, as seemingly always is full of it (you thought I would type s–t?) in saying moving the game is an insult to Henry.

I add not so “tongue in cheek” because Manfred, while not a villain like Maddox (Lester, not Gary or the over rated Greg) helped ruin baseball, but why give him much credit for moving the All-Star Game (that game is a joke any way) and I hope the Braves, so close last year, are still “allowed” to possibly win.

Oh we are so far from that great moment when Henry connected, so let’s look back. 


Milo Hamilton also called Forrest “Smokey” Burgess’ record breaking pinch hit.


Stanford And Baylor “Hoop” Crowns

A night after Stanford, under same coach Tara VanDerveer, again survived a potential last shot loss, in a clear no cover win, to claim its first crown since 1992 (on ViSN, the 92 of Pat Boone’s “1492” phone #, then the female voice said phone–each as I typed SAME), Baylor (5-1) vs the spread (they no covered Hartford, as a huge favorite in their first tournie tilt) ripped over rated, previously unbeaten (told you about Jalens, Adam Morrison on Gonzaga network taunted UCLA after Suggs’ lucky shot) Gonzaga, to win their first crown.

As I wrote after the Gonzaga win vs UCLA, it cost me, however, I am proud to say I watched none.

You people may continue to endure the useless, every play rants (this is one also, but I stand by my fervent belief, it is ridiculous, illustrated by Bill Raftery and Grant Hill doing a Steven Bishop going “on and on”), of so called game analysts,  however, I will not.

Baylor, which got a game high 22 points from Jared Butler never trailed and under Scott Drew, who dropped rhyming Mark Few to rhyming (0 and TWO) in title tilts, won its first ever crown, a scant 2 weeks after the great Elgin (Baylor) sans a title, but having lived a good life–a lesson to still titles conscious me— died.


'The future of our game:' Stanford’s Haley Jones and the rise of positionless players in women’s basketball

Stanford’s Haley Jones, pictured above, was named the Most Outstanding Player in the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.


Jared Butler

Baylor’s Jared Butler, pictured above, was named Most Outstanding Player in the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.

In the “had to be,” LeBron (does Chase really need a James item, even if the undeserving, sadist to my masochist, and this is far later and severe than a cookie near OTB, Bellman gets his on line price?) in the 2020 NBA Final, however similar name Jimmy Butler was outstanding in defeat. 

Gonzaga (-4 half) vs Baylor, Each seeks first Crown. Tied Suggs “Bank” Lifted 15 Point Fave, Gonzaga. Great Game? Yes. Greatest ? Not close Yet The Hype Always For The Latest!!

Jalen (beware of Jalens, “loser,” albeit a well paid one such as Rose, in title tilts, Rose and Michgan were (0-2) Suggs’ bank shot “3” TIED, lifted still undefeated, Gonzaga (93-90) vs 15 point “dog” U.C.L.A. and into the title tilt, where they are a 4 plus point(s) favorite vs Baylor.

Baylor eased to victory vs “doing the game” Nantz and Houston. 

I ought to have known after a team and network loss vs “Mr. Hedge Fund,” he and the network would get a classic second semi and unfortunately a) they did and b) as always, I could not “pull the trigger” (it is one thing to despise guns but seemingly I hate to win. This was as Pauly Howard/Mitch Moss would say “ice cream.”

Suggs turned me off with his celebration, of what was a lucky shot. It did not clinch the title.

I have money on Gonzaga and sans income will have to root for them. However, it would be nice in this year “never a title” Elgin died, Baylor and not Gonzaga, would get their first crown.

Notes: Both teams, by the way, each a very good college team, but yesterday’s “escape” vs a not so good, but courageous U.C.L. A. team, proved Gonzaga is not a great team, are in their second title tilt.

In same calendar 1948, (Mr. Truman went “up in my book” as I was reminded of his brave pro civil rights stance watching a fine PBS documentary, “The Blinding of Isaac Woodard”  and of course he was a big upset winner, in that year’s election) Kentucky won the first of its 8 titles, the first  4 under “Baron” Rupp, a segregationist, vs Baylor.

Four years ago, slight favorite, North Carolina took Gonzaga in the title game.

Women’s NCAA Basketball Update And UCLA “Semis” Notes

Yesterday, 7 plus to 1 underdog, Arizona advanced to its first Women’s NCAA Basketball final, toppling Connecticut, a 4th straight “semis” loss for the latter. They won their 11th title in 2016 and have been “semi’d” out since that point.

It is an all Pacific 12 final (couple that with the great success of that conference in the men’s tournament) as Stanford, a 9 point favorite, will be U of A’s opponent. Stanford minus 6 won (66-65) vs South Carolina.

The lone Pac 12 team to make the men’s semis is the once glory program, U.C.L.A. which has the most titles (11) and will be in their 19th semi-final game.

They are (11-2) in title tilts, (10-0) under the great coach John Wooden. Wooden was (10-2) in semis, losing to eventual champions, Cincinnati in 1962 and North Carolina State in 1974. Each was a very close game. Paul Hogue led Cincy to the ’62 crown and the great player, David Thompson led the ’74 Wolfpack crown.

U.C.L.A. is (13-5) in previous semis and only in ’08 when Kansas and Mario Chalmers/poor free toss shooting (ode to Joe Tait) and terrible down the stretch play and Calipari coaching took the title from Memphis, (this year’s NIT winner, in an NIT, not in New York. First time?) did the team that “semi’d” UCLA NOT win the crown.

Top heavy 14 plus point(s) favorite Gonzaga is over a 2 to 1 favorite to make it 5 of 6 times that the team to “semi” U.C.L.A. wins the crown. We shall see. That and of course money is why they play the games.

You Can “Keep” Baseball Now, Then Memories Of Willie’s First Game As A Mets’ Player

Yesterday was opening day in baseball and I now realize they have again worsened the once great game, by putting the first batter on second base in extra innings.

Thus, who cares about it, save my sickness vs antis (“thanks” Monique, for not even having the decency to return a call) and to go against what the “windbags” such as Plaschke, utter on the polluted airwaves.

Once, on May 13, 1972, “my” Lakers and Bruins had “titled” and Willie Mays, yesterday 5 weeks from his 90th birthday, was playing his first game as a member of the Mets.

I believe “King Kong” Kiner had him in center, the great Lindsey Nelson detailed correctly regarding first baseman, Willie Mays.

The Mets’ team trainer at the time, Tom McKenna had been in the same position, with Willie at Minneapolis of Triple A baseball, 21 years earlier in fateful 1951.

Mays hitting .477, the Giants slumping and McKenna went to the Sioux City, Iowa (I think) movie place, to tell Willie, he was headed to the big leagues.

In the first frame that May Mother’s Day, leadoff man, first sacker, (big ovation), bottom 1, Willie walked vs Sam McDowell.

Sam, that season, his first in the N.L.,  having been traded for Gaylord Perry, the latter also in his first season in another league and pitching that day, as informed by Lindsey, when he checked “scores of other games.”

That bottom 1, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts and in between a grand slam homer by Daniel “Rusty” Staub.

Later in the tilt, Kiner aka “King Kong,” called Willie’s 647th home run, at the time, more in the “bigs” (ode to the denied Josh Gibson), than anyone save Babe Ruth.


Willie Mays

Of course, Willie pictured above, spent 14 plus seasons with the San Francisco Giants.

“Slow it Down” Regarding Gonzaga And Especially The Dodgers

First of all, I will have a post about the national semis on Saturday, which will match incredible “2 touchdown”/14 point “fave” Gonzaga and U.C.L.A. and an old Southwest Conference “serving” of Baylor minus 5 vs Houston, with undeserving Jim Nantz, getting “his thrill in a “no hills” football stadium in Indianapolis.

Next, I do expect a very impressive Gonzaga team to take the crown, though clearly Baylor, likely to be about a 5 point underdog, if the matchup manifests in Monday night’s title tilt, would have a great shot at upsetting the Gonzaga is the greatest apple cart.

UCLA, coincidentally the Gonzaga “semis” opponent, not only won 10 of 12 titles from (’64-’75) but had either Lew Alcindor/Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Bill Walton on half of those teams. Case closed those UCLA teams were better than this Gonzaga team and so were many others. A team (North Carolina in ’82) had James Worthy, Sam Perkins and someone named Jordan, a freshman, who hit the title winning shot, is another team easily better than this Gonzaga team, which has won “nada” yet.

The Dodgers hype, led by Bill Plaschke, another of the “bag of wind/tv talking heads,” that the copy cat producers ram down our throats and that people who owe me money and as “deadbeats” do not pay back, watch. It is evil and unfair.

The L.A. team I once loved (I have interviews with such as Sandy, two Dons, John Podres, Claude Osteen, Burt Hooton and others and fanatically awaited their late night results in a time long ago) won a 60 game season title. Big deal! They will not win over 110 games and in my opinion, not even the projected 104 or so.

Far more certain and of course an opinion, but at least I am not jumping the gun as headline seeking Plaschke did, anointing a team that has not played a game, the greatest ever (think about that stupidity!! In baseball, you do not have to be bigger and stronger. The Yankees had teams with Babe and Lou, another with Mickey and Yogi and another with Joe D, Lou (Gehrig) and Bill Dickey. The Reds of ’75 and ’76 finished far ahead of Dodgers teams, that may have been as good as this 2021 version, and are far better than this one), is that these Dodgers are nowhere near the greatest team ever. That will not change, even if they win 120 games!!