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NHL Update: The Lightning Are Easing To The Top Mark

It is the All-Star break in the endless N.B.A. regular season, so “of course” I will comment on the N.H.L. which also has a seemingly endless “reg,” but one that is a bit more important.

The reason for the above comparison is that an upstart in the NHL actually has a chance to go a long way in the playoffs, maybe even win the crown. That is essentially not the case in the N.B.A.

Toward that end, though the Tampa Bay Lightning are almost certain to have the NHL’s best record, doing so with rare ease, it really does not mean all that much, especially in light of the NHL history and the fact, that the nature of the game makes hockey upsets clearly viable.

However, the Lightning are an impressive team, one that has gone far in recent ‘offs, so clearly they are the “plurality” favorite to win the NHL crown.







Paul Mecurio’s “Permission To Speak” Is Outstanding

I thoroughly enjoyed and was highly impressed by Paul Mecurio in “Permission To Speak.”

Now playing at “The Actor’s Temple,” (339 West 47th Street) “Permission to Speak,” with  Mecurio in great form, as the show’s host, brings people from the audience on stage to tell their stories.

It is a great concept and Mecurio, an award winning comedian, makes his idea of gray, not black and white and that we all have stories, manifest with humorous, insightful questions.

Each night there are different people on stage. On the night I attended, the “jackpot” of good participants was hit. Unlike and actually in sharp contrast with slot machines, there is a great chance “jackpot” will be hit, when you attend.

Click below  to purchase tickets. I highly recommend doing so.

Paul Mecurio’s Permission To Speak Tickets


Paul Mecurio, pictured above is truly talented and his “Permission To Speak” is a great idea/show.


Frank Sutton’s Excellent Work Remembered

I really enjoyed actor Frank Sutton’s performance, as a man happy in his own place in life, on the legendary television show, “Gunsmoke.”

The episode aired this week on MeTV, which is a television channel that I thoroughly enjoy.

Sutton is best known for his role as “Sergeant Carter,” on the television show, “Gomer Pyle,” which starred Jim Nabors.

In 1955, Ernest Borgnine played against type and was brilliant in the Paddy Chayefsky written, “Marty.” Mr. Borgnine won the best actor Academy Award.

Frank Sutton was among a great supporting cast in the film, playing one of Borgnine/”Marty’s” pals.


Frank Sutton, pictured above.

Nostalgia “What’s My Line” October 1964

Today another look back at an episode of the tremendous television show, “What’s My Line.”

This recollection is about a show that aired on October 25, 1964.

James Garner was the mystery guest.

The Panelists were Dorothy Kilgallen, Tony Randall, Arlene Francis, performing on Broadway at the time, and Bennett Cerf.

John Charles Daly, introduced beautifully by Mr. Cerf, is the host.


The trivia: On that October 25, 1964 date, the eventual NFL champion Cleveland Browns won (42-20) at their Municipal Stadium home vs the New York Giants.

Within a year of what still is the last Cleveland football title, filming began on another great Billy Wilder film, “The Fortune Game” in and around the Cleveland Browns and their Municipal Stadium home.

Jack Lemmon starred along with Walter Matthau. Both Mr. Lemmon and panelist Tony Randall were fantastic as “Felix Unger” in different versions of Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple.”

I told you it was a “stretch,” bit it is nice to remember.

“Home Network” Super Bowl Telecast Notes

The victory by the AFC representative, New England Patriots in a Super Bowl telecast on the AFC network, (CBS), pushed the home network teams, over the sixty percent win mark (25-16).

Home network conference teams have the following records in the 41 such games. Keep in mind, 11 Super Bowls were on the “neutral” network, first ABC and now NBC. Additionally the first Super Bowl, called the AFL/NFL Championship game, was telecast on both affiliated networks.

In this incarnation as the AFC network, CBS has telecast 7 Supes , occurring every 3 years starting with the 2000 season, with the AFC team winning 6 of 7 (the lone loss being the Saints win vs the Colts in ’09).

Once the NFC and before that the NFL, “home” network, CBS teams were (7-5) in their Supe telecasts. This includes Green Bay winning the first such telecast as the “home” network NFL team, in the second NFL vs AFL game.

Moving up the television “dial”,  NBC as an AFL/AFC network is next. Its “home” network teams were (8-6), having started (7-0) with the first win by the AFL/home network, New York Jets, with Matt Snell scoring their lone touchdown, in the third AFL vs NFL championship tilt.

Fox is next, its NFC “package-home teams” are (4-4) in their Super Bowl telecasts.

Add it up and it is (25-16). That is over 60 percent.


Max McGee, supposedly after a night of much fun, stood out and scored the first ever “Supe” touchdown, in the dual telecast as CBS/NFL and NBC/AFL were both “on hand,” beaming the exploits of Max’s great “hands.”

Regarding Cy Young’s 500th Win and Previewing Notes On Gabby Street

While researching information on Cy Young’s 500th victory on July 19, 1910, I noticed the opposing catcher was Gabby Street.

Young was with the Cleveland franchise, now the Indians, pitching vs the Washington franchise, now the Minnesota Twins, when he notched a victory that in all probability will never, ever (tribute to Johnny Evers) be matched.

Street was involved in some great baseball history in later years.

In a future post, I will cite some of that history.



I am truly enjoying Mr. Browning’s book about Cy Young.






More, Regarding Frank Robinson: A Game Ending Home Run

In searching, I found two previous, relatively recent posts in which the great Frank Robinson was cited. I will put links to each post below.

I have a great personal memory of asking my friend Brad Weiner, to tune his “big radio,” which, I believe was short wave, to tune in WBAL in Baltimore to hear how the Orioles were faring vs the Oakland A’s.

“Oak,” where Frank grew up and was a basketball teammate of major North American sports league’s greatest winner, Bill Russell, led in the bottom of the ninth with Frank batting against, a soon to be great, Rollie Fingers.

The year is 1971 and Frank hit it out, a game ending home run and I was happy, having heard it on Brad’s radio.

Click below, as Frank Robinson is referenced in two previous posts.

Memories And Comments Of AN August 1965 … –

Boston Celtics’ Notes | Andy B Sports


b9 0-2 0 12- RRR BAL Frank Robinson Rollie Fingers 70% 100% Home Run; Buford

Baseball Reference above, it was a none out, three run home run that transformed a (2-0) A’s lead into an Orioles victory.