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AFC South Prediction

Even before the injury to Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback, Andrew Luck became public, I did not think the Colts were worthy of the heavy favorite status afforded them to win the AFC South.

They should be contenders in what I think will be a wide open division.

Both the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans are considered ahead of them, but I will predict the biggest underdog, not that big in that category, the Jacksonville Jaguars to win the division that they won 2 years ago.


Andrew Luck, pictured above.



“Life Sucks” Is A Brilliant, Funny, Meaningful Play

“Life Sucks,” playing at the Acorn Theater (410 West 42nd Street), written by Aaron Posner, adapted from (as stated “sort of”) “Uncle Vanya,” by the immortal Anton Chekhov is humorous, thought provoking and extremely well acted.

Seven characters are in a house, talking about their feelings, as they somehow become more aware that life full of regrets and as one character intones— the reality of the day after the nice night dream, is still worth and must be lived.

That is one of many complicated or not so, thoughts that permeated my brain while I enjoyed the humor and pathos of the Jeff Wise directed performance.

The cast which includes the truly great, veteran actor, Austin Pendleton as “The Professor,” was great.

On the day I saw “Life Sucks,” the key role of “Ella,” (the characters effectively “break the fourth wall” in this production) was played by Jenny Strassburg and she really excelled in the role and specifically, in her “break the fourth wall” words.

Nadia Bowers as Ella, Kimberly Chatterjee, Kevin Isola, Barbara Kingsley, Stacey Linnartz, Michael Schantz and the aforementioned Austin Pendleton comprise the cast.

Click below to buy tickets. I suggest doing so quickly as the play closes on September 1st.

Life Sucks Tickets | Tickets 2019 | Theatre Row – Acorn Theatre








NFC West Comments

I do not think it is anywhere near certain that the defending NFC champion, Los Angeles Rams will win a third straight NFC West crown.

In my opinion, both the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks have a legitimate chance to win the division title.

It is very unlikely that the Arizona Cardinals will contend this season. It would be nice if they do as their great pass receiver, Larry Fitzgerald is still on the team.


Larry Fitzgerald, pictured above.


Remembering Peter Fonda

After the great concert of John Fogerty last Thursday, discussion included an upcoming show at the same Radio City venue, regarding the film, “Easy Rider.”

How very sad that the presentation will now not have Peter Fonda, who co-wrote, produced and  starred, as he died a day later, at the age of 79.

If you know film acting, as you call the roll of the best, both male and female, it does not take long to call Peter’s father, Henry or his sister, Jane.

No matter your politics, surely all three participated, something Peter Fonda long and in his last known interview, emphasized.

Peter stood out and showed  his “acting chops,” in “Ulee’s Gold” in 1997, and was nominated for an Academy Award.

Peter  was always enjoyable and eloquent, when I heard him interviewed.

So much good and bad, fifty years in the “rear view,” now a big name and contributor, who still did not find “America,” hopefully will find the peace and equality, that a life lived well can bring.

Mr. Fonda certainly lived life well, participated, created and contributed. I say Henry and even your mom, Frances Seymour, will be more open and revealing now.


Peter Fonda, pictured above.


Don’t all of us, (MORE than) one time or another?!!

“What’s My Line?” From 1971

Today a little bit different, and syndicated episode of “What’s My Line?” from 1971, in color and hosted by Wally Bruner, not John Charles Daly. The latter was the long time host.

A truly great and legendary announcer, Johnny Olson introduces all four panelists.

In order they are Soupy Sales, Anita Gillette, Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf.

The highlight is the mystery guest. It is Burt Reynolds.



John Fogerty’s Radio City Show Was Magnificent

Fifty years after performing at Woodstock, John Fogerty was magnificent in concert, at Radio City Music Hall, two nights ago.

John Fogerty talked of going on in the wee hours of the morning at Woodstock with his legendary group, Creedence Clearwater Revival and sounded great, singing so many great songs the group and John, as an individual performer, made so popular.

My heart and mind raced with delight, as such seminal songs as “Proud Mary,” “Who’ll Stop The Rain” and the late great, Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” were heard in the magnificent setting that is Radio City Music Hall.

Fogerty weaved in good stories and two of his sons (Shane in the band and Tyler, who sang) and his granddaughter were on stage. The show had an exciting, nostalgic opening and stayed strong throughout. It is well worth it to see this legendary performer.

Click below for schedule and ticket information.

John Fogerty 2019 Tour | Tickets On Sale | All Dates



John Fogerty, pictured above. Click below to see John perform “Down On The Corner” and “Centerfield.” Notice the guitar in “Centerfield.” What a show!



Baseball Update

The most frequent World Series match up is the one between the New York Yankees and the Dodgers, whether in Brooklyn or Los Angeles.

They have clashed 11 times, the Yankees winning 8, however, the franchises have not met in a World Series since 1981.

In a 40 year/41 seasons period (1941-1981), all 11 World Series clashes between the teams took place.

L.A. has a big lead for the National League one seed, while the Yankees having gained 4 and a half games in the 6 days, since the American League favorites, the Houston Astros, ripped the Baltimore Orioles (23-2), now lead by 3 games, (Houston has the tiebreaker) in the race for the A.L. top seed.

Regarding the Orioles, after the (23-2) loss last Saturday, the O’s won Sunday vs Houston as one of the biggest game underdogs on record.

Subsequently, they lost all 4 games they played at Yankee Stadium, making them (2-17) vs the Yankees in ’19, losing the final 16 games. This is reminiscent of the vaunted Yankees dominance vs the Orioles ancestors, the St. Louis Browns. One day, talk will focus on the Bill Gullickson karma in this matter.


Bob Kuzava, pictured above, helped the Yankees win 3 straight titles from (1951-1953). Before Kuzava came to the team, the Yankees also won the World Series in 1949 and 1950.

Kuzava got the last out in both ’51 and ’52, getting help from fine defensive plays by Hank Bauer in ’51 vs the Giants and in ’52 from Billy Martin vs the Dodgers.