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“Kuntsler” A Brilliant Play About A Brilliant Man

It is not that big a stretch to say Jeff McCarthy IS Kuntsler, as his riveting performance in “Kuntsler” (now through March 12th at 59E59 Theater B) transformed me back in time, to the real life, brilliance and charm displayed by the indomitable William Kuntsler, when I saw him, only months before his death, in 1995.

Mr. McCarthy’s performance was amazing as he exuded the charm and common sense/”sechel,” that made William Kuntsler, a one of a kind brilliant man.

Certainly the events, the activism and the controversy all part of Kuntsler’s legacy, were addressed and performed in great fashion.

A lightning rod toward that aspect of Kuntsler in particular and a great presence on stage is Nambi E. Kelley, whose character, “Kerry’s” life history is tied to Mr. Kuntsler, with contrasting emotions.

Both McCarthy and Kelley, alone and together, give us great insight and revelations about events, many seminal, in which Kuntsler was an integral part.

There is much I learned and there is a terrific, revealing, heartfelt conclusion to this superb play, about a man that truly engaged on behalf of causes.

“Kuntsler” directed by Meagen Fay and written by Jeffrey Sweet is a journey through much of the important history in which Mr. Kuntsler participated, with superb acting and to quote a superb actor/ performance, Maximilian Schell in “The Man In The Glass Booth,” “RELEVANT,” oh how so!


Image result for jeff mccarthy as kunstler

Jeff McCarthy, pictured above, gives a superb performance in “Kuntsler”

Click below for ticket information.

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NFL Division Super Bowl Notes

Another manifestation of the recent Super Bowl result is that the NFC South remains the only NFL division in which none of its four inhabitants has both won AND lost a Super Bowl.

Both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in ’02 and the New Orleans Saints in ’09 won in their only Supe appearances.

Two other expansion teams, the Atlanta Falcons (’98 and ’16) and the Carolina Panthers (’03 and ’15) lost in both their Supe appearances, each losing once to the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots.

The other seven NFL divisions house at least one team that has both won and lost a Super Bowl game.



Carl Hubbell’s Great Pitching In The 1934 All-Star Game Remembered

Sadly, I will never know for sure, but I do not think my father was there in July, 1934 at The Polo Grounds.

He was there on 155th Street, when the amazing24 game winning streak of Carl Hubbell ended.

Did Carl really take the mound that July day in 1934, hot, but not stifling weather, as a member of the champion New York Giants and allow greats Charlie Gehringer and Henry “Heinie” Manush, the latter batting a cool .402 at “the break,” to reach base.

Did “King Carl” then strikeout three of the greatest hitters in history, not far from THE Three Greatest, if at all, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx in succession, to get out of the first inning unscathed in that All-Star Game?

Did he really start the second inning getting greats Al Simmons and Joe Cronin on strikeouts, before Bill Dickey, an all-time catcher singled and then the amazing Lefty Gomez fanned?

It really did happen. You can look it up and the man, Casey Stengel, who made that phrase famous, was also there as a National League coach.



Carl Hubbell, one of the greatest of all pitchers, pictured above.

NBA “Reg” Means Little

Even then I will not be that interested, but wake me up when the NBA playoffs begin.

Tonight after a joke of an All-Star Game in which the incredible 352 projected points were easily exceeded with a “cat” named Davis (not Sammy) breaking Wilt’s All-Star points record, the endless, virtually meaningless NBA season continues.

Powerful Golden State faces a Clippers team they have dominated thus far in the season.

Ditto and then some, for Cavaliers winning vs the Knicks.

3 weeks until the NCAA Tournament and I once loved the NBA. Times and feelings change.



I’ll say!!!

Stanley Cup(s), Not Regular Season Wins

Oh it is nice for the fine goaltender Carey Price to have tied the great Ken Dryden for third place in regular season wins as a Montreal Canadiens’ goaltender.

Of course Price will pass Dryden, likely Patrick Roy and even Jacques Plante in that category.

However, will he ever win one Stanley Cup, no less the six won with Montreal by Dryden, the five, all in succession by Plante (’56-’60) or the two by Roy with the Habs. The latter also won the only two in Colorado Avalanche history.

Roy also has the only two Montreal goaltending Cup wins in the 36 completed seasons (’80-’16, no season in ’05) since the once glorious Canadiens titled an incredible 15 times in 24 seasons, five eighths of those 24 seasons from (1956-1979).



Maybe the problem is above.

Caption/Game Score Not Remotely Close/Accurate Mistake

NBC cited here yesterday, wishes the game was that close, even close, “would you believe” (homage to Don Adams and “Get Smart,”an NBC show), not a rout?!!

The Cowboys annihilated the Bills that day (52-17). Note the score reported as (30-27).

NBC Analyst O.J. Simpson stands near the end zone before the start of Super Bowl XXVII with the Buffalo Bills against Dallas Cowboys at the Rose Bowl on January 31, 1993 in Pasadena, California. The Cowboys won 30-27.

This was from a Michael Wilbon commentary. Might he have checked the picture caption, whether or not is was his assignment?!  I have included the link. Maybe they will correct it, but so help me, as I “published,” the above was under the caption.

O.J. was the lesser of two evils



Original Five For Five, Habs Were Idle

Yesterday with the slumping Montreal Canadiens idle, five of the original six NHL teams were in action in staggered starts and all five were victorious.

The New York Rangers won at home vs the top ranked Washington Capitals in a 12:30 start on NBC. Next also on “The Peacock Network” which also aired a 90th Anniversary Show from 8 to 11, the Detroit Red Wings were “in vogue,” winning (5-2) at the the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins.

Playing with starting times an hour and a half apart, first the Chicago Blackhawks won (5-1) in Buffalo vs the Sabres and next the Toronto Maple Leafs won (4-0), the same score they clinched the 1964 crown with the great Johnny Bower in goal, at Carolina vs the Hurricanes.

Maybe Tom Brady tuned in on a satellite dish somewhere as the Boston Bruins won (2-1) at San Jose in the latest of the 5 tilts all won by original six NHL franchises yesterday.