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Anthony Rendon: Player To Watch, A.L. West

Anthony Rendon was absolutely brilliant in leading the Washington Nationals to the 2019 World Title.

Time after time, Rendon delivered big hits, including big home runs with his team facing elimination, in games 6 and 7 of the World Series vs the Houston Astros.

Now in the spin cycle/you root for or against “laundry” in today’s baseball, Rendon is with the Los Angeles Angels.

Washington fans, as was the case with Toronto Raptors’ fans and Kawhi Leonard,  did/do not get even one season as defending champions with its star player.

Regarding Rendon, though I see him tailing off a bit this season , that is the point, he is a star player and now he is a “player to watch,” in the American League West.


Anthony Rendon (14430676940).jpg

Anthony Rendon pictured above, led the Washington Nationals to the 2019 baseball crown.

A.L. Central Prediction

Last season the Minnesota Twins, the pre season second choice, won over 100 games and won the A.L. Central crown fairly easily, before again being dominated by the New York Yankees in their division series clash.

This season I predict another second choice, the Cleveland Indians will win the division in a close race with the Twins.

Soon the Chicago White Sox will be ready to seriously contend, I say not quite yet.

I do not like to predict what is expected if possible, but I do see tough years for both the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers.


Eddie Robinson baseball.jpg

Eddie Robinson, pictured above,  who turned 99 last December, is the lone surviving member of the last Cleveland Indians’ title team in 1948.

“What’s My Line?” Patty Duke Mystery Guest Segment

Today it is still “What’s My Line?” however, a newer one and just the mystery guest segment.

What a segment, as mystery guest Patty Duke, then Patty Duke Astin (husband John Astin aka “Gomez Adams” is cited) is dazzling in appearance and with her answers to questions.

The panelists on this segment from February 1972 are Arlene Francis, Soupy Sales, Gene Shalit and Sherrye Henry.

Larry Blyden is the show’s host.



Earlier Sunday NFL Playoff Game Notes

In nineteen seasons of later day conference title game starts, (2001-2019) three teams have won the earlier Sunday divisional round and title game, before winning the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs became the third team to do so this season, winning both the division round game and title game at home, in come from behind fashion.

In ’02, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, en route to their only Supe appearance and victory, won at home in the earlier Sunday division game vs the 49ers, before beating the Andy Reid coached Philadelphia Eagles, in Philadelphia for the NFC crown.

The 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers are the other team to accomplish the feat, doing so with road victories at Indianapolis (Colts) and Denver (Broncos) before winning the Super Bowl.



Lakers/Celtics Thoughts

Yesterday’s L.A. Lakers’ “close win” at home, on national television, vs the Boston Celtics, was another memorable, albeit virtually meaningless game, in the two teams’ great rivalry.

The current Lakers lead in the NBA West and have a great shot to make at least another final round appearance, if not win another crown.

Boston seems to have less of a chance to do the same. However, they are a talented, playoffs bound club.


Bill Russell in the Green Room.jpg

Bill Russell, pictured above, is not so arguably major North American sport’s greatest winners.

Among other feats he played in 7 final round series vs the Lakers (one when the Lakers were in Minneapolis), with Bill’s Celtics winning each one.


“Calling” Rays In Two Movies, With Tom Cruise


In two of Tom Cruise’s  best known movies, his character has someone close to him, who is less aware, named “Ray.”

Dustin Hoffman, a true acting great is “Ray Babbitt” in “Rain Man,” the movie’s star and Cruise’s “Charlie Babbit’s” savant brother.

Eight years later in “Jerry Macguire,” (1996) Cruise as the title character/lead is “involved” with recently named, ’19 Academy Award “Best Actress” for her portrayal of the great Judy Garland, in “Judy,” Renee Zellweger.

Ms. Zellweger’s “Dorothy Boyd” has a very young son named “Ray,” played by Jonathan Lipnicki.


Click above to view a great routine featuring Bill Saluga. Comedic great Redd Foxx standing to Mr. Saluga’s right, starts it off.

N.L. East Preview

Last year, with free agent Bryce Harper in his first season, was supposed to be the Philadelphia Phillies’ year, to at least win the N.L. East. Of course it was not and Harper’s former team, the Washington Nationals, a wild card team from the N.L. East won it all.

This season under new manager Joe Girardi, I predict the Phils to win a wide open N.L. East.

Four teams have projected wins totals of roughly (86-90) with the defending N.L. East champion, Atlanta Braves heading the list.

My second choice, the New York Mets are third on the list, the Nationals my fourth choice are second, the Phils, my top choice are fourth. The perception is a close race.

The Florida Marlins are an almost unanimous choice to finish fifth. I do see improvement for the team.