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I Think “Wow” Notes Regarding Great Pitched Games

In “reviewing” Sal Maglie’s no hit game, which was in a crucial game, in another great pennant race (the likes of which we are denied by the wild card presence), in 1956, I learned what I think are incredible/”wow” facts/coincidences.

Simply and for once succinct here, Maglie’s no hitter in a Brooklyn Dodgers’ September 25, 1956 win vs the Philadelphia Phillies, occurred 13 days before Don Larsen’s perfect game vs Brooklyn, whose starting pitcher in that (2-0), pivotal game 5 Yankees’ win was Maglie.

In the ninth inning of Maglie’s no hitter, the great catcher and player, Roy Campanella makes a very good catch on a foul pop up near the Brooklyn Dodgers’ dugout. It is Dale Mitchell, (cited here just days back in another juxtaposition/coincidence regarding the ’48 W.S. and of course the Larsen perfect game) who helps him from falling.

The “of course” an exaggeration and it refers to the fact Larsen got Mitchell on a called third strike to complete his perfect game.

After “Campy’s” nice play, the Phils next batter, a pitcher, but a good hitter was Harvey Haddix. Need I “type” more.

Of course I do, as Rabbi Wise often intoned “do not confuse ignorance with stupidity,” and I add that while some younger people today knowing so little about history, not sports history, but say this country’s history is not good–not knowing that about two and a half years later, Harvey Haddix lost in what was not so arguably the best pitched game in big league’s history.

He hurled 12 perfect innings, but mound opponent that May 26, 1959 Lew Burdette also allowed no runs, in fact he did so for 13 innings and when his Milwaukee Braves’ team, (have to?– cite they were the team Brooklyn beat out in the above referenced, great N.L. race in 1956 and that the second year version of L.A. Dodgers, did same in a playoff that ’59 season. In between they won it all in ’57 and were denied in 7 by the Yankees, reversing the ’57 result, except that the Yankees overcame a (3-1) W.S. deficit to do so. No matter, despite underachieving, those Braves teams which included such as Henry Aaron, Ed Mathews, and Warren Spahn were truly great) scored B13 (the rather strange details another time), Haddix and his Pirates, who were to be World Champions the next season, also in a 7 game W.S. but one whose game 7 was so dramatic, and with Harvey Haddix getting the win in a relief pitching role, lost the game.

Ralph Terry, Bobby Richardson, Pennant/World Series Winning And Losing Notes

I believe, more than somewhat incredibly, Ralph Terry and Bobby Richardson, each members of great New York Yankees’ teams were involved directly (also a 6th time, all but “directly”) in a total of five last plays in either last World Series or in one case, a pennant clinching game.

Terry, many people know, yielded the game winning home run to Bill Mazeroski, (tied B9–please read about Hal Smith’s 3 run home run that transformed a one run Pirates’ deficit, into a two run lead with two outs/B8 in #7/’60 World Series) that ended the 1960 World Series.

Two years later, Terry pitched a brilliant 3 hit shutout as the Yankees won game 7 at San Francisco, vs the Giants, to cop an incredible 20th title in 40 seasons. You think going vs Brady is tough, try that!!

Bobby Richardson, a tremendous player, who happened to shine in two Yankees’  World Series losses, the aforementioned ’60 “Classic,” when he was voted the Series MVP, despite being on the non winning team (see Chuck Howley, still disgracefully not in the Football “Hall” and Jerry West in basketball. Are Richardson, Howley and West the only ones in those 3 major sports/leagues to do so? Off the top of my head, goaltenders Roger Crozier and Ron Hextall did so in the National Hockey League) and 1964 when he got a record, he shares with Marty Barrett (1986) and the sensational Lou Brock, 13 hits in that 7 game World Series vs the Cardinals, a team Brock was famously or infamously dealt (deal and cards) to that season. (Lou tied Bobby’s single WS hits mark in defeat vs the Tigers in ’68), caught the last out in Terry’s masterpiece. Another tangent, however, one I believe is noteworthy: All 3 13 hits in one W.S. record holders did so for the non winning team–Richardson in ’64, Brock in ’68 and Barrett in ’86, all being 7 game World Series.)

In addition to snaring another baseball great, Willie McCovey’s line drive to end the game (the Giants had Mateo Alou on third and the nearly 90–(God/G-d or “force” willing the New York Giants Preservation Society, a fine organization, will wish/sing Willie a happy 90th on May 6th) member of baseball’s pantheon of greats Willie Mays on second), Richardson and Roger Maris (why not he in the diluted no Pete, face it Barry Bonds and Clemens, baseball “Hall”) each made big plays/throws as Alou could only get to third on Mays’ 2 out double to right field. (On the “football” Saturday on which Maris’ death was announced–the eventual champion Bears winning the December tilt at the eventual AFC wild card game losing Jets, only Bob Costas, among the 3 major network reporters/reports of Roger dying, cited that ’62 World Series play.

So we have Richardson and Terry involved in the same last play of the ’62 World Series, Ralph also in ’60’s last play. That makes 3. “4” is operative, as Bobby popped out to Dax Maxvill to end the ’64 World Series, the so great Bob Gibson and the Cardinals hanging on (7-5).

The 5th “direct” and one “almost such” is certainly the least known and one I “discovered” last night. The Yankees clinched their 25th pennant and a record tying 10th and last for their legendary manager, Charles Dillon “Casey” Stengel (“You could look it up”) when third baseman (Bobby played most of his career at second base and was at that position when the ’62 WS ended) Bobby Richardson caught that season’s A.L. batting champion, Pete Runnells foul pop.

Terry was the winning pitcher in that ’60 pennant clincher, hurling 8 and 2 thirds innings, before Luis Arroyo came in (a foreshadowing of his great relief work in the legendary Yankees’ ’61 season) and retired Runnells.

The Yankees won 10 pennants in the 12 seasons in which Stengel was their manager. They went on to cop an incredible 14 in 16 seasons (Al Lopez, each time, with the eventual, non-winning World Series team was the only other manager to win an A.L. “flag” in that span. See Alex Hanumn, in the NBA, as his titles with the Bob Pettit led St. Louis Hawks in ’58 and the Wilt Chamberlain led ’67 Philadelphia 76ers were the only non Celtics crowns in a 13 season period from ’57-’69. Again and Brady is so great, a 7-11 (often I stop there and not so much “gulp” but “munch, ” mark in winning it all in playoffs appearances, but consider Bill Russell, who was on 11 title winners in 13 seasons and put in, as he often did with big shots, Sam Jones, who won 10 crowns in 12 seasons. There is Joe DiMaggio, Henri Richard, and the classy great Jean Beliveau, all greats on great teams with great title and title round records).

Finally, I once got director Oliver Stone to laugh visibly when I told him on my birthday in 2012 (I think if he cares and he did, Mr. Stone is a Red Sox fan and surely not one of either the Yankees or the Republican Party) the Yankees, despite having a “by a good margin,” major North American sports league record 27 crowns, have not won one with a Republican as U.S. President since 1958.

I will “stop right there” as the Meat Loaf song, “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights,” (Michael Lee Aday aka Meat Loaf is a Yankees’ fan) intoned in a different vein, regarding politics but add this ties the longest/most glaring Yankees’ 20 season title drought (they won their first World Series in 1923, the first season of Yankee Stadium and the 20th if not for the Highlanders/Yankees franchise, certainly the 20th in which they played with a World Series win a possibility. (That encompasses 1903-1923, with no World Series having been played in 1904).

The current Yankees’ pennant “drought” (they of course, have been a very good team for almost every year of this span and their great winning history is unmatched!!) is not quite their worst, but with just one, that in 2009, when they also won their lone title in the aforementioned 20 year period (’01-2020), it is their second least number of pennants over any 17 year span, topped only by an 18 year period from 1903-1920. However, since there was no World Series in 1904, the current span of one pennant in 17 seasons matches the ’03-1920 17 years of the least number of Yankees’ pennant with a World Series appearance, a possibility.

I know, I need to get a life!!




Ripping Thomas And Barrett With An Ode To “Love Story” And ’48/’56 W.S. Notes

Oh do I have stuff for you, suffice now that one needed only to look at ’91’s Clarence Thomas, swallowing hard and I will not say the rest. He is, in my unsolicited opinion,  a traitor to the cause and to his race, not to mention one of the utmost hypocrisy. Add “Squeaky” BARRETT and there is hate, perhaps, even likely, too much and misplaced, but dealing with these types and having barely (if we did) survived Trump, “being an activist vs these,” means NEVER relaxing.”

Alas I wish there was love, a love story, so since there is not, but as an ode, I say I am (at least a bit) SORRY.

OK it is #3, 1948 World Series and you will only get these notes here. Juxtapose ’56 with ’48, another presidential election year.

That year, (’56) Don Larsen hurled a perfect game, as the Yankees took a (3-2) W.S. lead with a (2-0) victory in game 5, en route to a 7 game triumph, vs the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Larsen fanned pinch hitter, Dale Mitchell to end the classic and soon after, was embraced by “10 player titles” Yogi Berra.

It was a called, perhaps questionable, third strike. In his last game behind home plate, the umpire was Babe Pinelli.

Back to #3, ’48 which was so different, but again involves Mitchell and Pinelli. Dale starts for the game and series winning (their last to this point) Indians. Pinelli, at the most active umpiring position (home plate) in ’56, is on the right field line for this one.

Bob Lemon is on the winning team in both American League non scheduled, at least one fourth/one game playoffs (I think any # of games), thirty years apart, as a Cleveland Indians’ pitcher in ’48 and Yankees manager in ’78. Each was at Fenway Park, vs the Boston Red Sox.

After winning the one game ‘off to win the ’48 A.L. Pennant, Lemon and the Indians (hint and so help me, not pitching and in the middle, Lemon is cited as I type regarding him. My “Cheese” “The Stranger” comparison is a tough NO this day.”) stayed in Boston, to meet the Braves in the World Series.

Lemon’s Indians lost game 1, but won #’s 2,3,4 and 6, the first and last of those on the road, to claim the title.

In ’78, the Lemon managed Yankees were in the ALCS after the heart stopping and for me, still heartbreaking, win in the one game ‘off at the Red Sox. The (ALCS) was best of 5, the Yankees claiming their 32nd pennant, winning game 1 on the road and #’s 3 and 4 at home.

Next Lemon’s Yankees won games (3-6) to win their 22nd title. They raised their W.S. record to (8-2) at that point, vs the Dodgers. They clinched it on the road.

“Ok, So You Are Heartbroken”

“Holy cryptic, Andy,” (ode to Robin speaking to Batman, sorry it is not on tonight and you do not get 55 or so years back) but why this and the 1935 and 1945 (each Tigers wins vs the Cubs) World Series notes? Well–llll as that conservative, who reaped the harvest set by Mr. Goldwater 16 years earlier (this is a bit about being Jewish, or part as Goldwater was and he did allow officers to use his “facilities” while in N.Y. along the ’64 “trail.”) would “start,” he is still The Man, though it would SEEM the juxtaposition of others so much less talented flourishing while I “live below the line” despite TALENT, does not matter to him.

The well put perspective on ’35, in the ’45 Wikipedia recap reminds me the Cubs were somewhat if not highly competitive in both ’35 and ’45 in World Series play. Next paragraph to read it.

However, their title frustration, though lasting 22 years longer than the Red Sox 86 year one, pales in intensity, as while the Red Sox were highly competitive in 3 of their 4 seven game World Series losses (two were won by the opposition in their last at bat, another was the second in which they led a 108 win team (3-0) middle innings of #7 and again all 4 losses were in 7 games)–the Tigers “early and often’d” the Cubs, winning decisively in the one game the Cubs played in over 108 years, in which a victory would have yielded a world crown.

So why this? Maybe a weak retort, as he was all in for the ’16 Cubs even vs the Indians (never mind changing that name, the Washington football change was long overdue–free Leonard Peltier, who even if he murdered those, which he did NOT, the scorebook reads all U.S. establishment leaving the always overlooked Native people here, in a “trail of tears”–mine included). Within a week after the Cubs with their Trump backing owner and abusive to a fan (yes similar regarding the superb hitter, Bill Buckner, but that while also terrible was not quite as. Alas I doubt their owner would have/did back Trump) titled. 



Below regarding ’35 and ’45 World Series from Wikipedia.

The (the 1945) Series was a rematch of the 1935 World Series. In that Series’ final game, Stan Hack led off the top of the ninth inning of Game 6 with a triple but was stranded, and the Cubs lost the game and the Series. Hack was still with the Cubs in 1945. According to Warren Brown’s account, Hack was seen surveying the field before the first Series game. When asked what he was doing, Hack responded, “I just wanted to see if I was still standing there on third base.”

Next and I once sang along with Mr. Gooding’s better known son, Cuba Gooding Jr. for a bar or two of his dad’s (as lead singer) group, “The Main Ingredient’s” big hit to remedy “being heartbroken” and to have resolve.




John Garfield’s character in “Gentleman’s Agreement” talked of the satisfaction in “fighting back,” and though probably it would be better to “play it safe,” I must “fight” the injustice, but will do so with guidance and perspective.


The great Hank Greenberg, pictured above, did fight back.

Some Baseball Notes

On the last day of the 1963 baseball season, in the last game either the Detroit Tigers or Baltimore Orioles played with then President John F. Kennedy (I will go along with some and say L.H. Oswald killed the President, however, the “Your Honor” ending– SPOILER  ALERT, although it has aired at least twice— let’s just say reeked of reality, the New Orleans mobster, more or less getting away with it) on earth, two superb announcers, George Kell and Ernie Harwell are on the Tigers’ broadcast. Kell, by the way, was also a superb player.

In consecutive years, (Kell in ’62 and Harwell in ’63), each man broadcast with Joe Garagiola, that year’s World Series. Each was on the air as the World Series ended, the Yankees splitting the two, winning in 7 games, (1-0), when Kell intoned “here’s a liner straight to (Bobby) Richardson in ’62 and falling in 4 straight games, Ernie on air, as Sandy (Koufax) got Hector Lopez to ground out shortstop Maury Wills to first baseman, many time Yankees’ champion, Bill “Moose” Skowron, to end ’63 baseball.

Lopez, by the way, snared Vada Pinson’s fly ball to left (Vada a guy/player, never considered for “Hall” honors, despite being better, in my opinion, than a # of whom are there), as the Yankees clinched the 1961 baseball crown.

The 1969 New York Mets, of course, won it all, an unbelievable feat by what truly was a great (not as great as Baltimore, whom they 5’d in the World Series, but that is a function of what is baseball, that is a short series et. al) team.

However, the Mets, who did not win an opening day tilt until their next and ninth season in 1970, (starting with the opening day win in ’70, the Mets compiled a (22-3) mark in 25 such tilts from (’70-’94), lost the ’69 opener to the first year, Montreal Expos.

The Expos’ right fielder that day, was Daniel “Rusty” Staub, a key, if not the key player, on the 82 win-1973 N.L. champion Mets, who were denied by the Oakland A’s second of three straight titles, in a 7 game World Series.

Finally, I note that after pitching a superb game, as his Giants clinched the 1971 N.L. West crown on the season’s final day/night (I stayed up late listening for updates, as I believe in New York, Marv Albert had something to do with the “presentation,”), Juan Marichal’s final regular season record stood at (18-11).

When before that season, the Giants last won a regular season entity, that the 1962 N.L. Pennant, Marichal’s record was also (18-11).

Need I comment how great the ’62 pennant race was and that with the bogus wild card presence, can not happen again?!!

“Around The World” (No not song/dance/love) But Injustice–It Is On You Now McConnell, The Non Henry Clay And Much Worse Than That

“Famous last words,” but in the near future, I believe it will be the Democrats, who prevail, and many of the cowardly Republican senators, who voted against the justice, that would have assured that a truly ill, evil, bully that incited an insurrection, as he cried over a decisive loss, would never even attempt elective office, will lose, certainly when the REAL time comes, maybe, even likely, in their next office bid.

Yet, I must express rage and direct it at the preeminent Trump enabler, (think of a parent and a damaged kid, making all of it so much worse) Mitch McConnell.

Now a McConnell and his beliefs would have never “flown” with me, but did not this man emulate Henry Clay?

Yesterday, would not have been the compromise, Mr. Clay often undertook. No, yesterday was about justice and thanks to McConnell and others, lack thereof.

Some heroes have “feet of clay,” you McConnell are no hero, no Henry Clay and will go DOWN (way) in history, as enabling, not only a “sicko” who “built-from people’s utter indifference and stupidity, by among other things saying “you’re fired,” to become president, but set it up for future presidents, maybe even one who is a Democrat, to abuse power, the way Trump did so.

Why Not? Maybe some day, but clearly not yesterday, justice will prevail.



Harry Belafonte On “What’s My Line?” November, 1955

It has been a while since I posted a “What’s My Line?” episode.

Today we slightly rectify that with an appearance by the great Harry Belafonte, as the mystery guest, on November 6, 1955.

The panelists are Dorothy Kilgallen, Fred Allen (that rhymes), Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf.

John Charles Daly is the show’s host.

Ms. Francis’ husband Martin Gabel is appearing in “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?”

Mr. Allen praise both Gabel and the show at the Lyceum Theater.

Arlene Francis thanks him, upon Mr. Allen’s introduction, saying “you did fine, except the show is at the Belasco Theater.”

Enjoy watching.


More “Seen Nowhere Else” Supe Notes

It appears that in 4 Chiefs’ Super Bowl appearance seasons, not once did both the Chiefs and their eventual Supe opponent lose on the same day for the entire season.

This was the first time in their 4 Super Bowl appearances that K.C. “entered” (think of the classic “Sunshine Boys” scene when Mr. (Walter) Matthau’s character exponentially annoys George Burns’ by saying “ENTERRR”) the Supe as the team with the better record.

K.C. only lost 2 in the past year’s “reg,” one on October 11th, a day and week, their eventual Supe opponent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a bye/off day.

Last season, K.C.’s final loss was at Tennessee, whom they eventually “semi’d/AFC title tilted” at home, was on Sunday November 10th while their eventual Super Bowl opponent, the S.F. 49ers, lost their first game the next night.

For the record, last season, current title holder, Tampa Bay (Buccaneers) opened its season with a loss at eventual Supe “non-winner,” S.F. (49ers).

In neither ’66 or ’69, did the Chiefs or their eventual Supe opponents, (Green Bay in ’66 and Minnesota in ’69) come even close to losing on the same day.

I Cited Chiefs/Wash ’83 Comparison

Last week, around this time I cited a comparison between the 2019 and 2020 K.C. Chiefs with the football team from Washington D.C. (1981-1983).

I imparted the following: 


Recall the (’81-’83) Washington football team. They won their last 3 under first year, and eventual 3 time Supe winning coach, Joe Gibbs in 1981. In the strike marred ’82 NFL season (Wash won two strike year NFL crowns and also 2 following baseball crowns won by the Minnesota Twins nee Washington Senators, first in strike marred ’87 and again in ’91), the team went (12-1) (4-0) in the ‘offs, winning it all.

They were superb in ’83, going (14-2) in the “reg” (K.C.’s record this season) and won 2 more in the ‘offs, thus going into the Supe vs the Raiders, that season the L.A. Raiders, having won 31 of its last 34 games.

I recall the Raiders so loose on the sideline as they were routing Sea Seahawks in the AFC title game, mocking the “Fun Bunch/Wash team.”

As 3 plus point underdogs, (same margin K.C. is favored by this time) the Raiders ripped “Wash” (38-9). Thus Wash was a “Lefty Grove/1931” (31-4) in its last 35 and as was the case with Grove’s 2 time champion Philly A’s in 1931, a final round non winner. Wash had one title in the (31-4) run.

K.C. enters the Supe having won an incredible 25 of its last 27 games, (25-1) in Mahomes games.


Now add, that the “Wash” record fell to (31-4), a great record, one Robert Moses “Lefty” Grove, the last pitcher, who probably was as great or better than Sandy Koufax, had in 1931–(31-4).

After two titles in a row, those great and largely forgotten, Philadelphia Athletics were denied a third straight by the John “Pepper” Martin led St. Louis Cardinals, who took the ’31 W.S. in 7 games.

That ’83 Wash team and this year’s Chiefs, each bidding for a second crown, were nowhere close in the final.

Both games/Supes were played in Tampa, Florida and in defeat both “Wash” and K.C. were held to 9 points. Oakland (38-9) and limited home team, Tampa Bay (31-9) as final scores.

Guaranteed Found Nowhere Else- Same Calendar as This-NFL Championship/Super Bowl Notes

Why not?!, as I have such fond memories of the first AFC/NFC configuration season (1970), one of now, 13 with the current calendar. (calendar and 13 evoke Friday the 13th, the rough year, 2020 had two such) and a game for the NFL crown. (Title games in 1936, ’42, ’53, ’59 and ’64), Super Bowls in ’70, ’81, ’87, ’92,’98, 2009, 2015 and 2020)

In the 13 NFL seasons with this calendar and a game for its title (The first NFL Title game was in 1933), one of the game’s participants city name or nickname “b”egan with a “B.” in twelve of those thirteen seasons.

The list follows:

1936 Green Bay Packers defeated the “B’oston “Inappropriate nicknames”

1942 (Now) Washington and with the great Sammy “Baugh” at the helm, the above referenced franchise “b”eat the Chicago “B”ears, the latter “b”idding(this is not eating potato chips, I can and will stop the quotes around the B’s unless said B’s are in the name) to cap an undefeated season with a third straight crown. To this day, only the 1972 Miami Dolphins went undefeated and won a game for the NFL crown while the (1965-1967) Green Bay Packers are the only team to cop 3 straight NFL titles. In a well remembered relatively recent tilt, the New York Giants, who denied another Chicago Bears team an undefeated season and title in 1934, repeated the feat, denying the undefeated New England Patriots in a game for the 2007 NFL crown.

1953   Detroit Lions defeated Cleveland “B”rowns

1959    “B”altimore Colts defeated New York Giants

1964      Cleveland “B”rowns defeated “B”altimore Colts

1970      “B”altimore Colts defeated Dallas Cowboys

1981      San Francisco 49ers defeated Cincinnati “B”engals

1987       Washington “You know what’s” defeated Denver “B”roncos

1992      Dallas Cowboys defeated “B”uffalo “B”ills

1998      Denver “B’roncos defeated Atlanta Falcons

The lone exception follows:

2009      New Orleans Saints defeated Indianapolis Colts A “McCovey,” (alas Willie was known as “Stretch”), the Saints quarterback then and in fact now, was/is Drew “B”rees and the Colts’ more famous and title filled, the latter (3-1) in less seasons, home WAS “B”altimore.

2015      Denver “B”roncos defeated Carolina Panthers

2020 Tampa Bay “B”uccaneers with Mr. “B”rady and (not Major, but) Mr. “B”owles defeated the Kansas City Chiefs.

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