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There will be a 5th game

July 5, 2021

There will be a 5th game, meaning ‘offs tilts at least 4straight nights as the NBA final opens Tuesday with game 2 Thursday.

The Canadiens in OT on Josh Anderson’s second goal of the tilt, the second time he had 2 goals in a Habs’ win including one in overtime (the other after the Fleury give away, #3 semis vs Vegas).

Thus no NHL final sweep for a 21st consecutive season after there had been sweeps in 4 straight (’95-’98).

Speaking of ’95, that was the first of 3 New Jersey Devils’ crowns, the first two clinched on a Saturday matching Chicago’s first two, each a Tuesday in ’34 and ’38 before their next on a Sunday in ’61.

The Lightning won their first two titles on Mondays in ’04 and 2020, but failed to Monday clinch tonight.

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