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Assorted “Nutty?” Notes

July 6, 2021

Some assorted and I am “nuts,” in a good way, but often driven “nuts.”

Does every sports telecast have to have excessive analysis and a “must have” woman on the premisis?!

I am a feminist, think women should have run it, (the world) however, that does NOT qualify them as good broadcasters.

In fact, most broadcasters today, green, man, woman or other, lack skill and as the great Marty Glickman lamented, “TALK TOO MUCH.”

Nada vs Italy, but a little too much celebration after their penalty kicks win, in the “semi,” vs Spain. The latter outplayed them, tied it on a great goal but lost on penalty kicks.

Just the facts: The 2 to 1 series “faves,” the Phoenix Suns hope to end a 4 game final round loss skein (3 as either slight faves or underdogs, with big mouth Barkley–another reason he should keep his big mouth shut, but this “down the drain” society backs him) in the opener vs the Milwaukee Bucks.

I do not know the record, just that the Suns do not hold it, at least not yet and not likely to. (Bucks will be happy with 5 and (1-1) back to Wisconsin), as the Lakers after going (12-3) at home in 5 winning final rounds, starting in ’80 and (14-6) counting their title round losses in ’83 and ’84, lost 5 straight final round home tilts, two vs Detroit (Pistons) in ’89 and all 3 home tilts vs Mr. Jordan’s first title team, coached by Phil Jackson in ’91.

Then under Jackson, L.A. went (11-2) in 5 winning final rounds and (14-4) counting final round losses to Detroit in ’04 and the Celts’ lone title in 35 seasons (’87-2021), that in ’08.

Since the Celtics had 16 of the NBA’s 40 crowns after their Sunday afternoon clincher vs Houston in ’86 (I informed the great player and then Orioles coach, Frank Robinson that they were way ahead in that clinching #6 and he was nowhere near surprised), they remain tied with the Lakers, each having amassed  17 titles.

I “vibed” the Cubs as a home team final round bust, but what I researched is “ridiculous.” They could afford the ridiculous, (ode to the great John Marley) as they were (4-4) in their 3 World Series wins, but are a brutal (4-18) AT HOME, in their 8 World Series losses.


In one of those 18 Cubs’ home World Series losses, perhaps Babe Ruth hit a “called shot home run,” as the Yankees swept the Cubs in the 1932 World Series. 

On the above video, the great Lou Gehrig talks about it on The Rudy Vallee Show.

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