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More, Regarding Frank Robinson: A Game Ending Home Run

February 10, 2019

In searching, I found two previous, relatively recent posts in which the great Frank Robinson was cited. I will put links to each post below.

I have a great personal memory of asking my friend Brad Weiner, to tune his “big radio,” which, I believe was short wave, to tune in WBAL in Baltimore to hear how the Orioles were faring vs the Oakland A’s.

“Oak,” where Frank grew up and was a basketball teammate of major North American sports league’s greatest winner, Bill Russell, led in the bottom of the ninth with Frank batting against, a soon to be great, Rollie Fingers.

The year is 1971 and Frank hit it out, a game ending home run and I was happy, having heard it on Brad’s radio.

Click below, as Frank Robinson is referenced in two previous posts.

Memories And Comments Of AN August 1965 … –

Boston Celtics’ Notes | Andy B Sports


b9 0-2 0 12- RRR BAL Frank Robinson Rollie Fingers 70% 100% Home Run; Buford

Baseball Reference above, it was a none out, three run home run that transformed a (2-0) A’s lead into an Orioles victory.






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