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Memories And Comments Of AN August 1965 Dodgers At Mets Game

November 21, 2018

Lindsey (the great broadcaster, Lindsey Nelson, who among other things in an epic career, interviewed Lindsay (Mayor John V.), after the Mets LCS’d the Atlanta Braves to grab the ’69 N.L. Pennant) introduced the Rheingold ad, without citing the sponsor’s name.

“In New York where there are more Irish people than in all of Dublin,”– do you remember it and when pitches were not missed and there was no non stop talk, from so called “game analysts?!”

Jonathan Schwartz, recently punished disproportionately severely, had a great commentary on listening to the scoreboard being “run down,” while still engaging in conversation or at least “listening,” to a female companion, while driving on a baseball filled afternoon.

I loved the “scoreboard and when it was checked,” and on “this” August 25th, 1965 night, with hindsight as much as 53 years later, Ken McMullen homered and Claude Osteen pitched. That in the next season, after they were traded to opposite leagues for each and others.

Ditto Frank Robinson and Milt Pappas, the season before the epic, similar inter league trade.





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