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18/Chai–Great Success/Mazel, Pats And Other Team Notes

February 9, 2019

Some notes on eighteen, even chai, years of incredible success/mazel for the Robert Kraft owned, New England Patriots.

Of course choosing eighteen helps frame the greatness, however, consider 6 titles, 9 final game appearances and a (13-2) record in division round games (12-1) at home.

In future posts I will compare this eighteen year span of New England greatness (2001-2018), with that of the San Francisco 49ers also during an eighteen year period of time (1981-1998).

I do believe in football annals, only the Cleveland Browns who did it within 16 seasons, (1950-1965) made as many as nine final game appearances, other than the Patriots.

A notable near miss by a team that sustained greatness was that of the Chicago Bears. The team made eight of the first fourteen NFL title games (1933-1946) but no other until their quarterback, Bill Wade scored on two short sneak plays, in their 1963 title game win.





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