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50 Years Since Frank’s (Robinson) 2 Grand Slam Home Runs

June 26, 2020

Today marks the (exact) 50 year anniversary of a game, in which the great player, Frank Robinson hit grand slam home runs in consecutive innings at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C.

The eventual World Series winning, Baltimore Orioles beat the Washington Senators, the latter in their penultimate year in that incarnation, by (13-2) score in that game.

Tomorrow more on the tilt. In the post below, Brad Weiner and his big radio are cited in regards to another memorable “Frank” performance.

That June 26th Friday night 50 years ago, I  recall hearing news of Frank’s “slams” in and around services the night before Brad’s Bar Mitzvah.

More, Regarding Frank Robinson: A Game Ending Home Run


The Orioles clinched their ’70 crown with a win at home vs the Cincinnati Reds in game 5 of the World Series.

Frank’s 2 run homer shown above cut the Reds’ lead to (3-2). Baltimore which led (3-0) but lost game 5 a year earlier as the Mets clinched the title, won the 1970 game 5 by a (9-3) score.

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