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“Kunstler” A Brilliant Play About A Brilliant Man

February 26, 2017

It is not that big a stretch to say Jeff McCarthy IS Kunstler, as his riveting performance in “Kunstler” (now through March 12th at 59E59 Theater B) transformed me back in time, to the real life, brilliance and charm displayed by the indomitable William Kunstler, when I saw him, only months before his death, in 1995.

Mr. McCarthy’s performance was amazing as he exuded the charm and common sense/”sechel,” that made William Kunstler, a one of a kind brilliant man.

Certainly the events, the activism and the controversy all part of Kunstler’s legacy, were addressed and performed in great fashion.

A lightning rod toward that aspect of Kunstler in particular and a great presence on stage is Nambi E. Kelley, whose character, “Kerry’s” life history is tied to Mr. Kunstler, with contrasting emotions.

Both McCarthy and Kelley, alone and together, give us great insight and revelations about events, many seminal, in which Kunstler was an integral part.

There is much I learned and there is a terrific, revealing, heartfelt conclusion to this superb play, about a man that truly engaged on behalf of causes.

“Kunstler” directed by Meagen Fay and written by Jeffrey Sweet is a journey through much of the important history in which Mr. Kunstler participated, with superb acting and to quote a superb actor/ performance, Maximilian Schell in “The Man In The Glass Booth,” “RELEVANT,” oh how so!


Image result for jeff mccarthy as kunstler

Jeff McCarthy, pictured above, gives a superb performance in “Kunstler”

Click below for ticket information.

59E59 Theaters – Official Site



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