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“Georgie” Starring And Written By Ed Dixon Is Fantastic!!

February 27, 2017

On a rainy, most recent Saturday night, I added to my list of witnessing transcendent performances in any field, having seen Ed Dixon in “Georgie” a one person play, in which he stars and wrote, now playing at The Davenport Theater 345 West 45th Street.

While telling the truly captivated audience about his experiences with and stories told by the legendary performer, George Rose, Mr. Dixon, who attended Oklahoma University, did so with the precision and greatness, that marked Bud Wilkinson’s great O.U. (Oklahoma University) football squads during their halcyon days.

I watched Ed Dixon transform himself with his eyes, his timing impeccable, as he morphed into Rose, Sir Ralph Richardson and other greats.

Sitting in the second row, hearing one great story after another about stars, the inner workings of Broadway and Mr. Rose’s Winnebago and all that entailed, I said to myself this is greatness, well worth the walk in the rain, even the wet shoes and pants.

Then as the subject matter turned nearly 180 degrees from pleasant, Ed Dixon’s performance, inspired by its harsh reality, became even better, a truly high bar, set skyward.

This was one of the great performances I have ever seen and having forgotten my umbrella, upon my return, this was told to a gracious, Ed Dixon.



Ed Dixon, pictured above, truly brilliant in “Georgie.”

Click below for ticket information.

Georgie My Adventures New York – Tickets for Davenport Theatre |


His book has to be great! Click below for information on how to purchase it.

Secrets of a Life On Stage…and Off: Ed Dixon … –

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