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June 30, 2021

Oh do I wish Serena Williams would retire!! I keep betting on her in major tournaments to avoid what would be the sickening hype were she to win. Having said that, “que lastima” (what a shame), that she had to withdraw at Wimbledon, especially since I do not get my money back.

I certainly do NOT want her (look at the NBA injuries which has and will have incredible impact, as to which team will be the prostituted NBA’s 75th season champion) or anybody to be injured, however, I root vs Williams and others, in her case because I think she is a spoiled, “given so much,” baby. Remember her press conferences and taking away from opponent’s victories.

As stated, the NBA is a prostituted joke and the injuries to star players, perhaps even likely because of the condensed number of games, leaves the playoffs wide open, as I “jumped the gun,” with the very likely “coin flip” NBA final.

Do not get me wrong, it figured to be that (Suns/Bucks) and even with the Hawks’ rout win in #4 and more relevant the injury to Giannis Antetokounmpo (the Hawks were bet vs, from plus 6 to 9, as their star Young was out–Brad Weiner “informed” that the Hawks have “MLK” on their uniforms and I cite another Young, with my name and cause, Andrew–, which I, having watch none of this upstart team’s games, did not know) still might be.

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