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I Take No Pleasure In Seeing PEOPLE Go To Jail

June 30, 2021

It was clear and in front of me, though I tried not to watch, that a crime and wrong doing was done, in the case of George Floyd’s death.

However, though I feel the verdict was just, I take no pleasure in seeing the man go to jail.

Today people seem upset Bill Cosby, a truly talented, bright entertainer, but, as with all of us flawed human being, about whom my aesthetic fluctuated, seeing him as so cool (Cosby yes or no, nada is “cool” on this sweltering day) on “The Bill Cosby Show,” but as an unrealistic, sweater wearing, “rake it in” on the Cosby Show. (By the way, Phylicia Rashad, his TV wife who stuck by Mr. Cosby, as did his real life wife Camille, is beautiful, talented and classy.)

I know nada or little about the case, maybe G-d/force does and again got no pleasure from seeing Cosby in jail and react with hope of good, upon his arrival home. So many innocent have been found guilty and I espouse the better a thousand guilty go free, than one innocent suffer. Many people do not.

Trust me in the case of certain people, who combined with the horrible system that limits our long term care or even basics, as we grow old in this, last I looked or smelled–highly industrial country, and killed my mother 5 days less than 20 years ago, I still try not to hate. This is made far more difficult as they offer no contrition and do not even deem to pick up an incoming call, no less, make an outgoing one.

Back to the sweaters on the Cosby Show. Of course they were nice, but since my incredible memory, “punches up” that the evil aunt praised said sweaters, I do not like them.


Phylicia Rashad with Andy B. now too many years back.


Jell-O - Wikipedia

My father worked hard. Perhaps I could/ought to have. We can not all get paid to endorse jello. I love jello, but it is a (-) when we get too commercial!!


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