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My 1989 Interviews/Coincidences

March 1, 2021

Mind you all three were in the Dodgers’ spring training complex area that March day in 1989 when I interviewed among others, (Mike Huff, I believe a career minor leaguer and Franklin Stubbs), pitchers Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Don Sutton, John Podres, Claude Osteen and Burt Hooton. However, the coincidences of their “backround appearances” astound if not “message” me, these 32 years later, which was the time between the Dodgers 6th and last year’s “in a 50 game reg” 7th crown.

While talking with Sandy and citing his first 18 strikeout game and just after or before Sandy references it with “18,” number 18 Bill Russell, a long time Dodgers’ shortstop and a fine player, walks by behind Sandy and me to get on the practice field.

I am about to end the interview with “Big D”/Don Drysdale when I know I must reference Kirk Gibson and Mr. Drysdale’s call on his epic home run, as Kirk had walked behind us.

Yesterday in watching my chat with Burt Hooton a 4 game winner during the strike caused 3 round ‘offs of 1981, I saw that Burt at first, said his game 2/1978 W.S. win (of course the Yankees came back to title and it seemingly will forever haunt because as with Trump’s win in ’16, I had no “protection” see God/G-d/the force seems to demand it, however I have begun to “stand up,” NOT easy, especially at this late date but on we go) that put L.A. up (2-0) ended with Bob Welch getting Reggie SMITH out, when ’twas Reggie Jackson.

So help me, not long after Reggie Smith is seen in the backround. Perhaps there is a reason, minimum those in total three, are quite a coincidence, if not a sign.

Anyway, I read it go on!!

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