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Please Lower The Levels Of Prejudice And Stem Racism

February 27, 2021

As stated here before and by me so often, the level of prejudice on this planet and glaringly disturbing and evident in this country, most notably and in the worst case by uniformed officers, yes the cops, as far too often their “attitude” manifested in innocent people dying, is far too high.

Kudos to Steve Kerr for speaking out in support of Jeremy Lin doing same, when he was a victim of such disgusting, truly stupid attitudes.

Even sans shirt and full of tattoos (his right, but Leb, you can not be buried in a Jewish cemetery) praise to Mr. James, for continuing to speak out. That is far more important, than where you rank among the great players in your sport.

For the record, I over emphasized that largely due to the sickening hype James, “the jump to other teams thrice and hopefully not counting, player,” has received from “jump street.”

Speaking of hype, I truly hope Tiger Woods is well.

I hope he, Serena Williams and James all retire. Why someone like me, who while not being black and thus unable to fully grasp all that entails, completely is for the cause with it hurting me, as I unfortunately have interacted among far too many with far too high levels of racism, is VS these three superb athletic performers, is seemingly surprising.

However, in addition to the inordinately, disproportionate hype each has received over these many “anos,” I feel all three never had to really “sweat” (other than in their sports games/matches/tournaments?) to get overwhelming rewards.

I feel the same way about Peyton Manning and definitely despite his talent, can live without John McEnroe, to name another.

So what is the point here?

Number one my best praise came from the late Arthur Curry, an invaluable member of HBO in most things boxing, who happens to be/was Black/black.

He said to me, “you don’t see color, do you?!!” I do not, just as the great running back Larry Brown said about his Washington coach, Vincent T. Lombardi.

I am very proud of that and one way or the other, I will try to help stem racism and lower levels of prejudice.

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