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Remembering David Dinkins

November 25, 2020

I could opine while juxtaposing the caring, former New York City mayor and Manhattan borough President, David Dinkins, who died days back at age 92, with another former NYC Mayor, who a la “Valerie” in Amy Winehouse’s classic is “making a fool out of” himself (not me, I always saw through him and his uncaring, to say the least, ways) and I guess I just did, again not following my mother’s advice about if you do not have something nice to say…… (Alas having learned care for those less fortunate from my parents, in this case, while she still would have advocated saying nada, she would have been appalled at Giuliani and Trump’s actions).

Memories flow a bit when recalling David Dinkins. His family was so nice. His beautiful classy wife and son David Jr. who got the winning, game ending hit, I believe for CBS vs ABC (score tied) in a softball game played on the night of the day, that “brought” news of Len Bias’ tragic death via Sports Phone (I worked for Score Phone and updated every 4, not 10 minutes, I was the best “ever to come down the pike” of giving scores, yet was eventually welched on by a worker there).

Oh Joseph Cotten’s “Leland–why did Jim (Leyland) bunt with Merced in #6/’91 NLCS?!!—- regarding “the curse of memory” in “Kane!!”

Better, was telling Mr. Dinkins I “called’ that hit by his son. David Dinkins was proud of that.

I am proud and glad that I heard Dinkins speak about having to “get it,” that nobody was going to “give it to you,” a sentiment that especially resonates with those less fortunate and largely due to history, often Black people.

Another good one, I recalled reading in a book about 1960’s female television stars, that it was David Dinkins, who performed the wedding ceremony for the beautiful Diana Rigg. He was impressed with my knowledge.

“D”avid and “D”iana (she also died in fateful 2020) will “D”ance together in heaven, while others, (no names) better realize, it is of no importance what color a person’s skin is, but so important, as to what kind of person occupies that skin.

Mr. Dinkins was a warm, friendly man whose brief time/interaction with me was thoroughly enjoyable and memorable.




Left to right David Dinkins, interviewed by Andy B. in the early 1990’s, I believe.

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