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AFC Update

November 24, 2020

The (10-0) Pittsburgh Steelers and (9-1) defending champion Kansas City Chiefs (the other follow up season after a Chiefs’ title was same calendar 1970 and after K.C. gained on that Thursday holiday, both they and the then Oakland Raiders were (6-3-2) in a 14 game season. Oakland, now first year Las Vegas, and having been L.A. won the first year AFC West that season. On that Thursday holiday in the first host Detroit (Lions) vs an AFC or former AFL that day tilt, Chuck Hughes hauled in a 47 yard pass from Greg Landry to help the Lions “double” then “Oak” (28-14). Tragically within a year, Hughes died on the playing field, thankfully the only player to suffer that fate. I will recall Chuck Hughes 50 years after his great catch this Thursday) both have virtually assured “div” crowns and are in a battle for the one seed and the lone playoffs bye.

After the heartbreaking, over rated “Hail Mary” loss to Arizona (the Arizona Cardinals lost after that aforementioned win), the idle (7-3) Buffalo Bills gained when (4-6) Denver “plus 4’d” (6-4) Miami as “the whole country” backed the ‘Phins, helping the “books” bash the players/suckers (I know what I am doing, but still do not win! Also I both watch and bet very little. It is essentially a waste of time at best, a horror waiting to happen if one ventures too deep).

The Bills, need just 3 of 10 decisions (if there are no ties) in Miami and their games to have a chance to win their first “div” title since ’95 with a win vs Miami in the “reg” finale on January 3, 2021.

Both Indy (Colts) and Tennessee (Titans) are (7-3), after overtime wins in front of “ntwk” lead announcers, “Hedge Fund Pooh” Jim Nantz and “Lucky Sperm Club, The Emperor,” Joe Buck and will clash for the second time in 3 playing weeks, this Sunday in Indianapolis.

Jane Pauley (how the h–l does this guy/mind get to Jane Pauley?!) from Indianapolis, I believe will cite the many greats who died this year, when she hosts CBS Sunday Morning on December 27th.

Sadly the Broncos gave the game to Floyd Little after their win vs Miami. He is in hospice and a truly great runner and more important, a good man.

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