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Th(urs-anks-angst ridden) Rant

November 26, 2020

Into each life a little rain must fall, mine has seen many a deluge, especially when talented/never was me, must endure, almost all the announcers that are on the airwaves.


First of all, it sounds like James Lofton, essentially a muttering idiot, will be coming into the New York market for Dolphins/Jets.

I had written much more but decided against posting it. Suffice to say, as is my right, I am not a big fan of Mr. Lofton.

Get Gary Collins and the even more deserving Chuck Howley into the Football Hall of Fame. 

My “this most hypocritical of holidays” is a “trail of tears,” both for those so long ago —too bad I am not rich enough to rip up his image, our 7th President, on the “20,”—–and myself. 

However, while never forgetting, as with the Holocaust in Europe, the far too many still raging, slavery in this so called “Land of the Free,” I will dry them and keep going.

I will try to increase my acts of kindness, while sorry all, pleading for some to come my way as well. 

My “gift” so often wrong, as their karma was/is corroded by anti Semitic Fords past, is Lions to cover. Please bet small, as I will do same.





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