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Er Lach (spelling?) (Yiddish for he laughed)

November 23, 2020

There are computer problems to go with all else, in a cruel micro and macro world!

I should severely criticize the sick lunatic who refuses to acknowledge the fact, he lost the election, in a fairly decisive manner. I should “ditto” regarding the police, who since my original hope of being one, have let me down, so many times!!

Instead I focus on a giddy Aaron Rodgers, after a loss in which his offense produced but 3 second half points, (he in amateur fashion spiked the ball, wasting a down and then G.B. “settled” and lost in overtime to the Colts, in a game that likely even football wise, was meaningless–explanations down the road. Surely the Packers are in good shape, the Colts may have lost “intangibles” for their clash with the “div” lead at stake, vs Tennessee, next week).

Maybe my father would not have liked me being a radical (I did not even smoke pot and lived, breathed, ate and slept in the vast wasteland of sports, which is now just MASS ENTERTAINMENT, if that) but it sure beats what happened.

I was NOT “involved” in the tilt, but imagine being so and seeing the high priced Rodgers laughing afterward. Hey Aaron, take some of that insurance company money and pay off some of those who lost on your pitiful effort.

Having said that, I think Rodgers and Green Bay have as good a chance as any to win this year’s diminished crown.

Only I note that the Packers have won 10 NFL titles with post-season wins.

All 10 were with Democratic Party Presidents in office. This year’s Supe, likely, but not definitely to be played, will take place with a Democratic Party, clear victor, Joe Biden as U.S. President.

Yet the slight fear many of us suffer, caused by Trump’s unforgivable refusal to help start the peaceful transition, supersedes by far, the damage he already caused.

Hopefully many of the 70 million who voted for him (tax savings and racism, being the two respectively, not so hot and abhorrent reasons for doing so) at least allow he lost. If not, we are as my heartless former shrink said after my mother died, in really deep “you know what.”

Keep smiling Aaron, long before Trump, we gave you “all,” and as you showed yesterday–you laughed in our faces.

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