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Just Another Bully In The Schoolyard

November 4, 2020

Think Paul Simon’s song, “Me and Julio,” Down by the Schoolyard.”

Now think he, the soon to be former president of the United States, as just another bully in the schoolyard.

If it goes his way, it counts, if not he gets a “do over.”

His comments in the wee hours Tuesday into Wednesday are reprehensible. Poll workers are hard working, honest people doing a really tough job in service to our society.

I was one and frankly stopped, as a protest to having this bully/sick, transactional, “3rd base to home” son of a bigot, who did not rent to minorities, as this country’s president.

I have to look in the mirror also and perhaps it is not my, nor is this the place, but before it is too late, we better start coming together.

Ridding ourselves of someone like him is a start.

However, there is a long way to go!!



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