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Election Day/Sports Correlation Notes

November 3, 2020

After the 1976 Presidential election and World Series, the correlation cited in the next paragraph, had manifested in two thirds of the possibilities, (12 of 18, remember no World Series in 1904, thus 18 possible— (’08-’76).

Said correlation being if the National League team wins the World Series, the Democratic Party candidate wins the Presidency. (Note until now one needed to differentiate Democratic Party from Democracy as the Republican Party also adhered to democracy, though of course this country is a republic and NOT a democracy, certainly not a true one. That is a subject for another day.)

However, since that point in time, the correlation has just a (5-5) “record.”

Another correlation, this one with a great “record” but also in a slump that I fervently hope continues this year, is if the Lakers make the NBA final–the Republican candidate ascends to become U.S. President (of course two and if it happens this year, a third would have manifested, though losing the popular vote).

That record, not counting 1948, when the Lakers, then in Minneapolis were not in what became the NBA, is (14-3), with losses in two of the last 3 possibilities (’08 and ’16).

For the record, the exceptions are 1956 (The Lakers were not in the NBA final but Republican, Dwight D. Eisenhower was re elected), 2008 (the Lakers were in the final but Democrat, Barack Obama was elected) and 2016 (the Lakers were not in the final, but Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump became president, despite losing the popular vote.

Of course George W. Bush “did same” in 2000, a year in which that “upheld” the correlation.

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