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November 5, 2020

Before I get to some “light” notes, let’s show dignity and minimum, avoid any violence, which includes throwing eggs at anybody, while of course, maintaining our right to protest.

Hugh Beaumont, is of course, best known for playing WARD Cleaver, the father of Theodore “Beaver” and Wally Cleaver on “Leave It To Beaver.” Barbra Billingsley played his wife “June Cleaver.”

In the excellent, Val Lewton produced film, “The Seventh Victim,” Mr. Beaumont, whose death I recall hearing about on the day of the game in which the great Nate “Tiny” Archibald got hurt (#3 ’82 NBA semis), was Gregory WARD.

One of the films on what must have been a tribute to the great Lizabeth Scott  on TCM last night, was “Too Late For Tears.”

In it, another to be television dad, arch conservative, (despite that, I still dig him and named, you can not make this stuff up, a LEFT handed stand, Electric Football player for him subliminally, Don DeFore was Don BLAKE.

Mr. DeFore’s “George Baxter,” on the television show, “Hazel” was married to “Dorothy,” played by Whitney BLAKE.

Whitney Blake, a prominent figure in television (creator and writer for the ahead of its time “One Day At A Time, among others), is/was/always will be the mother of Meredith Baxter. (until now did not realize Meredith as a “Baxter” and I guess, Mom Whitney as a “Baxter” in reel and real life)


Whitney Blake.jpg

The great singer/performer Whitney Houston was named after Whitney Blake, who is pictured above..

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