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Atlanta Braves’ Sunday Post-Season Woes Continued

October 20, 2020

Again you can only get this here.

Unofficially, the Atlanta Braves have been in 20 post-season series that had a Sunday game and only in 1995, the year in which the Braves won what is the lone Atlanta major professional North American sports league crown in 179 aggregate, completed seasons (Braves (54) ’66-2020, with no conclusion to the ’94 season, Falcons also (54) and (1-4) at this point having won Sunday, the day the Braves lost as is their Sunday, if not almost entire ‘offs history. Hawks (52) ’69-2020 and the two now “elsewhere” NHL teams, the Flames (8) (’73-’80) and the Thrashers (11) 2000-2011 with no NHL season in 2005), did the Braves both win a/the Sunday game and the series.

They won game 2 of the ’95 World Series on a Sunday night and the title, that one time in 6 games, clinching on a Saturday night.

They are (4-17) in Sunday post-season games, having been eliminated from post-season play 6 times after Sunday losses (’82 NLCS, ’91 World Series, ’01 NLCS and in “div” series (’03-’05), the latter 3 all vs teams managed by Dusty Baker (’02) or vs Baker’s current team, Houston (Astros), who were ousted also in a 7 game LCS on Saturday night. (Alas in and speaking of “Saturday Night” there was an “Astro” named dog in a sketch, the night T.B. 7’d the Astros.

Only in the ’91 World Series did the Braves play 2 Sunday games in the same series, losing #’s 2 and 7 to the Twins. That year, the Braves lost a Sunday game 4 to the Pirates, as they also did in the ’92 NLCS, but each time Atlanta won that series only to lose the World Series.

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