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Dan Lauria, A Superb Actor And Man

February 19, 2020

Dan Lauria is a magnificent actor and a great guy. I have met and interviewed him a couple of times and likely will do so again in the near future and add some to a post here.

He has turned in outstanding performances in television, on stage and in film.

I was quick to like “The Wonder Years,” on which Mr. Lauria played a slightly different, a bit snarly, but still loving dad. An acquaintance, who avoids praise especially toward me, does credit me for steering him to that fine show. Certainly Dan was a big reason that the show was so good.

Being godfather to Julian inspired Dan to write children’s book and tell stories. I love the concept, less time with video games and such. So did/does Dan and he did something very positive in that regard.

Along with Cathryn Farnsworth, Dan wrote “The Blue Hair Club And Other Stories” (The Godfather Tales Series) which are truly inspirational. “The Blue Hair Club” is still available for purchase. I have included a link below.

Twice I have seen Dan Lauria on stage and each performance was transcendent. In the better known “Lombardi,” Dan IS Vince, so much so I saw visions of Paul Hornung scoring on a power sweep, vs “my” Cleveland Browns in the ’65 title game, for days afterward.

Playing opposite Judith Light’s (Marie Lombardi) also great performance and a stellar cast, Dan did great justice to an outstanding man.

In the less heralded “The Good Bobby,” Dan Lauria, as another seminal figure, as Dan noted, not one people who knew him were all that willing to talk about, Jimmy Hoffa, showed me his “acting chops” are in the stratosphere.

Click below for information on Dan and Cathryn’s children books “The Blue Hair Club And Other Stories” (The Godfather Tales Series)

The Blue Hair Club: and Other Stories (The Godfather Series 




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