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You Know What They Say About Opinions

February 18, 2020

You know what they say about opinions! They are like a certain part of the body, everyone has one.

Recently, I heard the very knowledgeable baseball reporter, Suzyn Waldman opine that Mookie Betts, recently dealt from the Boston Red Sox to the team they 5’d in the ’18 World Series, the L.A. Dodgers, is as good as any player in today’s game, adding she had not seen Mike Trout, the consensus top choice, play all that much. I can “live” with that statement.

However, Ms. Waldman called Mookie Betts “a 27 year old Willie Mays” and that is in my (strong) opinion going way too far.

Even to this point, Betts, a truly outstanding player, has not approached the level of Willie’s greatness.

I seriously doubt he will do so over a 20 plus or say 10 to 12 peak season span, in the future.

Again, you know what they say regarding opinions.


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