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More Sports Associations Regarding Bing Russell

November 24, 2019

Bing Russell’s father, Warren (Kurt’s grandfather) worked operating  a floatplane service in Florida that led him and his son to friendships, with legendary Yankees’ players Lefty Gomez and Joe DiMaggio.

Truly poignant, Lou Gehrig, knowing he was ill gave Bing Russell the bat with which he hit the 493rd and last home run of his great and still vastly underappreciated career.

Also I think of the 1966 NBA player’s draft, as another sports association concerning Bing Russell.

Who would the New York Knicks take with the first pick in that draft? Would it be Dave BING or Cazzie RUSSELL?!


Why regarding the fine journalist Bob Teague? According to H.S. Gross, Mr. Teague offered a rare opinion (I believe reporting was better, sans those far too plentiful opinions), regarding whom/who the Knicks should draft, Bing or Russell.

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