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“Sopranos Con,” Today and Tomorrow

November 23, 2019

Today and tomorrow (November 23rd and 24th) “Sopranos Con” will be at The Meadowlands Exposition Center in Seacaucus, New Jersey.

As Federico Castelluccio (“Furio” on the iconic show, “The Sopranos,”) noted the byline is “a show by the fans for the fans.”

Fifty or more cast members are expected to attend and there will be many great attractions. One is a creation of “Dr. Melfi’s” office, that wonderful character played by Lorraine Bracco.

I had occasion to attend an event promoting the event last night and loved both the literal (great food) and figurative (the actors and the atmosphere)  flavor of “things Sopranos.” that will permeate Sopranos Con.

For example, get ready for “Bada Bean Cawfee” (correct spelling) a specialty, that pays homage to the “Bada Bing” from the show.

There will also be a cannoli eating contest hosted by Kevin Strahle aka, “The LA Beast.”

Alabama 3 will perform their great song “Got Up This Morning,” The Sopranos opening sequence song. Go and enjoy.

Click below for more information.

Sopranos Con – For the fans, by the fans


Tony Soprano

Of course there will be tributes to James Gandolfini (“Tony Soprano”) pictured in character, above.



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