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Washington Teams Final Round Notes

November 3, 2019

The World Series victory by the Washington Nationals (let’s not forget the Astros’ 107 win season but, (Astros manager) Mr. Hinch, better to “pinch,” not give away outs and the decision to bunt bottom 2/game 7 W.S. was NOT good) left the Washington D.C. teams’ final round record at (9-11), those numbers, yet again.

In baseball the Senators were (1-2), losing in ’25 and ’33 and winning in ’24 and the Nationals are (1-0). In football, “Wash” is (5-5).

They went (2-3) in the old NFL title tilts, losing (73-0) to the Chicago Bears in 1940 and also losing in ’43 and ’45. “Wash” won title games in ’37 and ’42. In Super Bowls, an opposite (3-2) record, winning thrice under Joe Gibbs, each  with a different quarterback (’82, ’87 and ’91) while losing under George Allen in ’72 and with Gibbs in ’83.

The hockey Capitals are (1-1), losing in ’98 and winning it all 30 years later in 2018.

Meanwhile the “Wash” basketball teams are (1-3), the first loss to the old Washington Capitols (notice the spelling), one of two final round losses “suffered” by the great coach, Arnold “Red” Auerbach, who compiled a sensational (9-2), that is 9 of 11, record, in such entities. The Bullets now the Wizards, are (1-2), losing in ’75 and ’79 while winning the title in ’78.



It was quite a managerial job by Dave Martinez, pictured above, although I questioned his decisions to bunt in the just completed World Series as well, guiding the Nationals, to the title, after a (19-31) start to the season.


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