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“We’re Only Alive For A Short Amount Of Time” Is A Fantastic Show!

July 9, 2019

“We’re Only Alive For A Short Amount Of Time,” at The Public Theatre (425 Lafayette Street) through July 14th, written and performed by David Cale, is a tremendous show, evoking many emotions and yielding a great appreciation for Mr. Cale and his strength in continuing on the proverbial “path.”

Add the music on which Cale and Matthew Dean Marsh collaborated, to produce a performance, you will not soon forget.

It is an autobiographical account of Mr. Cale’s time in Luton, England and time/voice is given to some people in his life, no longer living.

Mr. Cale has remarked that more than anything, the show gives his mother, who was denied so much while on earth, a voice as to what she was and certainly as to what she could have been.

Moreover, Cale, by overcoming and in getting this emotional, gripping, humorous and heart pulling true story out and on, has given us a truly great show.

Click below for more information, including that, regarding tickets purchase.

We’re Only Alive New York | Public Theater Event Tickets

Click below to view David Cale perform “The Feral Child” from “We’re Only Alive For A Short Amount Of Time.”





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