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“Fringe Deaths” Is A Highly Recommended Play

July 8, 2019

“Fringe Deaths,” an original play by Rider McDowell, playing at St. Luke’s Theater (308 West 46th Street) through July 14th, is an excellent play, which I feel gives great insight into the lives and deaths of 4 celebrated figures, three performers and the man who shot Lee H. Oswald and all that entails.

Thus you know one is Jack Ruby and the other three who all met “fringe” deaths, if you will, are George Reeves, Barbara Payton and Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer.

The performance includes music, insight and at least two dramatic scenes as to what happened, in the case of all four people.

I add that I am both most familiar with and have not only relative, but intrinsic admiration, for George Reeves and this “Clark Kent” wink is for you.

Additionally, I send one out to the eight performers, some in multiple roles that made “Fringe Deaths” so enjoyable and insightful.

They are Tiffan Borelli, who played Barbara Payton, Neil Vincent Smith as George Reeves, Scott Zimmerman as Jack Ruby and others while Alec Hynes was Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer and also in other roles.

Jenny Strassburg, Sandy York, Sean-Michael Wilkinson and Jerry Shulman are also members of an excellent cast

Please click below for more information, including that regarding purchasing tickets.

Fringe Deaths Off-Broadway Tickets –


George Reeves in “The Sainted Sisters,” pictured above.







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