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Mind Blowing Accuracy For My Predictions When No Money Is Involved

December 3, 2017

It is truly “mind blowing” what can happen, when one does NOT back one’s predictions with real bets.

I believe I am (13-3) (Ohio State was more than a six point favorite when I made the prediction) vs the spread, with some exact picks in the last 3 weeks.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa whose reading of “copy” is a another example of our society’s fall, has been doing well on his predictions.

This week he “touts” (Cosell wrote of him being one, but look at him now as soon he will drive a Brink’s Truck into his personal sunset, only to return, I am sure) two” faves,” Atlanta minus 3 and New Orleans minus 5 and two underdogs Seattle plus 5 (now 4) when he predicted and Cincy plus 5 on Monday night.

One prediction for me, this I will bet for some real money, so watch it lose.

I say Houston, a touchdown underdog will win outright, with “underdog” and actually decent announcer, Greg Gumbel “presiding” at Tennessee.

Going from the insidious subculture of gambling, to AFL/AFC history, the Houston Texans’ opponent is Tennessee (Titans).

Once the Titans were the Houston Oilers and once the New York Jets were the New York Titans.


Far better to “What’s My Line” than to speculate about the betting LINE!!



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