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“Where Has Tommy Flowers Gone?” Is Superb

December 2, 2017

A superb play, “Where Has Tommy Flowers Gone” (playing at The Workshop Theater 312 West 36th Street, 4th floor through December 17th) began with David Gow as “Tommy” citing the names of the people who made him what he is.

This evoked one of my all time favorite scenes the one in “Save The Tiger” in which Jack Lemmon’s (he won the Academy Award for his performance in “Tiger”)character insists that his younger companion cite “names/names.”

At that point I hoped “Where Has Tommy Flowers Gone” could even approach “Tiger” one of the great works this society has produced in multiple decades.

The play surely succeeded as not only the expected brilliance of Terrence McNally manifested, but did so in a great production led by Gow’s performance as “Tommy Flowers.”

Kudos to the other members of the cast, all of whom gave moving performances.

They are Sam Garber, Daniel O’Shea, Emma Geer, Al Fallick, Emily Kitchens and Noelle Franco.

This was a truly inspirational performance, beyond the amazing names. Providing both humor and pathos “Where Has Tommy Flowers Gone?” looks intensely at the internals and externals that shape an individual.


David Gow pictured above.

Click below for more information.

Terrence McNally’s WHERE HAS TOMMY FLOWERS GONE? Opens …




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