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Coincidence? (Oh)/”O” Henry’s 75 Yard Spread Covering Scoot A Painful, But Good Lesson/Short Story/Post

December 4, 2017

That is why they call it gambling! It would not have been Houston outright,  (even that was more than possible, when after 3 “procedure” penalties cost them 15 yards, they converted on 4th and 19 to be first and ten around the “Tenn” 30, with less than 2 minutes left, but was  almost certain to be a “Hous” cover to make me (14-3) in the past three weeks, as Houston was to lose (17-13), as 7 point underdogs.

However, in an all-time type horror loss, a man named Henry “O’d” me for cash and pride, scooting 75 yards for a “Tenn” cover.

Again that is why they call it gambling! Thank goodness, the amount was small and so what if I go (30-3) or to honor Robert Moses “Lefty” Grove (31-4) on this site, yet it hurts as good and bad lessons so often do.


The great short story writer, O Henry pictured above.



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