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NFL Predictions

November 26, 2017

I do not want to sound like a tout or appear immodest. Additionally, I do not take it all that seriously, as it can change on a dime (hopefully not when betting a “dime”). However, my prescience of late has been astounding, the latest another near “exact margin” of victory–Missouri by 3 (I predicted by 2), as a near 10 point “fave” at Arkansas, two days ago.

Likely, after all “faves” on the past Thursday/holiday so the “suckers”/players could brag to their families (better than arguing politics or religion? better than hearing re cousin Jeffrey as on Seinfeld?), this will be a “dog day afternoon.”

Underdog announcer Greg Gumbel, so much better than in his days as top CBS announcer, presides: Near 10 point “fave” K.C. 26 Buffalo 20

Next, soon to be off WFAN after a lengthy, lucrative run, Mike Francesa “touted” Cincy to cover as an eight point favorite vs (0-10) Cleveland.

I channel, driving back to Albany after this holiday’s weekend (why did I never try con “R.L.” even when Diana’s “Touch Me in the Morning” played) in ’73–saying Cleveland will win outright. If that happens, who needs a score?

Either way, there will be no “score.”


Click below to hear Diana Ross sing the iconic “Touch Me In The Morning.”

Touch Me In The Morning – Diana Ross –



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