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College Football Update, Notes and Speculation

November 25, 2017

After Auburn (bet against from a 4 to a 6 point underdog), upset top ranked Alabama, it now appears ‘Bama, which has never won an official title with a non “lame duck” Republican U.S. president (W.J. Clinton had been elected, but G.H. Bush was still in office when ‘Bama upset Miami to claim the ’92 prize), will need help, likely having to get it and still be selected over Urban Meyer’s Ohio State team, to get a title this season with of course, a Republican currently in as president.

Anything can happen, South Carolina might upset Clemson in a tilt beginning soon, but very likely the A.C.C. title game winner either (11-1) Miami or currently (10-1), defending champion Clemson will be one of the four ‘offs teams.

Surely the winner of the SEC title tilt with Nessler (in ’14 Nessler, then with ABC “presided” over Ohio State’s upset win over Alabama on a day Mario Cuomo died as I continue with presidents or in his case, never ran for president) between (11-1) Georgia, which I say will win and (10-2) Auburn will be in.

I predict Georgia will win because Auburn beat them at home on “The Plains,” (Jimmy Carter of Plains, Georgia had been elected but Gerald Ford was in office when Pitt denied Georgia in the ’76 season Sugar Bowl/title tilt. Pitt denied West Virginia in ’07, took Clemson late last season but Clem won it all and Miami’s loss yesterday likely will not keep them out if they beat Clemson next week. Have all that?!) two weeks ago.

If Oklahoma, the team I think will eventually win it all, beats TCU in the Big 12 title tilt, they will be in. If 2 loss TCU avenges a loss to the Sooners, also 2 weeks ago, who knows?

Likely, it comes down to if Ohio State beats Wisconsin, it is either 2 loss Ohio State or 1 loss Alabama. I hope it would be Alabama and it should be Alabama but it could well be Ohio State and I feel they are even more dangerous a threat to win it all than a second chance Alabama team would be.


There could be chaos, perhaps there definitely will be in the national title selection process.

Bernie Kopell is pictured above as “Siegfried” a great character/KAOS agent on the show “Get Smart.”

Though he and I lost, it is with great positive emotion,that I recall champion Boston Celtics’ player, Larry Siegfried, telling Jerry West, (Jerry was magnificent with 42 points in defeat), he was “the only player,” after #7, ’69 NBA final–when the balloons burst as they often do.







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