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World Series Notes

November 4, 2017

Only one previous World Series had the same win/lose/home/road configuration as the just completed fine 2017 World Series which manifested in the Houston Astros’ 7 game triumph over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

That was one of the few better World Series that I saw that was not so arguably better than this one, the 1975 Cincinnati Reds’ 7 game victory over the Boston Red Sox.

In both the 1975 and 2017 World Series and in no other one, did the following configuration manifest: home team/eventual losing team won game 1, road team/eventual winning team won game 2, home team/eventual winning team won game 3, road team/eventual losing team won game 4, home team/eventual winning team won game 5 (in each of those tilts, first baseman for the game and eventual Series winning team, who were from Cuba, hit home runs–the Astros’ Yuli Gurriel, hit the first of two Astros’ game tying 3 run homers 42 plus years after the great Tony Perez of the Reds hit two home runs in #5/’75), home team/eventual losing team won game 6 and the road team/by definition Series winning team won game seven.

For the third time in as many situations where at the least post-season qualification was on the line the Astros and Dodgers took a cue from the great musical group, “The Eagles,” and “took it to the limit.”

In ’80 L.A. had to win the last 3 games of the then so much more meaningful regular season to force a playoff with the Astros for the ’80 N.L. West title.

Playing at home, L.A. did so, the first game on a Friday night I listened to on “Armed Forces Radio,” I believe with Gene Elston, on a Grundig radio. The next two were on NBC, followed by ABC.

However, as was the case in the decisive games, an L.A. win en route to a strike marred 1981 season title and the Astros’ first title clincher in their 56 year history (Russo “Christophered,” yet another factual mistake saying their first SINCE 1962, NO they had never won one. Say that, NOT “SINCE”), one team, in ’80 and as cited ’17, (the Astros), won easily.

I will have more notes, but before this post ends, I must cite John Smoltz saying two consecutive World Series were played on his daughter’s birthday.

Was she born on 2 straight days? If it was a natural birth, not always the case these days and for some time, that must have been rough, to say the least, on the child’s mother.

Of course that was not the case. Last year when the Cubs “titled” for the first time in 108 years, that #7 was played on Wednesday November 2nd. This year #7 was on Wednesday November 1st.

I prefer listening to Smoltz over the equivalent pain of giving birth, something as a man I can not fathom, but have learned the hard way, there is nobody like your mother as I heard Al McGuire, now there was a rarity, a good television sports analyst, say so long ago, but it is CLOSE!!


A Grundig radio

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