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Burt Mustin Recalling The First Modern World Series On The Tonight Show 71 Years Later In 1974

November 5, 2017

Last night, Antenna TV showed a John Carson Tonight Show from Friday night October 18, 1974, the day after the Oakland Athletics clinched their third straight World Series title “5’ing” the Dodgers, who were eliminated in W.S. play on Oct 17th twice (in ’74 and ’78) and Oct 18th once (1977), in losing 3 of their 4 st. W.S. losses, from ’66-’78.

Mr. Carson talked of the plane his parents were on the night before, being diverted because of fog, but the highlight to me, was the then 90 year old actor, Burt Mustin, talking about the very first World Series in 1903.

In that first W.S. Boston defeated Pittsburgh 5 games to 3 and Mr. Mustin recalled the “Tessie song” or just “Tessie” being sung by the Boston fans, even in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

By the way, Bill Dinneen (over a year later, I checked and Dinneen is the correct spelling with Dineen cited as an alternate one) (3) and “True” Young better known as Cy Young, yes that Cy Young, combined for all 5 Boston pitching victories. Deacon Phillippe, a distant ancestor of actor Ryan Phillippe, notched all 3 Pittsburgh victories.


Burt Mustin on the right (you would have thought “Archie Bunker”) with the great Carroll O’Connor, on the seminal show, “All In The Family,” pictured above.

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