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Dodgers and The Fox Network Get a 7th Game

November 1, 2017

The Los Angeles Dodgers/Fox Network won (3-1) in game 6 to force a seventh and deciding game vs the Houston Astros, as the 2017 World Series, the first since 1970 with two 100 wins plus teams (that one in glorious daylight with Curt Gowdy, Chuck Thompson, Jim McIntyre and Tony Kubek only went 5 games as the great Brooks Robinson and the Orioles “picked” the Cincinnati Reds) goes to the first ever home L.A. Dodgers seventh game of a World Series.

Chris Taylor, who solo’d in the L.A. team’s (L.A. won its only other #7 World Series game behind Sandy Koufax, shown last night and while I do not root vs L.A. with anywhere close to the ferocity with which I “loved” them far too long (’63-’85, surprising my father, who came home from work and said “I heard that before” when after Tom LaSorda pitched to Jack Clark, I said I would no longer root for the Dodgers and have kept my word) first W.S. at bat and tied the insane #5 game at 12, with a 2 out T9 single, delivered a 1R2B, that scored Austin Barnes and sent Chase Utley (believe me, Utley batting left handed “scared” me, but losing pitcher “Just” very good NOT great, you know how I feel re Kershaw, but oh do I “fear” him tonight, Verlander, now (0-4) in W.S. tilts, “SINNED” and hit Utley in the foot on a (1-2) pitch no less) to third, whence he scored on Seager’s long fly out to right (speaking of right, Fox execs could celebrate then, as I knew ’twas to be L.A. in #6 and a big $$$ 7th for Fox).

Houston “tried to win (1-0)” but Verlander as is the case with all of them, I say since Lefty Grove are not Sandy (I still “love” Sandy, not so Vin Scully or even Earvin Johnson, each also shown, though I once did.)

The Astros had a (1-0) lead (I had my 4’s note, recall my Snider post yesterday, as Springer, Dykstra and Snider all had/have 4 HR’s in one W.S. and all wear or wore the #4 when doing so, I believe) on Springer’s 2 out, T3 homer but failed 2nd and 3rd none out T5, “lowlighted” by Josh Reddick, being fanned by starter/no decision Rich Hill. Alas could not Verlander squeeze, as Hous needed 1 run there but did not get it!)

Thus #7 tonight, I will watch, my money on L.A. my heart and quixotic sickness vs them. Each team is very good, not great and I am guilty of thinking it is title or failure. The team that scores less runs tonight may be denied the ’17 crown, but they are NOT losers.


When I feel down, such as thinking about Joe Buck, in his 20th world Series getting his 5th seventh game and this year getting a 7 game LCS and World Series for the first time, I recall Jim McIntyre’s call of the last out of the ’70 W.S.

I can’t get his voice here, but in honor of his call and Brooks Robinson, tonight’s tilt will end on a ground out, third to first, it will not be “Robinson to Powell, the Orioles win,” but it is nice to recall that moment.





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