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The Astros Spring(ered) to a (5-0) 2nd inning lead and won their first World Series, winning (5-1) in game seven

November 2, 2017

The Houston Astros, about whom I have fond memories when they entered the National League as the Colt 45’s in 1962, won their first title, in what was their 56th season (the great DiMaggio referenced by Mr. Hemingway, who would not like these tangents in my writing, but loved Joe, saw his hitting streak end at 56 and the “value” S.F. Giants ended their title drought after 56 years) winning (5-1) at Dodger Stadium, in game 7 of the ’17 World Series last night.

George Springer, who hit 5 home runs in the 2017 World Series, tying a record for a player on the Series winning team, set by Reggie (you know what the obstinate “Can” “can” do with his Reggie criticism and the fact his ways hurt so) 40 years ago, also vs the Dodgers, doubled and scored in the 7th game’s first inning, the latter part occurring when Cody Bellinger (a far worse than Reggie 16 strikeouts in this series) threw the ball behind starter and losing pitcher Yu Darvish–(the acqired Dodger pitcher getting routed in both his W.S. starts).

A “Springer/ 2 run “rhymes with Springer,” with 2 out, T3, made it (5-0). Astros pitching, no pun “dodged” L.A. threats, with Charlie Morton, perhaps the first to win #7 of an LCS and W.S. in the same season.

This is the third major professional sports league crown for the city of Houston, the first in the city’s only other “winner take all game” in a major sports league, that #7 of the ’94 NBA final, when the Rockets beat the New York Knicks.

Coincidentally, last night when the Astros “titled,” the Rockets easily defeated, you guessed it, the Knicks.

Stranger/coincidentally, the night before when the Dodgers, hoping to join the ’88 and ’10 Lakers, who came home to L.A. and won games 6 and 7 to “title,” won to make them over 3 to 2 faves to accomplish that feat, the Lakers defeated the Detroit Pistons, you guessed it, the team, they the Lakers overcame to win the ’88 crown.


2017 World Series MVP, George Springer pictured above.

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