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H’s (Not aces), Haddix and Hill Great Pitched Losses

August 24, 2017

A few notes on the juxtaposition between the great pitched losses by a pair of “H’s” (neither aces) Harvey Haddix in 1959 and Rich Hill last night.

Pirates’ pitcher, Haddix pitched an incredible 12 perfect innings, a feat not likely to ever be equaled–pitchers today leave with leads in the 6th inning—but lost to the then Milwaukee Braves, at “Milw,” in the 13th inning.

(89-36) L.A.’s Hill had a perfect game for 8 innings and a no hitter through 9, but lost at Pittsburgh, vs the Pirates, in the bottom of the 10th inning.

In the game over 58 years ago, Haddix’s perfect game ended when Felix Mantilla reached on Pirates’ third sacker, Don Hoak’s error to start B13.

Last night an error by the L.A. third sacker, Logan Forsythe, ended Hill’s bid for a perfect game in the bottom of the 8th.

I will probably have more notes and comments on the game, juxtaposition and the reporting on it, elsewhere in the next few days.


A year after the Haddix masterpiece loss, the Pirates won it all. The Dodgers are odds on to “pennant” and only slight underdogs to win it all this season.

They easily are considered the team with the best chance of winning. We shall see what transpires.





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