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40 Years Of Desert, Sans Elvis Presley

August 16, 2017

Nobody was Elvis, but I was quite a tall, handsome, albeit incredibly inexperienced man when the miss-miss-sad, 1977 got worse with news, “The King,” Elvis Presley was dead, 40 years ago today. Long live his talent and charm, despite as we all have, (his) demons.

I was in my room, having figuratively not strayed, but do know a thing or two since, when WXLO’s (99X) Bob Slade reported Elvis Aaron Presley, a fellow only child with a loving, but often stifling mother, had died.

The reaction, the charisma, Charles Kuralt’s CBS report (Beano Cook once told Mr. Kuralt, a true talent and gentleman, “there is something wrong with this country if Brent Musburger is making more money than you.” Kuralt, modest but honest agreed. Imagine now with so many worse than “Horse,” now “officially’ in with gambling, making even more money.)

All that negative can return us to Elvis Aaron Presley, one with demons, but an almost Biblical creation of talent, looks, charisma and the commercially viable pigment to “kernel” moolah.

Yet if you watch him or have watched him sing a ballad or rock out ‘dangerously” shaking, one can be reminded of what could have been and in Mr. Presley’s case did manifest.

Wilt Chamberlain, a record holder of epic proportions himself, in his first book a great one “Just like any 7 foot millionaire” in not the whole title, talked of those saying Elvis was washed up, standing on line to see him in Las Vegas.


Click below to see Elvis Presley PERFORM. In this one “Suspicious Minds” recorded in L.V. (Horse’s new and always home), maybe Mr. Brahms and certainly not Little Richard are raving, but what a show, what a great performer!!

Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds Live in Las Vegas

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