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Panera Bread Is Still Great

August 4, 2017

Coffee, tea, bakery items, sandwiches or specials, my suggestion for a truly great place is Panera Bread. There are so many delicious options there and this is less a review, than telling about a true personal favorite. There are many good reasons to try Panera Bread.

I now frequent the Panera Bread stores in both Yonkers and  Scarsdale, New York each offering a great atmosphere and a truly personable staff.

Breakfast is my favorite and having experienced all the “franchise” establishments, I find Panera Bread to be the best. I like tea but am one of the many people who “must” have coffee; and at “Panera” one can choose from hazelnut (my choice), light and dark roast.

The price is reasonable as I usually get a medium coffee and a bagel with butter for about four dollars. At times, I order a delicious cinnamon chip with my coffee for an additional dollar. A “must” for coffee drinkers, free refills are available.

I have tried the soup and sandwich and other specials for lunch. They are excellent. Often included with the meal are delicious potato chips. Whether for lunch or dinner and in my case breakfast, one can choose items from the bakery.

My friend orders a cheese danish for breakfast the two time a week I join him at the wonderful Panera Bread in Scarsdale, New York. He does two things that I should do. He exercises at a nearby gym and he goes to Panera Bread each weekday.

Atmosphere, a friendly, efficient staff and great food. I wish I could be at Panera Bread each day and now come close to doing so.


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