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NBA/NHL First Round 7th Game Notes

April 30, 2017

The game 6, to “stay alive” victory at Utah, by the six plus point underdog, Los Angeles Clippers two days ago which forced today’s 7th game, prevented a first in NBA/NHL first round, best of seven series annals.

After no first round NHL series needed a deciding seventh game for just the third time in 30 possibilities, (’87-2017), (no NHL season in 2005), and the other seven NBA first round series had ended in no more than six games, a Utah “wrap” in six would have produced the first season in 14 possibilities, (the NBA began best of seven first round play in 2003 and only in 2011 were there no 7th games in the first round) that neither league had a seventh game in the first round.

By the way, the other two times no 7th game in the first round of NHL playoffs was required took place in 1996 and 2001.

In both of those seasons the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup. This season the Avalanche finished last in the 30 team NHL in points scored, garnering 21 fewer points than any other team. The “Lanche” do have those two Cup victories.



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