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NBA Update, Notes And One “Qtrs” Prediction

May 1, 2017

The first round of the NBA playoffs is finally over with one 7th game played and in it, the Jazz won at L.A. vs the Clippers making them the first lower seeded team to win after 7 higher seeded teams had advanced.

According to notes I read, the Clippers are the first team in NBA history, likely sports history, to lose a series in which it led, for as many as five consecutive seasons.

Tonight the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors begin to “slosh” away in one “Qtr,” in which I anticipate and look forward to Marv Albert broadcasting the games on Turner Network Television.

A prediction: The Cavs in 6 just as in last year’s “semi,” but a much better effort from the Raptors this time, I dare say with a win at Cleveland in one of the first two games.

Last year en route to a title, largely “gifted” to them by their easy conference and the unjust suspension of Dray Green for game 5 of the finals, “Cleve” went (9-1) at home in the ‘offs, which is quite impressive.


Other “quarters,” San Antonio vs Houston, Golden State vs Utah and yesterday the Boston Celtics “opened” vs the Washington Wizards nee Bullets.

How far we are from another Sunday afternoon series opener (the ’75 semis) between the Celts and Wizards/Bullets. Phil Chenier or Nick Weatherspoon anyone?

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