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A Great Night At Bergino Clubhouse: Marty Appel’s Knowledge Flowed Discussing His New Book About Casey Stengel

April 29, 2017

Once again,  Bergino Baseball Clubhouse (67 East 11th Street in New York City) with proprietor and interviewer Jay Goldberg, was the site for a great evening of discussion with a great guest, this time, Marty Appel, whose extraordinary baseball knowledge flowed, as he discussed his new book, ” Casey Stengel Baseball’s Greatest Character.”

The baseball world and I would think the world, needs more people like Marty Appel. whose stories, knowledge and research truly impressed me, and the extremely baseball knowledgeable audience which is par for the course at Bergino Clubhouse.

Stories about Casey Stengel and a sparrow, his relationships with such Yankees as Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Billy Martin were imparted by Mr. Appel in a most interesting, refreshing way, certainly augmenting my already considerable knowledge on the subject.

I can not wait to read the book, while suggesting to baseball fans, to mine the treasure that is Marty Appel.

Oh how I love baseball history and thirst for more in accurate, articulate fashion. While few if any people know my passion in this regard, trust me it is there, thus it is high praise indeed, for one like me, to marvel at Mr. Appel’s performance at Bergino Clubhouse and in a few interviews I watched on his website.


Preorder your copy at

At one point in the discussion, Jay Goldberg read from the book saying Casey’s time in baseball spanned from John McGraw to Tug McGraw (Casey broken his hip during the 1965 season leading to his retirement and was not the Mets’ on the field manager when Tug got credit for the victory, the first time the Mets defeated Sandy Koufax in August 1965.)

Later, Mr. Appel cited the fact Casey knew the great pitcher Kid Nichols from their time in Casey’s hometown of Kansas City. Thus as Appel said, “never mind John McGraw to Tug McGraw, Kid Nichols to Tug McGraw!

Quoting Casey but spelling the word as is, “amazing.” It was that kind of information chocked night!

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