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Joe Buck Notes

February 5, 2017

Today will be Joe Buck’s 5th Super Bowl.

In the previous four “Joe Buck Supes” (his father Jack, I believe led the television coverage once), “his” NFC network team has split, winning in ’07 and ’10 losing in ’04 (to N.E.) and in a rout we can only hope for not caring which way today, in ’13.

Buck has “led” 19 World Series, the last ten (’07-’16)–G.B. 16 Giants 7 in ’62 still in December, no television in N.Y.C. and you know what–’twas better)–when rival network TBS also had LCS coverage.

The Fox Network/Buck LCS winner went on to 9 of 10 W.S. triumphs, (those are Joe DiMaggio numbers).

Only Buck’s team and certainly that of his dad, the St. Louis Cardinals, won a TBS/ LCS and then won “vs” Buck and Fox in the subsequent World Series. The year was 2011 and boy how easily could it have gone the other way.



She, the beyond beautiful Elizabeth Taylor, “presented,” as “Midnight Cowboy” won the Academy Award.

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