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Pats Win It All

February 6, 2017

The New England Patriots overcame a (28-3) deficit and won their fifth Super Bowl, covering the “burned” Falcons and their bettors, (34-28) in the first of the 51 Supes to still be “on,” after regulation time i.e. overtime.

Along the “burn line,” the Patriots once a woebegone franchise, with a less than stellar SHERMAN as their quarterback, once again rode the greatness of Brady (as with Sherman a first name Tom, unlike Sherman and others far better, without peer), but more significantly the utter ineptitude of former Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan and the Falcons, who gave away 14 points, enabling Brady and New England’s all-time comeback.

I am not like others, who for some reason despise the New England team and its greatness. Hail to them, and their fifth title, but as Bob Murphy, once a Boston Red Sox broadcaster said just after a Dave Augustine drive hit the point of the fence bouncing back to Cleon Jones who threw to Wayne Garrett, whose relay got Rich Zisk (of Carlton Fisk, his ridiculously over rated home run, they LOST the W.S.) at the plate, “it is necessary to be good, but does not hurt to be lucky.”

In this case, Brady and Company were lucky to get the chance, but once given it, this all-time great, who essentially has never failed to deliver in the clutch, did so, leaving Atlanta sports already as of another time losing, “burned.”



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