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Mike Francesa’s “Slots” Predictions And My Comments

January 14, 2017

First a little more regarding the well paid incompetence of Mike Francesa then his predictions which I “warned” last week as the usual/favorites/chalk were not to be gone against, at least not with the intensity had it been the regular season and not the playoffs. To his credit, Francesa went (3-1) last week and “claims” a (31-19), impressive .620 percentage, for the season.

After his predictions, he failed to answer a caller’s question as to other than the famed New York Jets Supe 3 win, as at least 18 point underdogs vs the Baltimore Colts, any other teams had won as such big underdogs, this asked a day before New England is minus 16 vs Houston.

Additionally, he said there were 3 minutes to go in the recent Clemson/Alabama title tilt when “Bama” scored to take the lead when in fact, two minutes remained.

A touchdown pass “to the” (Alabama) “tight end,” O.J. Howard, (not identified by Francesa, whose penchant for generic identifications and of course flourishing despite this less informative method is astounding or maybe, more realistically a product of our doomed, less productive society. Trust me if I had his job, that would not have been the case!) was classified as late. It was in the third quarter which is NOT late.

Francesa, warned against as a “tout,” by Howard Cosell (like Cosell or not, he was right on in his criticism of so many in broadcasting and other things sports and while certainly of his name CO SELL, often a shill, so much said by Cosell rings true to this day) has been good of late. Long ago I was told he was a big “blower” in his actual bets (who isn’t, save a select few). Yet I doubt I will even predict, no less bet vs him. If that is the case, Francesa’s picks will lose.

Mike Francesa says Atlanta minus 5 vs Seattle, picking the game (38-24). I am inclined to agree but the favorites run will stop today either in this tilt or in the “Pooh” (Jim Nantz) night game.

His pick is New England minus 16 vs Houston. He “allows” it is a great number of points. Especially if Atlanta covers, go against Francesa in this one. (Think “N.E.” no cover, Saturday night “slots” wins vs Tennessee, once Houston (Oilers) in ’03 and I believe vs “Jax” in ’07. Oh “Jax” evoked Tom Coughlin, which yields a reminder of another post predictions Francesa mistake yesterday, this slip of the tongue, saying Coughlin’s Giants were the favorites, when they upset a (16-0) N.E. team in the 42nd Supe.

On Sunday in what is now the earlier game, he takes the underdog Packers (plus 4 and a fraction) to cover at Dallas.

In a game moved to the night, meaning “Alfalfa” Michaels (that was Cosell’s name for this turncoat, who again I wish the best, to avoid Mike Tirico as broadcasting skill yes, “trumps” political beliefs in this case) will still have never broadcast an “earlier Sunday playoffs tilt,” as late as the “slots,”  (his only such playoffs tilt being in the Walsh miss/Sea win at Minne in one of last year’s NFC wild card round games), Francesa picks “K.C.” with his “buddy” Andy Reid  as coach, minus one or two vs Pittsburgh.




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