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Exactly 50 Years Later (Weather Permitting) Both Supe 1 Teams, Green Bay And Kansas City Will Play Post-Season Games

January 14, 2017

Is anyone citing the fact that exactly 50 years later (unless one of the games, the already moved to night tilt in K.C. where an ice storm is likely) the opponents (Green Bay and Kansas City) in the first Supe, then called the AFL/NFL Championship Game or similar, on January 15, 1967 (#15, the great and under rated Bart Starr, now suffering memory loss so great and sad, he can not remember his great deeds, was the MVP as G,B. (35-10)’d K.C.—perhaps had the game been moved to the 16th, perhaps due to lack of interest, which certainly relative to most Supes since was the case, #16 Len Dawson would have been. No, not likely then, not vs a great Packers team, but the case three years later when Len, Jan (Stenerud) and “Big Play” Otis (Taylor), now a not talked about, unable to walk, “thanks football” virtually forgotten former great and was he ever!! and a great defense led a Supe win vs Minne), are each playing playoff games on January 15, 2017.

In fact, the Packers in this a slots/quarterfinal game are returning to Dallas to face the Cowboys, exactly 50 years and two weeks after their (G.B. 34 Dallas 27, in a game also great but rightfully less heralded than their Ice Bowl/”NFL semi,” one day less than a year later) “NFL/semi” victory vs Dallas on the first day of 1967.



Max “Old Man” McGee got back to his room at 6:30 A.M. (it is told) on January 15, 1967, after a fun night, thinking he would not play in the championship tilt that day.

When Boyd Dowler was injured, McGee came in and had a great game, catching two touchdown passes from Bart Starr in the Packers’ victory.



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