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Christie’s Factual Mistake Not Corrected By Francesa

January 13, 2017

My fault for listening to Mike Francesa, but I heard New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a/the big Cowboys’ fan say he became a Cowboys’ fan watching and “falling in love” with Roger Staubach in Super Bowl 5.

One problem with that, and of course Francesa, (earlier when inquiring on the new starting time for Pitts at K.C. said is it 8 or 8 thirty?– and when someone told him eight twenty, said “that’s what I thought,”) did not know enough to correct the man “who makes the bridges NOT run on time,” as Craig Morton, and not Staubach, was the Dallas QB in that tilt.

Talk between the two overblown (I can’t fault those who eat too much because it is difficult to fight a weight problem but also because my frustration lately manifesting in eating too much was off the charts in realization of my life’s failure juxtaposed with these two far less than admirable individuals) and over paid individuals, turned to their future plans and Christie with his factual mistake, could be another Francesa.

Francesa with his penchant for playing with the truth might be a “candidate” (pun I guess intended), for the political field.

Also Francesa, who never fooled me nor will ever attend an NAACP meeting, continually referred to and continues to call Monday’s celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, a “holiday” nothing more, never citing the fallen Civil Rights leader’s name.

Dr. King, an eloquent speaker which is a vast understatement, would be shocked not that such (not so) “closet” racism is still evident, but that one with the lack of eloquence as a Francesa, could have reached such heights.

What a waste of life fool I am as in my next post I will give you Francesa’s predictions. Dr. King would truly be disappointed that one with intelligence would waste time with this.

By the way, Erica Herskowitz, “another bargain,” just said, actually read, as this “so called reporter,” could not improvise anything other than a shopping spree (I am a feminist, but why is she there?!!!) that KC/Pitts an 8:20 start would begin “IMMEDIATELY” after GB/Dallas a 4:40 start ends. NFL games are long but I doubt this will be the case unless of course there is a major delay and/or overtime.





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